‘Virtual violence leads to actual violence’: Actress Holly Marie Combs condemns video games

Charmed and Pretty Little Liars actress Holly Marie Combs has taken a swipe at violent video games.

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Activemessiah1367d ago

Aaaand just like that you lost me.

hay1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

I think she's right. We should drop our life long, educated passion towards interactive fiction which is partly beneficial for our development, and instead watch some murderporn in TV where even toilet time is sold. /here be sarcasms

Anthotis1367d ago

Scripted for TV witchcraft leads to real witchcraft.

Holly Marie Combs, time to see if you float..

Tempest3171367d ago


This x1000. Exactly what I was thinking

Lord_Sloth1367d ago


I was gonna say it causes boredom suicides but that works too.

frostypants1367d ago

@Anthotis: You win the internet today. Bubs.

raWfodog1367d ago

I do not believe that there is any way that a violent video game alone can turn a rational, sane person into a killer. There has to be some issues going on within a person to turn them into the type of mass killers that we are witnessing so much these days and it is even proven upon examining the person's life after the incidents occur.


The funniest part is that the only reason we even have violent videogames (movies, TV series, music, etc) is partially because violence is natural to our species (so there's a natural demand) but mostly because we're all raised learning that SOME violences are acceptable. If absolutelly no one understanded violence or if someday our whole species outgrow it there would be no games featuring it. If even most people didn't get violence, said games wouldn't make much success... Blaming videogames for making violence acceptable is like blaming the CNN reporter for the war in Syria.

awi59511366d ago

Adolf hitler must have played some really violent video games. Also our ancestors must have had games 30 thousand years ago when we killed off our cousins.

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Silver3601367d ago

When will people realize not everyone is sane and that no matter what they think some people are born crazy or killers. Movies, video games, music theses things don't set them off they were already planning on doing their crazy crap anyway.

Guitardr851367d ago


You got it! I actually just listened to a really good "This American Life" episode about baby monsters. It centered around, "when do bad people become bad? They pretty much agreed that at around 2 years old is where violent and sadistic tendacies tend to manifest. There was one family on the program that lived in constant fear of their 8 year old (mom said the first time he tried to kill his little brother was when he was 4 and the she had also woken up to her then 7 year old son standing by her bed with a pole). Some people are just born with more violent issues going on in their head. They will be violent without movies and video games, but society has developed a fear of blaming anything but the child for their own actions.

Alsybub1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )


It's unbelievable that whenever someone goes on a killing spree there's reports of 'the murderer owned a copy of GTA!'.

The GTA series has sold over 150 million copies alone. That's probably, pretty much, every gaming male between the ages of 18 and 45 and then some. Yeah, based on those statistics it definitely turns people into sadistic killers.

Edit: loving the disagree. So, you think these games do correlate with people going on murderous gun rampages or could you not pick up the sarcasm in the final line of my response?

dodgemoose1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

People aren't born killers. Their external environment in their very early development might cause problems, which can then escalate into something more later in life, but nevertheless, they're not born that way.

Also, you shouldn't be so dismissive of different media's effects of people. I don't understand why everyone seems to have this black and white attitude towards the whole argument - whereby video games/movies either directly caused an individual to commit a crime, or they had no effect whatsoever. In reality, I believe it's quite simply somewhere in the middle. I think it's ignorant to believe that if someone was obsessed with, for example, the Saw franchise, and then went on to commit to a series of murders themselves, that there's absolutely no connection and that they were simply 'born crazy or killers'. However, it's also correct to say that many people are fans of said franchise and haven't gone on to kill people themselves, and thus there are obviously others factors that would also play a role in determining the decisions made by said killer.

Alsybub1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Double post

Alsybub1367d ago


If they're predisposed to do something like this then any medium can be the trigger for their acts. If it isn't one thing then it'll be another.

I'm not saying for a moment that something cannot be a trigger for that person but the very fact that they have it in them to be triggered means that if one thing doesn't cause it then another probably will.

BISHOP-BRASIL1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )


You are right that's not a black and white matter we're discussing, but actually we're all born somewhat killers, it's in our genetic code, we have brain chemical mechanisms to enjoy violence, just like we also have other mechanisms to limit it... Our habilities to sympathy, violence, charity, deceit, "goodness" and "evil" are all somewhat attached to our genes, becuase they guide our physical development (from which out personallity is a reflex).

The very fact that brain chemistry have big genetic factors is nothing new, we have been breeding dogs for behavioural characters for centuries... Now, when will humans understand we're not some oddball not playing under the very same rules? Our brain is just more complex, it's not some supernatural organ not developed just like every other one (guided by genes AND environment).

