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PTOM (USA) gives MGS4 a 10/10

Another perfect score for MGS4 has come in courtesy of Playstation : The official Magazine (USA)

Follow the link for the scans (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10




PTOM USA terms MGS4 as one of the finest games ever made.Similiar statements were echoed by Gamepro, Meristation and Level

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LenHart  +   2588d ago
now 7 10/10s for MGS4

June 12th ==please come soon now
Jamie Foxx  +   2588d ago
im from the UK and just a gamer i have no idea what NDA means? explain please thanks mate
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CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2588d ago
You are so WRONG
8 Reviews gave it 10/10

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sonarus  +   2588d ago
@ jamie NDA = non disclosure agreement. Basically contract that binds them from releasing specific details or info until some certain conditions are met or a date is passed e.t.c
Jamie Foxx  +   2588d ago
learn sutin new everday
sonarus  +   2588d ago
for every lame score there is a 10 around the corner:D
FreeMonk  +   2588d ago
When will reviewers learn that there is no such things as a game that is 100% perfect???

Because that is what 10/10 is saying it is, that the game is flawless, and I'm guessing that even though that I've never played MGS4, that is it not flawless.

There has to be one little thing that is wrong with MGS4 that deducts from a 100% score, that the 10/10 is perceving!
BulletToothtony  +   2588d ago
It may not be flawless but it sure deserves it....
and if gta4 and halo3 got them, then why doesn't mgs4 deserve it???
ScentlessApprentice7  +   2588d ago
If GTA IV can get almost unanimous perfect 10 scores...
MGS4 should accomplish the same feat...if only the inherent biases towards the PS3 weren't so prevalent in a certain portion of the gaming community today.
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2588d ago
if you ever played Kojima's games you know they are perfect.

No glitches no frame rate issues no bugs no nothing.

MGO BETA was more polished then all the games released this gen
FreeMonk  +   2588d ago
I'm not saying that GTA4 or Halo 3 are perfect either! That are not!

What I am saying is that reviews have to start reviewing the games for what they are and not for the hype that is behind them...is which has happened with Halo 3 and GTA4.

Trust me, I am a massive MGS fan, and still believe that the original PS1 MGS is the one of my top 3 games ever...but it's not perfect!

There is nothing known as a perfect game/movie/ even person on this planet, because there is nothing that is perfect!
ATLRoAcH  +   2588d ago
@ FreeMonk
When will everyone realize that a perfect review score isn't suppose to state that the game is perfect. No game is perfect and there never will be a perfect game. A 10 out of 10 means its a must buy not a perfect game. Thats what review scores are meant to be, something that tells you the worth of a game and not just a rating on the technical quality.
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bluegoblin  +   2588d ago
In that case the 10 shouldnt even exist...
10 refers to a masterful game not a perfect game and if theres is a masterful gama out there it is most definitely MGS4...
lovedaddy  +   2588d ago
@ FreeMonk
10 / 10 doesn't have to mean perfect, it could mean its just exactly what you want out of a game.

Few would probably argue that FF7 wasn't a 10 / 10 game when it was released, but by todays standards the gfx are dated etc Just because it isn't perfect doesn't mean its not as good as gaming gets at this moment in time.

Think of it this way... if I was to describe my car, its a Toyota Yaris 1.4D. I'd give it 10/10 - why, because its cheap to run, getting 62mpg, falls in the lowest company car tax band, small enough to park in busy UK streets, yet big enough with 5 doors for bags and 4 passengers. Does it mean it could beat a ferrari in a 0-60? Course not, but for the purpose for which I purchased it, its perfect.
MikeGdaGod  +   2588d ago
10/10 doesn't mean perfect anymore
what it means now is that its one of the best games you can get. and for alot of people, one of the best games you'll ever play.

thats all i need to know
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FreeMonk  +   2588d ago
But a 10/10 does means perfect it means it is a 10 out of 10, you can't get bigger than a 10 if it's rated out of 10.

