Dragon Quest X: All in One Package hitting Japan in August

Square Enix has announced the “Dragon Quest X: All in One Package” for Japan. It will be available on August 7 for 4,800 yen.

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Concertoine1454d ago

Maybe this'll be the version we get?
If i were them i'd release it solely on Wii U, because the Wii is dead and gone in NA.

Trolltroll1454d ago

I am with you. There was that tweet from square about DQ fans watching e3 this year. The wii U only move would be smart for Nintendo but I believe that square will want at least the PC version launched.

3-4-51454d ago

Hopefully, in secret, they've been converting this to a single player experience or something similar to Dragon Quest 9, and then making it available for Wii U in NA.

King_of_Nothing1454d ago

If Dragon Quest came state side and was only released for Wii U, that would be a system seller for me.