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PlayStation Plus in June: NBA 2K14, Trine 2, Dragon’s Crown, Pixeljunk, more

Lone Survivor and Surge Deluxe also join the service next week (Dragon's Crown, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Trine 2: Complete Story)

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majiebeast  +   117d ago
Dragons Crown in my veins!
vigilante_man  +   117d ago
Terrible games for me!

Lots of platform games & a basketball game. Did they get us confused with the US?
I was hoping the rumours were false. Was expecting a massive suite of games this month for bragging rights before E3. They must be saving the better games for next month - the 4th anniversary of PS+.

Not to be too unfair I will give some of these a go, and at least we are now getting 2 games for PS4. But one of the worst months ever for me - hope it is the calm before the storm..
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   117d ago
Give Trine 2 a chance. It's a great game, great art style too.
macethedon  +   117d ago
Trine 2 will change your way of thinking.
gaffyh  +   117d ago
Don't care about NBA, but everything else seems pretty good.
Chris_GTR1  +   116d ago
ehh another shitty month for psn. yes im going to get a ton of dessagrees but its true. with that said , ill still play nba
theshredded  +   117d ago
oh hell yes!!!2 games for PS4 now!?
I always wanted to try Trine and pixeljunk
also Dragon's Crown and Lone Survivor are fantastic additions
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sobotz  +   117d ago
Yes. That's why competition is always good for consumers. 2 free games for PS4 and XBO now, and I can't wait for E3.
fardan85  +   117d ago
This is the best thing about this update, we're getting 2 PS4 games per month.
I was hopping to get dragons crown on ps3 too.
I'll check out PixleJunk.
ColeMacGrath  +   116d ago
Didn't we get Resogun and Contrast together at launch? Not sure what exactly changed
nidhogg  +   117d ago
pixeljunk shooter, check
dragon's crown, check
Trine 2, check
Lone Survivor, check

This may be the first time I won't complain that eur free games "has got to be kidding me". Here's hoping we US PS plus users gets justice again this June.
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Goro  +   117d ago
The US update has already been posted.
nidhogg  +   117d ago
yeah, haha I just noticed. Cool! NA gets thieves in time, mutant mudds, and terraria. I haven't got those yet. sweet!
Mr-Dude  +   117d ago
Lone survivor, can i also download it onto my vita?

Great list!
majiebeast  +   117d ago
Yes just like Pixel junk shooter ultimate.
Mr-Dude  +   117d ago
Thanks +1
philm87  +   117d ago
Enjoyed Stick it to the man last month and Trine 2 looks pretty awesome for a free game.
DevilishSix  +   117d ago
Looking forward to pixel junk shooter was always interested in playing it on PS3 but never got around to it. Now I can get it on my PS4 nice. Still want Journey on PS4, Sony make it happen.
DEEBO  +   116d ago
man i hope the US gets trine 2 and dragons crown.
Keith22  +   116d ago
Sweet list I already own Trine 2 great game, great couch co-op and is easily the best 3D game Ive ever seen !!
Ninjatogo  +   116d ago
Loving this line up! Although I already own both of the PS4 games on other systems, I haven't completed either and I was really itching for some more local multiplayer games. Itch scratched!
EDIT: Dang it, just realized this isn't for the US.
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mochachino  +   116d ago
Sweet, Trine 2 is supposed to be awesome
DemonChicken  +   116d ago
Awesome, my consoles womn't be impressed as they will be very abused this month especially my VITA xD
monkey602  +   116d ago
I had trine 2 for the ps3 but never really enjoyed it however i heard the ps4 version is a prime example of 3D in gaming so i look forword to giving it another shot for that reason alone
mo241  +   116d ago
it is a great game. you can download the demo remember play it in 3D Makes a huge difference.
monkey602  +   116d ago
Good stuff. Ha i wont forget. Itll be the sole reason i download it
kantenkopf  +   116d ago
Except NBA 2K14, another bad update for me, don't like this at all. In comparison to the second half of 2013, this year PS Plus is unfortunately pretty weak.

Yes, I know those games are "free" and they can't offer every month two or more AAA games, but they could've at least kept some games back instead of going all out. You can obviously see, that there are almost no big games for the PS3 left that are not older than at least 3 years. PS Plus for the PS3 will die this year. But it is okay for me, PS4 is now the primary console which needs to be advertised.

Even though the yearly update will be a lot better. Guess they will put in The Last of Us to advertise the PS4 remake, God of War: Ascension because of to many discounts and the PS4 will get the first big game Killzone: Shadow Fall or Knack.
rivencleft  +   116d ago
Already own Trine 2 for the PS3 but it'll be nice to have the DLC with the PS4 version, not bad offerings, can't wait to see what they announce at E3 for PS+
JMyers  +   116d ago
Dragons Crown :)
SaveFerris  +   116d ago
I haven't gotten PixelJunk shooter yet (too many games to play) but no reason to miss this one. And Dragons Crown on the Vita, nice!
DivineAssault  +   115d ago
I have dragons crown & trine 2 already! Sometimes this pisses me off but its good for others who havent tried them out & wanted to.. smdh... Ima start holding off on buying indie titles since alot of them end up being free on ps plus.. Been wanting to play tiarra tho ill take that

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