The reviews could of rated it a 9.7 out of 10, but they've rated it a 10/10 meaning it's perfect, which I'm sure it isn't.
juuken  +   2588d ago
FreeMonk...it didn't get a 10 because it's so perfect that God himself made it. A 10 means that it's a must-buy and you would have to be out of your MIND to miss this game. I know people who have never played a MGS game who are getting this one. It's too hard not to pick this one up.
Panthers  +   2588d ago
Perfect is impossible. Games cant be perfect because everyone is different and certain people dont like certain things. The point of a 10/10 review is that the game is amazing and groundbreaking. It does not need to be perfect.
Timesplitter14  +   2588d ago
It's all in relative terms. If they gave GTA4 a 10, it's unacceptable for them to give MGS4 any lower score
The Wood  +   2588d ago
kidding, no thing to say its just everybody was telling ya what 10/10 actually meant;)

10/10 means one of the best games you can spend your money on at the present time. In ten years time it might rate at a 7 because of advances in whatever therefore it could never be perfect in the firstplace.
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theKiller  +   2588d ago
i will visit their site
so they get more hits
theKiller  +   2588d ago
10/10 doesnt mean perfect game these days with the exception of

thePatriot  +   2588d ago
8 is not lame. well, it is for mgs4
and for every lame score there are 3 perfect right behind it
callahan09  +   2588d ago
"When will reviewers learn that there is no such things as a game that is 100% perfect???"

Look, a 10 doesn't mean it's perfect. OK?

If you say nobody ever gives a 10 because nothing is ever perfect, then you're just setting the bar of perfection at a lower digit. Then a 9 becomes the new 10. Just like in Spinal Tap, "Well this amp goes to 11..." yeah sure, but 11 on your amp is really just 100%, just like 10 on somebody else's amp is 100%. The highest review score should never be interpreted as perfection.
supahbad  +   2587d ago
if anything i think that giving mgs4 a perfect score so soon after the whole gta4 thing means that it really is as good as it gets, that it really is the best game up to date imo
LeSouteneur  +   2587d ago
This is what I like to see
Sure, I'm gonna get this game no matter what, but 10s are like eye candy to me. <3_<3
pharmd  +   2588d ago
did we expect different from Playstation: the official magazine???

if it gets all 1s or 10s it doesnt matter to me, im getting it regardless
sonarus  +   2588d ago
this isn't PTOM though this looks like OPM US
pharmd  +   2588d ago
dammit, thats what the description says tho.....**confused**
sonarus  +   2588d ago
in fact i am pretty sure this is a duplicate story
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ATLRoAcH  +   2588d ago
Its P:ToM
Its a duplicate also but judging by the amount of comments it looks like a lot of people missed it. Its weird, a story will be posted and get like 50 degrees and then when a duplicate of the same story gets posted it gets 300 plus degrees.
LenHart  +   2588d ago
Take that eurogamer /EDGE /GS and 1up
BTW people

GI has given MGS4 a 10/10

scans soon to be posted
pwnsause  +   2588d ago
you have the magizine? really Game informer?
LenHart  +   2588d ago
I will be posting soon
My friend has it