Mind you, I'm not advocating genetic determinism here either. It's the 21st century, we have major advancements in genetics, biochemistry, neurology, psychology, psychiatry... Science have proved that it's not a matter of environment nor genes alone, but a combination, it's the development itself, with both it's genetic and environmental factors, that determines the result. What I'm advocating is that we need to use this knowledge in our favor.

As you said, we shouldn't be dismissive of different effects of media in people. That's exactly because people have different predispositions (be it genetic or environmental - think inside womb 'till 2 years old so we can talk "pre"disposition). So even though we need a social discussion about better parenting all around, the major hereditary deviations of brain chemistry and behaviour that some have pose a more concerning matter when we're talking about exposition of those newborns and onwards, exactly so we can better understand and control that early environmental development (and because we can't really, as of yet, do much about the genetic development).

Some people ARE just born killers, but it's not a condemned life, they just need special attention so they don't BECOME actual killers. Truth is each case is different and people need to leave the prejudice die already, don't blame themselves, don't blame the kids, don't blame the media, in fact let's stop wasting time blaming stuff and actually use that time to solve the problem. If you think your kid needs help (or you need help with your kids) go and seek it. What's good for some may not be good for others... Help is out there available (to all ages really) to differentiate what will be good or bad for each person's development.

Sure, when a crime is committed the subject changes and it's too late for that talk, someone have to assume the responsability for it. But even if violent videogames (or any other media format) are not good for everyone and play a part in it, blaming a videogame is still an argument worht being execrated... It's not a matter of seeing it in black and white, it's common sense, you don't blame an inanimate object for a crime, specially not if someone dies. If an adult or kid shouldn't be exposed to violent media because of underlying factors (predisposition to violence, obssession, desensitization, etc) the blame is on whoever exposed it to the person (even if itself).

TheSaint1366d ago

But there was no violence before video games? Right?

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johndoe112111367d ago

Don't be lost. I actually love articles like this. This is one of the few topics where all gamers put aside their differences and for a brief moment you get unity and piece in the gaming community. You can't tell who is a sony, microsoft or nintendo fanboy lol.

If we can get more brain dead actors and actresses like this cute talentless little diva wannabe right here making more mindless and baseless comments we may actually achieve utopia in gamersworld.

She's a moron.

ajax171367d ago

Yeah, I stopped reading after "Charmed and Pretty Little Liars actress"

3-4-51367d ago

* Last year over 500 Million people played games.

How many of those people went out and committed Violent Crimes ?


It's the medication.

hadouken0071366d ago

8 out of 10 of them give u suicidal thoughts or tendencies... so yeah I say drugs.

medman1366d ago

Didn't she play a witch on TV? Methinks virtual witchcraft leads to actual witchcraft. A witch needs a burning.

Magicite1366d ago

couldnt care less what she says.
she isnt good actress anyway.

liquidhalos1366d ago

I would comment on this article but ive just had a quick game of GTA5 and i quite fancy popping out to shoot some folk and steal a couple of cars. SO many hijackings, so little time. Damn you video games, damn you. /s

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DCfan1367d ago

I should be a mass murderer by now seeing how much time i spent on Ninja Gaiden.

scotmacb1367d ago

Aw well if she says so then it must be true silly cow lol

ZodTheRipper1367d ago

Stupid statements like hers lead me to actual violence ...nothing else.

Zichu1367d ago

Maybe you should take a break from the internet for a while, we all know murderers have used the internet at some point, maybe that's the cause of it.

Now... just put down the weapon and we can all be friends...

dodgemoose1367d ago

… and that's not an overreaction at all. /s

IceKoldKilla1367d ago

LMFAO! You remind me of an old skit from Reckless Tortuga where a black guy gets on an elevator with a white chick and she starts to hold her handbag tight and stay as far away as she can from him. He says something similar saying like "Seeing her be racist and think I'm gonna rob her MAKES me wanna rob her." XD (Sorry a bit off topic).

MegaRay1367d ago

Why does people sumbit crap like this?

JohnathanACE1367d ago

They get free clicks. Duh!!

JasonKCK1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )


Some celebrities feel that since they're celebrities that their opinions carry more weight.

bloodybutcher1367d ago

I think they are entitled to this opinion, that is why i am following everything that Justin Bieber says, he is my guide through life.

My_Outer_Heaven1367d ago

For people just like yourself :-p

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