PS3 Linux Addon CD Released - We're almost there!

Remember that mysterious Addon packages CD that we were talking about; the CD that supposedly contained the kboot image for the Fedora Core 5? Well, it's out, and you can download it right now!

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gamer20083720d ago

voted lame on this. whats lame about this? you stupid ass people dont like anything.

peksi3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I give this a definate "cool"! Been doing stuff with Linux for 10 years and this is something awesome! That's the way to go guys, keep it up!

edit: Those who voted lame are kids (or equally IQ'd) who just wanna feed the constant war between consoles. Grow up!

Lionel Hutz3720d ago

The open source stance by Sony could be the greatest asset of the PS3. With Yellow Dog Linux and now Fedora, the PS3 will be replacing my desktop computer.

GRUNT3719d ago

What will Linux do to the PS3, what are the benefits?