Rumor: Sony To Make Two Game Announcements At E3 That Will Shock Old/New Gamers

GearNuke: "E3 is getting closer each day and with just a few days left in E3, we are getting more and more leaks and info about the games that we can expect there."

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AngelicIceDiamond1537d ago

Now this is what I'm talkin about I wonder what it could be. Jak and Daxter Crash Bandicoot?

DarkLordMalik1537d ago

According to GopherD, who works for Sony, this might coincide with 20th anniversary of PlayStation.

Expect any of the iconic PlayStaton 1 series to return.

JoGam1537d ago

I just hope the idiot don't leak anything else.

darthv721537d ago

Battle arena toshinden, jumping flash, jet moto...those are some iconic ones i thoroughly enjoyed on the PS1.

Joe9131537d ago

Battle arena toshinden!!!! I was just telling my bro they should bring this back only fighting games I ever liked was KI, BAT, and MK.

NewMonday1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

If the leaks keep up at this pace we will now everything about next years E3 before this years E3 starts.

yeahright21537d ago

All ps one games available on vita and ps4

maniacmayhem1537d ago


Battle Arena Toshinden, Bloody Roar, Jumping Flash for the Morpheus, Re-Loaded or....a proper TWISTED METAL!

Evilsnuggle1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Old The Last guardian or The getaway 2.
Some things new The Last Of Us 2.

I could live with legend of dragoon 2 or dark cloud 3.

P.S I will kill someone for you Sony if you make a Panzer Dragoon saga 2 or Vagrant Story 2.

Ares84HU1537d ago

Please be Crash Bandicoot!!!!!!!

Sitdown1536d ago

Battle Arena Toshinden please. Tobal. Spyro

EeJLP-1536d ago

Look at these people coming out of the woodwork for Battle Arena Toshinden. Never even heard of this game and now everyone supposedly wants it, but then it won't sell all that well when it comes out.

Like Zone of the Enders and Shenmue before it.. Get back in your woodworks. Git!

DemonChicken1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

@ Princekai13

"All ps one & ps2 games available on vita and ps4 with no region restrictions" fixed xD

Sucks when one thing is released on another region whereas not in another, it's like they don't want my money. Retarded publishers and anal copyright $hit. It's douches like harmony gold that killed any possible release of macross in the west.

For example chrono cross available in NA but not EU

boing11536d ago

I think it's Shenmue. Cerny was seen several times with Suzuki.

iamnsuperman1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

"Look at these people coming out of the woodwork for Battle Arena Toshinden. Never even heard of this game and now everyone supposedly wants it, but then it won't sell all that well when it comes out"

It is an old fighting game. It was actually really good. I remember playing it and loving it on the PS1. Regardless what you have written is pure idiocy. A simple Google search would do and it would have told you that it fits the old criteria (which clearly people have a fond memory of playing it). It also doesn't need to be previously known to sell now. That isn't what sells products.

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Stick891537d ago

Maybe even a legitimately good Spyro game?

filchron1536d ago

spyro is dead. they have those lameass sierra developed skylanders games if you want spyro :/

Deadpoolio1536d ago

Yeah Ummmm NO...Activision is NOT going to sell the Spyro name when they are making loads off of skylanders

reko1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

legend of dragoon maybe?

edit: @whathappened or maybe legend of legaia?
i want me some old school jrpg man.

ThunderSpark1537d ago

That would send me into a coma.

Catoplepas1537d ago


Bah. Now I've depressed myself. It'll never happen.

infinitewords1537d ago

Every time I hear rumors that say old fans are in for a surprise, I automatically assume it's Legend of Dragoon related. It's probably not going to happen, but man I still hope it does.

NewMonday1537d ago


and wake up just as the game is released, perfect plan!

eightiesera1536d ago

Yes! Bring back Shadow Hearts too!

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nucky641537d ago

syphon filer and jak and daxter!!

Lucreto1537d ago

Don't get my hopes up. I would love a new Suikoden

Haki11121536d ago

one could hope still got my copies of Suikoden 1 and 2

3-4-51536d ago

I don't expect it, but it would be an awesome surprise that would lead to console sales.

eyeDEVOUR1537d ago

Would love to see a TRUE socom game... oh well, h-hour will be just as good.

BigDog551537d ago

H HOUR Will be better !!

AceBlazer131537d ago

Crash, Ape Escape, Jak and Daxter, Syphon Filter what could they possibly have. It's almost time.

Kurisu1536d ago

Ape Escape...the birth of Dual Shock! Was such a great game.

Magicite1537d ago

Not kid games please.
I want something mature and action packed.

sonic9891536d ago

you already have uncharted and the order and possibly project beast also i dont think 3rd party devs are giving you any hard time with selections if anything i want sony to make games different than what 3rd parties are making because really i got bored of this mature stuff really bored after last gen .

BattleAxe1536d ago

"Not kid games please."

I agree, but there must be something in the water that the people in this thread have been drinking, because all they want are kids games.

TheDevKit1537d ago

I seriously wish they'd purchase the rights to both Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

FanboyKilla1536d ago

Wow! The list of games you guys are talking about isnt impressive at all. I wouldnt look twice at most of them. Wouldnt mine syphon filter though. Never played it is probably why.

solar1536d ago

Half Life 4 and Battletoads 2

1Victor1536d ago

Parapa the rapper and crash bandicoot would make any Old timer Sony gamer jumping flash style with joy

showtimefolks1536d ago

buy back crash
the last guardian
syphon filter

monkpunk11536d ago

Agent... kickstart that project!
The agency... saw plenty of screens and then it was canned
The getaway 2was promised at some point

All i want now though is h1z1

Tetsujin1536d ago

Wishful thinking is an update that "opens" the PS4 to play all PS1 and 2 games to coincide with PS Now.

Outside that some sort of reboot I'm assuming with other people.

RB2011221536d ago

Syphon Filter for sure, maybe Crash. Jak and Daxter though... I hope for a new SLY game but that is not likely at all. As for other classics, there's twisted metal, Battle arena toshinden, etc.

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HyperBear1537d ago

Crash Bandicoot! xD.....C'mon Sony, make it happen.

ArtificiallyYours1537d ago

I'm going to weep uncontrollably.

This NEEDS to happen. XD

breakpad1536d ago

Sony... MUST BE CRASH BANDICOOT we want it and you owe to us his return

Silly Mammo1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Crash with a megaphone walking out on the Sony stage to announce a new Crash game would bring me untold amounts of joy!

uth111537d ago

Shocking Announcements? Hmmm...

#1: Last Guardian will be released in July
#2: Sony is releasing Project Beast exclusively for Xbox One

BeatTheBullies1537d ago

You know the rules, 4 disagrees for using the "X" word.

Sevir1537d ago

number 2 THO!!!!! LMAOOOOO!!!!!! That would be the most shocking thing ever

"Sony Computer Entertainment America presents...."
"A From Software Game"

"Project Beast. Coming to XBO Fall 2014"

I died laughing... bubbles for the funny stuff

T21537d ago

Ya retail price 200$

sonyownsxbox1537d ago

I hope Crash Bandicoot returns.