How Much Did you miss Carl Johnson?

Rockstarturk: The GTA V DLC "City Stories" is a single-player DLC and it is going to reintroduce a series veteran, GTA: San Andreas protagonist, CJ!

Look who is knocking on GTA V's door? It is the old-timer from GTA San Andreas, Carl Johnson. Speculations revealed that this old protagonist might be making a cameo in the latest GTA game through a future DLC.

This is after a leak revealed that Rockstar has just purchased a brand new trademark called, GTA: City Stories. It will be a story mode DLC and CJ will be running the show. Others suggested that the City Stories DLC will give a thorough explanation of what happened in between the period from GTA San Andreas and GTA V. This also includes on the events in GTA 4.

On another note, the voice actor for Franklin has a cousin that was in fact, the voice of CJ. Franklin was played by Shawn Fonteno. The lad's cousin is revealed to be Maylay. Both of them once revealed that they are working on a unnamed GTA title which could possib...

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MrSwankSinatra1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

That doesn't make sense, Rockstar confirmed a long time ago that there are three different universes in GTA. 2D, 3D & HD universes. This is the reason why we haven't see older protagonists or other familiar characters in the newer games.

Delsin_Rowe1426d ago

But they never said they could appear in the HD universe, last year rumor The voice of Franklin was hanging out with the voice of CJ and that they doing a dlc for CJ coming back. This could happen because Franklin voice have be hinting that he could going to appear in GTAV.

Massacred1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Sounds quite fake to be honest.

It seems that this site just took 2 rumors and one trademark confirmation and mashed them together then posted it to N4G.

ATi_Elite1425d ago

I pretty much loved everything about San Andreas.


*Correction I hated that stupid RC Airplane mission, hardest mission EVER*

MultiConsoleGamer1426d ago

I miss Tarnell more. Good thing he shows up in GTA V.

Matt6661426d ago

I miss most of the characters from GTA:VC and SA.

nucky641426d ago

i've already gotten rid of gtav and moved on to the new gen. i don't miss cj at all....didn't like him all that much. now, if they ever added dlc with the vice city or gta3 characters......i'd rebuy the game to play it.

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The story is too old to be commented.