vigilante_man705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

Terrible games for me!

Lots of platform games & a basketball game. Did they get us confused with the US?
I was hoping the rumours were false. Was expecting a massive suite of games this month for bragging rights before E3. They must be saving the better games for next month - the 4th anniversary of PS+.

Not to be too unfair I will give some of these a go, and at least we are now getting 2 games for PS4. But one of the worst months ever for me - hope it is the calm before the storm..

GarrusVakarian705d ago

Give Trine 2 a chance. It's a great game, great art style too.

macethedon705d ago

Trine 2 will change your way of thinking.

gaffyh705d ago

Don't care about NBA, but everything else seems pretty good.

Chris_GTR1704d ago

ehh another shitty month for psn. yes im going to get a ton of dessagrees but its true. with that said , ill still play nba

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theshredded705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

oh hell yes!!!2 games for PS4 now!?
I always wanted to try Trine and pixeljunk
also Dragon's Crown and Lone Survivor are fantastic additions

sobotz705d ago

Yes. That's why competition is always good for consumers. 2 free games for PS4 and XBO now, and I can't wait for E3.

fardan85705d ago

This is the best thing about this update, we're getting 2 PS4 games per month.
I was hopping to get dragons crown on ps3 too.
I'll check out PixleJunk.

ColeMacGrath705d ago

Didn't we get Resogun and Contrast together at launch? Not sure what exactly changed

nidhogg705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

pixeljunk shooter, check
dragon's crown, check
Trine 2, check
Lone Survivor, check

This may be the first time I won't complain that eur free games "has got to be kidding me". Here's hoping we US PS plus users gets justice again this June.

Goro705d ago

The US update has already been posted.

nidhogg705d ago

yeah, haha I just noticed. Cool! NA gets thieves in time, mutant mudds, and terraria. I haven't got those yet. sweet!

Mr-Dude705d ago

Lone survivor, can i also download it onto my vita?

Great list!

majiebeast705d ago

Yes just like Pixel junk shooter ultimate.

philm87705d ago

Enjoyed Stick it to the man last month and Trine 2 looks pretty awesome for a free game.

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