I am in Montreal . he is in Toronto. He will be coming tomorrow or day after

MGS4 has got 10/10 from MANYYYYY websites

The reviews are on hold because of NDA. I think IGN USA also gave it 10

the embargo for US lifts in a day or two

But very sure it will be getting 10 from many websites
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fork_wii60fanboy   2588d ago | Spam
Varsarus  +   2588d ago
I'm fed up with reviews nowadays, some are biased, some aren't, but we know the MGS series, so this one is obviously gonna be great. :D
Tmac  +   2588d ago
I really don't care, 10 or otherwise.
Mario18  +   2588d ago
LenFart, isn't this a duplicate?
LenHart  +   2588d ago
This is PTOM USA
the previous review was for PTOM UK
Tmac  +   2588d ago
this is the US, not UK
Mario18  +   2588d ago
oh alright, duh... lol
LTC  +   2588d ago
I hope your right LenHart then these 4 Sony hating websites can eat D!ck
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jackdoe  +   2588d ago
This review was already posted. Anyways, interesting read, a review written by Rob Smith, former OXM editor who got tons of hate mail last year after PSM gave the bad review of Warhawk.
The Wood  +   2588d ago
i hear those mags share the same building (the uk branch) as they're owned by the same publishers. Apparently there's a lot of banter between the two camps and the xbox side had more staff than the ps3 side
Destructor   2588d ago | Spam
Surfman  +   2588d ago
Happy to see real reviews, not like eurogamers... i guess they have'nt played it... those losers.
jackdoe  +   2588d ago
Eurogamers gave a real review. They played MGS4. It's just that their review was scathing with hate and it was obvious that the reviewer disliked playing the game. It did critique the game well at points however.
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fork_wii60fanboy   2588d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
You bought an Xbox  +   2588d ago
Ha Ha Xbots
You won't be playing MGS4

Ha Ha Loosers
Kaz Hirai  +   2588d ago
They do not DESERVE to play this masterpiece!
The Xbot SWINE will be busy playing SUB-PAR TRASH such as FLOP Gaiden 2, FLOP Effect, Banjo KaFLOPPY, FLOP Oddyssey and Gears of FLOP 2!

12 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!

Veryangryxbot  +   2588d ago
@5 Your avatar and username
is truly EPIC.

10 out of 10.
resistance100  +   2588d ago
@Kaz Hirai - Bubbles, that made me laugh =D

I know i shouldn't being a 360 owner! lol(well not right at present as had to sell to afford games such as MGS4 and pay off debts, but will be picking one up again when GeOW 2 is released)
Kyur4ThePain  +   2588d ago
Ban Hammer
Can we have a separate section for game reviews on this site, where they don't even appear on the front page, but you have to go through a different tab to see them?

There is nothing more useless and fanboy-inspiring than a bunch of reviews each time a game comes out. I'm getting pretty sick of them.
Only an idiot needs to have someone else tell them whether a game is good.
boodybandit  +   2588d ago
I can't remember the last time I read a review. They always turn into flamebait. It would be awesome if there was a separate tab for reviews but I doubt it will happen. Negativity attracts attention to most sites unfortunately.
juuken  +   2588d ago
Yet another perfect score.
Condoleezza Rice  +   2588d ago
I lost count
Too many 10s and 9s.
juuken  +   2588d ago
Me too!
If another 10 comes out...I'm gonna faint again.
Destructor  +   2588d ago
all the official playstation magazines have given this game a perfect score. Every other IMPORTANT site have reviewed this game with anything under a 8.5.

Get the point?
juuken  +   2588d ago
Other *sites* have given it a 10 and not just Playstation magazines.
Give me a break.
jackdoe  +   2588d ago
So TWO places (Eurogamer and Edge gave it an 8.0) equals every other place? Jeez. So IGN, which gave it a 9.9 doesn't exist huh? Fool.
hotshot127  +   2588d ago
so what is ign? or what is gamepro?
you found two sites.

edge(of which also gave gears a 8, bioshock a 8, and mass effect........a 7)

eurogamer(of which some guy that clearly stated he NEVER liked mgs )

and now all of a sudden, mgs is a 8 game? your logic is severely flawed.

g4 will give this game a 5/5 also.

ign usa will give this game a 9.9, if not 10
ign au will give this game a 9.8,9.9sh area

1up gave mgs3 a 10/10 last time so expect mgs4 to score the same.
you my friend, need help..........

