Announced at Sony’s E3 2013 Press Conference But Still Not Out

Last E3, many said that Microsoft announced the most games in their annual press conference, however Sony also announced a significant amount.

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1426d ago
XiSasukeUchiha1426d ago

Oh let the excitement begin:)

Thatguy-3101426d ago

Wasn't dark sourcer justva tech demo?

Thatguy-3101426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

And the title shouldn't be on the list since it isnt a retail game like the rest of them. So in reality no new title has been announced from QD

mushroomwig1426d ago

Exactly right it's just a tech demo, I don't know how many times they mentioned that back at E3 but I guess that'd modern gaming journalism for you.

morganfell1426d ago

It is modern writing. Journalism by far and large, but particularly in gaming, has long since died.

KwietStorm1426d ago

Yes but we know they're working on a project, and we have no other title to go off, so Dark Sorcerer it is. Heavy Rain's tech demo had the same name too.

xxBiG_BoSSxx1426d ago

No. It didn't. Heavy Rain's tech demo was called "the audition" I believe.

BitbyDeath1426d ago

Tech demo before Heavy Rain was called 'The Casting'

KwietStorm1426d ago

It was called Heavy Rain The Casting. You can go look it up right now if you want to. And whoever disagreed can take those back too.

DonDon1426d ago

Actually, even though it isn't a "retail" game--no game is ever a retail game until it releases. Even if it's a tech demo, why did they have to give it an official name/title? That gives the impression that it may be developed into something else.

Either way I don't care. I liked heavy rain, but the director is kinda full of himself. I won't get excited about one of his games again until i see a review first. Beyond Two Souls was a stinker.

OpieWinston1426d ago

The funniest thing is when you go to IGN confirmed games for both consoles they put "The Dark Sorcerer" as an exclusive game.

I swear IGN just wants us to hate them.

Joe9131426d ago

QD has a real game in development only thing known about it is that it will have monsters and is based off the tech demo but they are also calling this game The Dark Sorcerer also.

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DonDon1426d ago

I hope some of the stuff they show at E3 will be releasing by this fall season. I love Sony but seriously i'm tired of playing AC 4, BF 4 and the rest of those boring next gen games. We need games NOW.


Don't feel bad....a lot of people bought into the hype of the ps4. Hopefully they present more new next gen games for this year, rather than a bunch of indie titles....I want Sony to show me what they are made of.

DonDon1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I hear ya, but I like indies too. Just wish there were more of those too. I don't give a rat's tail about graphics tbh lol.

BF4 sucks, COD Ghosts sucks, MGS 5 prologue is 30 minutes, AC 4 multiplayer is good but getting stale, beat AC 4's story. Infamous was short.

Really bored man. I be on my PS3 more tbh.

$60 for rehashes, short stories, no replayability, etc is not what I hoped to sign up for when I bought a next gen console. We have enough of that crap on the previous gen. time for some QUALITY games for our money. Longer campaigns, replayability, co-op/multiplayer (as long as it's not an after-thought), maybe throw in some level-editors, leaderboards, etc--ANYTHING that will make my games enjoyable for more than a week.

@MartinezJesus (below): I beat infamous pretty quickly on just my free time (even the beginning segment (before reaching seattle) constitutes for completing 10% of the game already. Also, Wolfenstein might be good but isn't my kinda game. I know of some good movies that are classics (for example) but doesn't mean that particular movie is something that I'd want to pay money for. So i'm not that into first person shooters anymore. I want games that have more depth to them, like The Last of Us, Dark Souls 2, etc. I would give Wolfenstein a try--but i would not spend $60 on account of it being in a genre that I am bored of atm. Maybe when it's in the bargain bin, or on sale on PSN.

ricochetmg1426d ago

The xone and the ps4 best games are multiplatform games. With the exception being Titan Fall and Infamous.

KwietStorm1426d ago

Apples are the best fruit. With the exception being pears and oranges. Wut.

martinezjesus19931426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Wolfenstein? Watch Dogs? Infamous? Sorry but they are not boring my friend, considering thefirst two just came out I doubt you have done everything in them

HugoDrax1426d ago

"This breakdown makes it quite clear that you shouldn’t get over enthused for games shown at a press conference as it could be 2 years before you can play it, if not more (The Last Guardian)."

Well I've been saying that for years. I've always taken things said at E3 with a grain of salt. That is until I witness the (Sony/MS/Nintendo) spending those marketing dollars on commercials and AD's with a release date displayed.

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