5 PS4 And Xbox One Games To Look Forward To This Summer

IM PLAYIN looks at some of the Summer releases worth getting excited for.

"The Winter just passed has been kind of disappointing on the games front, there hasn’t really been a huge amount to rant and rave about. Dead Rising 3 was alright, Battlefield 4 was pretty good, FIFA’s FIFA so no change there, inFAMOUS: Second Son was a decent example of what the PS4 can do, but not much to write home about otherwise. All in all, not the most exciting launch for the next-generation of games consoles. It always seems to go that way, however. It’s not until a few months down the line that we really get the chance to sink our teeth into the juicy AAA titles. This Summer won’t exactly be bringing us AAA titles, though there are still a few games to get excited about!"

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urwifeminder1211d ago

I think I may pick these early next year cheap and less bugs apart from UFC and maybe Destiny the others will be a no buy.

VforVideogames1211d ago

All of that article just to promote the swapper for the ps4 , just not acceptable .

Ashunderfire861211d ago

Uhhh Destiny and Evil within is coming out in the fall, so just face it summer time gaming is always a drought. I am surprise They never mention Diablo 3 next gen, and Metro Redux next gen?

zeuanimals1211d ago

Meteorologically, Fall starts on September 1st, but according to the powers that be, it's September 23rd. Destiny launches on the 9th, so still Summer. Evil Within is October, so that'd fall.

medman1210d ago

No The Last of Us Remastered = List not relevant.

robert1211d ago

All rubbish where's space hulk New panzer front alien isolation decent boxing sim with all the great heavy weights but not EA sports.

MilkMan1211d ago

Sniper and The Evil Within for sure....sports on my console, that's been a negative going strong for like 15 years. Destiny looks boring as hell, even the vids put me to sleep, so unless I'm just seeing the bad parts. Ill skip that game completely. Its like a sleepy Halo or a Borderlands with the fun ripped out.

SovereignSnaKe1211d ago

~Destiny comes out in September (Fall) Evil Within comes out in October (also Fall). All I'm playing this summer is Mario Kart 8, Murdered Soul Suspect and Wolfenstein. Otherwise it's looking like another Saharan Desert Summer.

Bill41211d ago

It has been edited. Royal cock up with Evil Within, but Destiny was mentioned that it fell outside of summer in the article

njitram20001211d ago

Autumn starts on the 21st while destiny comes out on the 9th so it'll still be summer. However, he does say in the article that it's on the cusp of summer which is incorrect, it's on the cusp of autumn :P

SovereignSnaKe1210d ago

Touche' -and to be fair all the games I listed were technically Spring releases. ;-)