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Submitted by OgTheClever 2810d ago | preview

1UP Previews Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 arrives soon, bringing an end to the saga of Solid Snake (if not to the series itself). Many questions will no doubt be answered by this grand finale, and the storyline will doubtlessly feature plenty of tricksy twists and turns.

Still, there's some fun to be had in analyzing the game's promotional trailers and interviews with director Hideo Kojima to see just how much of the plotline we can squeeze from existing info. Needless to say, spoilers ahead -- but only those that are already public knowledge courtesy of Kojima Productions. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)

chaosatom333  +   2810d ago
good thing they did a preview.
lots of sites are giving out reviews without even playing the MGO online! or doing nothing to little exploration when playing.
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OgTheClever  +   2810d ago
Especially since I get to submit it!

Hey you've changed your comment; mine sounds a little out of place now. :(
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sonarus  +   2810d ago
1up needs to grow some balls and review the game. They keep doing previews because it is giving them site hits. They know MGS4 is hot like fire. Now review it and decide you fate. 9.5-9.0 and below...unsatisfactory. 9.0 below, worthy of some lynch mobbing
OgTheClever  +   2810d ago
Hey Sonarus, don't forget that there is still 1 and a half weeks to release.

It is possible that they haven't received a review copy yet (although they are a big and widely recognised site so this assumption may be unlikely).

Also you've got to consider that MGS4 is such a big game with so much variety that it takes at least a few playthoughs to fully comprehend the game.
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sonarus  +   2809d ago
Nah they are already reviewing it they even posted some early review impressions.

so far it all looks good except for the one guy who said splinter cell has better controls.
morganfell  +   2809d ago
yes, but if you saw the podcast the 1uppers playing mgs were getting their butts kicked. they said the learning curve was too steep. they didn't like it. and i could care less. they will give the game an 8.5 or so.

it is a niche game for gearheads and this is what happens when people that think cod4 is the ultimate come over to mgo and try the same run and gun-no teamwork-no tactics bs. those of use that ran mgs3 mgo knew and were thrilled at what we experienced. the thinking persons tactical online game is just around the corner. basically put mgo doesn't forgive or welcome stupid people.
Kleptic  +   2809d ago way 1up gives the game above an 8.5...frankly, an 8.5 would totally surprise me...

its not Halo...and its not on the 360...that more or less declares its fate...the fact that its drawing tie-ins to splinter cell from them immediately shows that this game is very far over their head...

was a pretty decent preview shows they are at least aware of the questions still left in the maybe there is a little hope...but 1up is excellent at finding minor quibbles with a PS3 game, and laughing all the way to the bank (literally, the amount of hits they get is out of control)...oddly though 360 games are not given the same attention for the most part (complain about minor texture pop-in in Uncharted, then briefly touch on it for Mass Effect...srsly...)...

we will see...I am a huge MGS fan, so reviews of the game were never really important to me...It would just be nice for sites obviously on MS's payroll to ignore their benefactor, and give credit where credit is clearly due...
LenHart  +   2810d ago
They will be giving MGS4 an 8/9
GS will also give it 8/9 just like EUROGAMER and EDGE

However barring these 4 SONY HATERS ............most websites will give MGS4 a 10/10

MGS4 has already got 10/10 from many websites


+ numerous other websites would give it 10/10
LTC  +   2809d ago
We will just have to see.
The only thing that pisses me off is that these sony hating websites count on Metacritic.
niall77  +   2810d ago
yeah, god point about MGO
most sites havent learned that MGS is a part of MGS4 and NOT a diffrent game.
highdro  +   2809d ago
review it!!!
if it gets less than a 9 then u eurogamer,edge wre all but comiting sucide because people will not be reading ur reviews any more apart from ur x box fan bois!!!!!!
Tmac  +   2809d ago
They keep doing these previews saying "it's one of the best games ever" and then Eurogamer and EDGE BOTH SAY the same thing in their previews and deliver a 8. I expect a 8.8-9.3 from 1up.

Frig, Kojima should just send out a bag of goodies like every other publisher/developer now a days and get it over with.
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Obama  +   2809d ago
Don't ever forget that they are the ones who told kojima to eat a d1ck on the basis that mgs4 is not comming to the 360.
pwnsause  +   2809d ago
if they do give this game an 8, RAID THEM. /I/invasion, spam like you've never spammed before, destroy that site, we all have the power to destroy it
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ISA_Scum  +   2809d ago
you know they're thrashing this, along with EGM. Exactly for the reason that the past story you've shown displays. They hate PS3 and only care for 360. 1up sucks, and I've lost respect for EGM.

When it comes to reviews, for me, it's all about Game Informer and Gamepro. I lost faith in Gametrailers due to all those fudging ridiculous comparison vids. Problem with those is the contrast settings, everyone (outside of PoG/Mart/Crab) knows it, even other X-bots.
highps3  +   2809d ago
What exactly was this?
Not worth reading IMO.
thePatriot  +   2809d ago
somehow I feel like
these two pages only scratched the surface of mgs4
Shadow Man  +   2809d ago
As a 360 fan I can't wait for Judgment Day. I wounder if there will be fireworks, I want to experiences the evil beaten out of me for buying a 360 and not a ps3.
fenderputty  +   2809d ago
Is this preview number #105030102
for MGS4 from them? When are they going to review the game. The 1up poster at GAF made it sound like they've already played the game twice over.
crematory  +   2809d ago
i need advice here
is it a must to play mgs 3 before mgs4 as i never play any game of metal gear series
OgTheClever  +   2809d ago
Why, do you plan to play 1 and 2?

MGS3 would be less essential but it will help with the story background.

I would say that you must play MGS1 and 2 to get fulfillment from MGS4 although there are apparently flashbacks throughout to jog you memory whilst playing.

Bottom line: 1 and 2 are a must but you should still play 3 for extra homework (and an amazing game as well).
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Kleptic  +   2809d ago
MGS3 is the closest to MGS4 though in terms of controls apparently (all the CQC stuff introduced for that was new, and while using the octocam suit is different, where to use it is similar to the stealth index in MGS3)...MGS4 just has the free camera, complete fp view, and some other mechanics added...

but each MGS game is pretty good at walking your through that kind of stuff early it wouldn't really matter...

you are more or less out of time though...I would have recommend playing all of them, starting with MGS3, then 1 and then 2...that chronologically would have helped the most with the story elements...but a lot of sites have claimed that its pretty forgiving in that regard, so hopefully you get filled in again...
fishd  +   2809d ago
I Have their review!!! enjoy it
OgTheClever  +   2809d ago
Probably better assigned to the open zone, but unfortunately this might not be too different from real life.
Destructor  +   2809d ago
B review incoming
Tmac  +   2809d ago
3 bubbles already? It suits you.
tk  +   2809d ago
Just gathering a list of negatives...
With a game this good, with a month before release access - it takes a bit of time to justify the 8.0 score that you decided to give it before you opened the box.

Preview after preview - must be damn hard to find the "bad" points to include in the review without revealing that you are being obviously biased against it. Poor reviewers and PS3 bashers. Must make them sweat to make this one look bad.
spirited  +   2809d ago
Guys believe it
1up and gamespot wont give mgs4 9 or above 9 scores mark my words. I will give up playing games if they by any chance god forbid give this game those deserving scores LOL they are looooooooosers
pwnsause  +   2809d ago
no you dont give up playing games, you destroy their sites, RAID THEM /I/ its time we take matters to our own hands, spam like you never spammed before, spam like hell, then HaXor them to hell, then they will listen that we are tired of their bullS**t
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