Battlefield 3 free this month during Origin's "On the House"

EA's free game for the month of June is Battlefield 3. People will be able to download it starting today.

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Transporter471458d ago

Free thank you, although not a fan of Origin

solar1458d ago

didnt EA say giving good deals and free games devalue them?

Transporter471458d ago

They are Digital Games how much value can you get out of them regardless?

solar1458d ago

PC games has been the only platform that has embraced the digital world. Sony and MS have to an extent but not like the PC. that is what im referring too.

elhebbo161458d ago

Origin has gotten a lot better compared to its early days. The On the House program, how they handle refunds (great if I must say), and there recent sales are all making me not irattionally hate it no more. That being said, Uplay can burn in the fiery depths of hell.

KendrickLamar1458d ago

Was already free last year with PS+
Still, free is always good. Enjoy PC gamers.

elhebbo161458d ago

Not the same, this one stays in your origin library for ever. You only can play the PS+ version if you stay subscribed to the program.

Goro1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I suppose this is to celebrate Battlefield Hardline's announcement, i'll take it, I just can't say no to free games.

AHall881458d ago

This is the third free game I've gotten from Origin, still don't care for it though, lol.

LAWSON721458d ago

Already have it but awesome deal none the less

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The story is too old to be commented.