Developing new Gears of War is about ‘managing betrayal,’ says Fergusson

Developing Gears of War for Xbox One is all about “managing betrayal,” according to Black Tusk studio manager Rod Fergusson.

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XiSasukeUchiha1424d ago

Wow, this first time I`ve seen a part title that says `Managing Betrayal` So I have questions for this, did he betray his former comrades, just to work at Black Tusk!

NewMonday1424d ago

Sasuke Uchiha should be an expert on betrayal

Charybdis1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

* spoiler.
I guess he would betray his own town, kill his own brother for revenge. Then do another 360 and team up with his own mates for a massive battle against the end-boss.

Wni01424d ago

I like what he is saying, but I doubt it will be that different, hopefully the story is a little more mature than gruntfest 2000.

christocolus1424d ago

He can betray me all he wants, as long as im getting a great game. On a serious note I actually have a lot of faith in Ron and the new BT team. Can't wait to see a short teaser at E3

Charybdis1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

One of the things he wanted to improve on was the story ,according to the previous article mentioned in the story, hopefully he will succeed in doing so.

matt1391424d ago

Just set it during the pendulum wars, surely?

Slevon1424d ago

I trust in Rod and he is clearly listening to the community. All he has to do is make it more like Gears 3 than judgement and he's already on the right path

Gotcha51424d ago

I would think The Locust Queen have set-up incubators of New Locust deep below the planet Sera with a New Threat to guide the New Horde.With a new cast of Cog Characters, set in a 10yrs to 20yrs Emergence Day after Gear 3. Please no Pendulum Wars will only lead up to Judgement multiplayer Human on Human " that sucks".

Eldyraen1424d ago

I would like to experience a Re-Emergence Day from near the beginning or as it starts as long as they can do it well.

Personally 20 years should be on the earliest possibilities as in peace time more could have been rebuilt (not a whole world but start of it and at least one major city that stands as a monument of their victory--which naturally gets demolished or at least attacked at some point but not early on in a new trilogy). Some of the characters would be older then and have kids likely old enough to have enlisted (I wouldn't want to play as a squad of their children though but maybe bump into a familiar face or one of their offspring). Plus we need a new generation of Carmines for cannon fodder ;)

I am thinking 20 years as gives a whole new generation time to grow up in peace which has been accepted as real and lasting while allowing most of the old cast to still be living but no longer the focus. They would probably be higher ups in command or even reenlist for some--Cole for example is sort I could see reenlist even when older to recapture glory days as well as just being a huge crazy guy that lives on the edge, a boring retirement doesn't suit him IMO and would jump at the chance to join the fray once more. Marcus would make a good leader (post reemergence as too gruff to be a peacetime leader yet paraded as a hero and not comfortable with the position) and think is most likely to have a child that joins up while Baird is more into background tech support/advancement nowadays. Some of the lesser characters could still be around too as think Griffin would find a new niche to capitalize on.

I agree though that Pendelum Wars would be a huge mistake and Locust should somehow make a return.

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