Valve delays Steam Machine controller to 2015

Valve has delayed the launch of its Steam Machine video games PCs until next year at the earliest.

The US-based firm said it needed more time to work on the system's controllers, which feature two haptic-feedback trackpads.

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Future_20151484d ago

Dont realy care, I have a gaming pc but i can see the demand for people who dont want to build their own system or know little on gaming pcs to get a steam machine

jackanderson19851484d ago

even then surely you can buy pre-built machines now that are costing less than what I've seen as the pricing for these some of the steam machines

Future_20151484d ago

A lot of console peeps can be alienated to even the look of pcs so the steam machines with the console style designs will draw them in. Also steam os or steam big picture will help the simplicity that console peeps like

Jonny5isalive1483d ago

yeah only noobs who dont know they can barely play any games on it would buy it. Lets hope they can get alot of games that run on it by the time it comes out or it will flop harder than it already is gonna .

Im not trying to be a steam machine hater, but it would be much better to just buy a PC. Then it can be an actual computer and play ALL PC games. I also think any pad without sticks sucks and although ive never tried it, just looking at it makes me say MEHH.

user56695101483d ago

seeing how new gpus is launching later this year i dont see how these machines isnt going to be able to out perform next gen consoles. the more the better. im sure they are some people that dont want to be bothered building a pc. me i just want the controller.

Volkama1483d ago

This is the Steam Controller though, if it turns out to be brilliant it will be brilliant for any PC gamer with or without a Steam machine.

Not counting on it being brilliant, but you never know.

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KentBlake1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

In other news, Christmas was also delayed to 2015, just as everything else.

XiSasukeUchiha1484d ago

2015- Will the be the year of Games confirmed!

Steam Machine getting delayed might as well been a good thing!

choujij1483d ago

I don't blame them. The controller needs to be stellar and so far a lot of the reviews are mixed.

90Supra1483d ago

Traditional buttons incoming...

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The story is too old to be commented.