EDIT: and theres about 12 other non playstation sites that have given it a 9.5 to 10/10 range. so what about those? did you forget them...........
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juuken  +   2588d ago
Ah, and I see that MGS4 haters are making new accounts and disagreeing like crazy! Haters, I hope you're not surprised when this game gives Sony the HUGE boost they need to get even closer to 360 sales! And seriously, don't hate because this game can't work on you system! You made the wrong choice in buying a console that's 1. unreliable, 2. you have to pay way too much money for online service, and 3. it's coming from a corporation that can't be trusted!

June12th=Judgment Day
juuken  +   2588d ago
Ah, feel sorry for those 360 owners. They won't be playing this near-perfect game. xD
Varsarus  +   2588d ago
Unfortunetly, the 360 doesn't have the technical capabilities to even run the game.

MGS4 will be GOTY.

According to IGN:

MGS1 = 9.8

MGS2 = 9.7

MGS3 = 9.8

and Gears 1....

juuken  +   2588d ago
That's why Sony will win the war.
steck67  +   2588d ago
...and it just doesnt end with MGS4. We also got FF13 and Versus, Resistance 2, LBP, GoW3, and many more to come. I am glad to be a PS3 owner.
Vino  +   2588d ago
I've decided to go with the ps3 and wii combo, I know this game will be great.
fork_wii60fanboy   2588d ago | Spam
Destructor   2588d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Vino  +   2588d ago
Destructor I Don't care what you think
I don't own a ps3 or a Wii and I'm buying them at the end of the year, I'm not going to buy a consoles based on what people think, especially on the internet. Can't wait to play Mgs4, Zelda TLP, and some other games on December.
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belal  +   2588d ago
wtf why is it 12 days
to jugement day ? is the ebgames coundown wrong ? it says 11 days: 1 houre and 48 min :O

www.ebgames.no (front page)
wizerd  +   2588d ago

With scum bags like u on xbox live is it any wonder ppl are turning away from xbox no offense but xbox 360 is a great console but morons like u bring it down i hope u get frost bite and your testicles drop off
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End Of war 2  +   2588d ago
heyheyhey  +   2588d ago
no they didn't- that was PSM Italy
heyheyhey  +   2588d ago
Nasim it's 5/5, what's you major malfunction?
bioshock  +   2588d ago
june 12th is very special to Mr Kojima
its the same date he released MGS1 in japan 10 years ago and from their it all started.....One of the best gaming experience..he in ma view a true creative director.he never copy anybody yet make something which everyone wants to copy....

and LENHART....
r u for sure tht GI gave it 10...dont u play with ppl heart here..every PS3 owner as u knw is very sentimental about MGS4.confirm it..u gona most scans soon rite...if its true thn im going crazy man...and how much sure u are tht ign gave it 10 i mean whats ur source...no offence man but i just wanid to confirm...im one dieheart mgs fanatic..
Blitzed  +   2588d ago
Lots of new accounts...
It's fuuny how many 'new' accounts have shown up bashing and downplaying MSG4 in all the reviews. The usual suspects working OT it seems...
FreeMonk  +   2588d ago
But a 10/10 means perfect it means it is a 10 out of 10, you can't get bigger than a 10 if it's rated out of 10.

The reviews could of rated it a 9.7 out of 10, but they've rated it a 10/10 meaning it's perfect, which I'm sure it isn't.
juuken  +   2588d ago
GTAIV isn't perfect and somehow it got a 10.
MGS4 deserves the 10's that it's getting.
jackdoe  +   2588d ago
10/10 has never meant perfect. Never has, never will.
Crazyglues  +   2588d ago
Yeah that first pic in the magazine looks so sick....
This game is going to be amazing... I can't wait, I love the enemies suit designs they made for the game because we have never really seen stuff like this before in a game. (just really well done)

Speaking of that check out this - http://www.n4g.com/NewsPend...
Gonna try to give away a PS3 limited for $10 bucks.

Leave Feedback here in the forum - http://forums.n4g.com/I_jus...
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Sephiroushin  +   2588d ago
No matter what 0 or 10 i will be 12am
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