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Mighty NO. 9 work in progress gameplay video released

Comcept has released today a work in progress gameplay video of Mighty NO.9 and it looks pretty awesome,Mighty NO.9 was crowdfunded successfully in late September 2013 and is due for release on April 2015.This game is in development for ten platforms, including Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.Stay tuned to consoledaily for future updates. (3DS, Mighty No. 9, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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solidsheep  +   109d ago
Can't wait to play on my vita.
Clover904  +   108d ago
Didn't realize this was coming to the Vita until the very end of the trailer. Day one buy!
XisThatKid  +   108d ago
YUP I backed the @#$% out of this game to help Vita support!
incendy35  +   109d ago
Looks so fun, can't wait!
George Sears  +   109d ago
Mega - Who?
manaxknight1  +   109d ago
Mega-take it back to the golden days of 2d platform gaming..nice audio track too
George Sears  +   109d ago
I agree, the audio is perfect and I might even say, nostalgic.
randomass171  +   108d ago
Mega Slack. I hope Capcom is chewing their nails right now.
VsAssassin  +   109d ago
I'm really anticipating this game.

On the side note: I really think game is like fashion in that what's old look then is new again today. This means that game concepts of the past will have a broader audience amongst the new generation if given time.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   109d ago
Stupid Capcom can't make a simple Mega Man like this.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   109d ago
This guy even offered to partner with them again and they said no.They wouldn't let him make the MM games he wanted to make for them when he still worked there.Yet they keep making SF 4 games there are like 10 of those now.lol
randomass171  +   108d ago
He also offered to finish Mega Man Legends 3 and they basically blew him off. Capcom's been especially silly lately. Maybe this will be their wake up call.
konnerbllb  +   109d ago
I really hope he doesn't get sued for this. I can see capcom being the scumbag entity that it is suing him 1-2 years after release.
ShockUltraslash  +   109d ago
They published the new Strider.
Multipass  +   109d ago
Capcom is waiting in the wings...then it's Sue Sue Sue,! Just wait and see. (Capcom bought his Megaman concept)
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George Sears  +   109d ago
Capcom owns the Mega Man franchise, not the platform shooting genre. Any company can make a platform game about a boy that shoots with guns attached to his body. As long as you don't call that boy Mega Man, it's all good.
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Multipass  +   109d ago
It's much deeper tied together to the company then what you think because of the similarities of the 2 games he himself invented. both Megaman and Mighty No. 9. All because he invented them.
George Sears  +   109d ago
It doesn't matter if he created the Mega Man franchise or not. What I said before still stands.
Enigma_2099  +   108d ago
This will REALLY show Capcom how idiotic it was to shelve Mega Man. It's said that Inafune's covering his bases and weighing what he can legally do. So if they don't have grounds to sue him, I'm gonna put on my tin foil hat and say, "stay tuned for a HUGE Capcom announcement involving Mega Man" round the time Mighty #9 is released.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   109d ago
George is right. As long as it don't have Mega Man they can't sue. If Capcom do they won't win.
randomass171  +   108d ago
It's not close enough to Mega Man in design or aesthetics to be considered copyright infringement. I think the game is just fine.
SaintAlpha101  +   106d ago
Capcom donated $10K to the Kickstarter and gave the project their blessing, so unless they want to cause a media outrage, I think Inafune and Mighty No.9 is safe from their laywers.
ninjahunter  +   109d ago
That run cycle. I shall call it floppy number 9 and i shall love it.
josephayal  +   109d ago
shame on u capcom
Bhuahahaha  +   109d ago
bhuahuahuah who needs megawho now crapcom
Chaos_Raiden  +   109d ago
Going to get it for my PS3 and PS Vita.
RB201122  +   109d ago
Looks epic but needs work. Too much stutter when he does the dash thing.
muttsurini  +   109d ago
Now make a spiritual successor for megaman legends.
beatled  +   109d ago
the constant 100% all over the screen in annoying

hopefully that can be disabled

other than that looks cool
ChozenWoan  +   109d ago
just reduced in size should suffice, and tighten up the run animation and it's golden. Other than those two things MN9 looks great.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   109d ago
"Join Mighty No9 as he teams up with Doctor Right to stop the evil Doctor Willy from taking over the world!"

Looks hella fun! Can't wait to play it!
ShockUltraslash  +   109d ago
HAHA take that Capcom!

Looks so much like the new Strider.
Hope it is as good.
Predaking77  +   109d ago
Day 1 on my Vita
SoulSercher620  +   108d ago
Day 1 on PS4
Dmd  +   108d ago
It looks amazing!! Why couldn't capcom have done something like that to megaman years ago?! I hope this sells like crazy to show 'em just what did they lost!
randomass171  +   108d ago
People demanded a refund from this game's Kickstarter? Dummies.
megadrivesonic  +   108d ago
And Capcom wonders why we were so angry when Megaman Legends was cancelled.
DivineAssault  +   108d ago
gonna be awesome! i wonder if you can charge the buster shots.. I hope its like the X series where u can get upgraded armor

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