Amazon Gold Box Deals Go Gaming-Centric, InFamous Second Son Drops to $36

By golly, May 27 is now! That means that all day today, you can grab Infamous: Second Son for $36. With the recent addition of an update that allows HUD-free screenshots, this is a must-buy. It's an excellent open-world game, and something that should help scratch that itch if you're not jonesing for Watch_Dogs. Lightning deals will be available throughout the day, with the first one being for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

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ValKilmer1489d ago

Wow, that's an insanely good deal for inFamous. Glad I held off!

Ares84HU1489d ago

Deals like this always make me wonder, why the heck do I even buy anything on day one?

mr2331489d ago

Yes, kind of pi$$ed. Even with Best Buy Gamer Unlocked, I payed $48. This kind of sucks.

SolidGear31489d ago

Infamous: Second Son dropped to $36 the same day Watch Dogs releases? Conspiracy? O_O

TM3331489d ago

Scored my copy. Great deal!

talocaca1489d ago

I wish they had the same deal for the Downloadable version :(

I live in Japan so I often get those online deals!!!!

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