Are Ghosts DLC Reboot Maps Cheating Fans

All Roads lead to Brazil it seems. Not only is the World Cup visiting the greatest advert for Footballing nation that has ever kicked a football, but now it seems to be the destination for Call of Duty Ghosts Fans as well.

It seems that by paying £39.99 for a season pass this is not enough to help developers produce enough fresh new content to satisfy players.

Call of Duty Ghosts DLC pack 3, has again gone to the previous games for inspiration and this time is transporting players back to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and the excellent Favela.

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Garethvk1297d ago

There is only so much they can do. I think they have been good to tell people in press releases which maps are being redone and they have done a lot with the bonus stuff such as Michael Myers, The Predator, and such to mix things up.

URNightmare1297d ago

I like what they've done with the Predator and Michael Myers. What I don't like is the way they sell these other "new" maps with that spinning word "inspired". I believe those maps inspired in old maps should be free.

Overall they've done a good job with this game trying to change things up a little bit. I hadn't spent so much time in a COD since World at War. I also liked the Extinction mode, I could never get into the zombies mode for some reason.

Blasphemy1297d ago

if you paying someone for a service then they should do it. if your okay with getting scammed then keep on paying for the dlc.

Garethvk1297d ago

How are fans being cheated? They are telling people in advance what the maps are and which ones are remodels. You know that each DLC will have remodeled maps so you can either buy a season pass and expect it or buy them after they release. It is not like they promise new maps that are fully original and bait and switch the public.

FamilyGuy1297d ago

All re-skinned maps should be given out free as a fan service. These lazy re-skins are the worst part about paying for map packs.

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killzone6191297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Ghosts has provided more fresh DLC content than any other CoD.

there is only 1 map remake. big deal...Favela was one of the best maps in mw2.

Goro1297d ago

There's also a remake of Scrapyard from MW2 and a remake of Dome from MW3.

trywizardo1297d ago

the whole series has been on recycle loop since MW1 whether its for gameplay or maps ...

MasterD9191297d ago

They're milking their timelines to say the least. We will see a WW2 COD game again and eventually a truly cyber-futuristic COD. I think those are the only games that will peak my interest in the series again- otherwise, it's modern combat + some random mode game that isn't too great from here on out.

Change isn't always bad. In COD's case it's necessary. They've released a handful of games that damn near look and play like each other. Not good. Can you imagine 8 or 9 games like Advanced Warfare down the line? This could be an endless cycle for decades!

hellzsupernova1297d ago

I was initial annoyed but turns out it is just one map plus the fans don't seem to mind. As long as you keep your fans happy that's the main thing.

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