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Xbox One Gets a Release Date and Price in Japan: Same as PS4 Without Kinect

Microsoft Japan just announced the release date and pricing of the Xbox One in the archipelago of the Rising sun. Japanese gamers will be able to enjoy Microsoft's console on September 4th.

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Community1639d ago
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georgeenoob1639d ago ShowReplies(17)
Pinkdolphinyfg1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Will be interesting to see what Microsoft will bring to the table as far as the Japanese audience goes this time around especially in an environment where handhelds dominate. American products are popular in Japan contrary to popular belief, Iphones are very popular in Japan which leads me to believe Xbox has an image issue in Japan that needs to be remarketed towards the Japanese audience.

Bigpappy1639d ago

IPhone is only 1 American hardware product.

choujij1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Xboxes aren't manufactured in the USA and neither are iPhones.

UltimateMaster1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

He meant the OS and the companies.
Technically, Microsoft isn't even an American company. It's financials are in Ireland.
Why? Safe tax haven; better income on exports.
Technically, it's an Ireland company.

So now you don't need to ask why the Xbox logo is green.

URNightmare1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

The difference is, iphone is actually a quality product unlike the 360 and now the Xbox One. The Japanese are not easy to fool when it comes to hardware technology.

iNathan1638d ago

sometimes i dont know if people here are serious, joking or just stupid.

Xbox 360 wasnt a quality product, Xbox One isnt a quality product... please tell me more LOL

Oh the ignorance.

Ps4 must not be a quality product aswell because Xbox One and Ps4 are almost the same thing, gaming consoles.

3-4-51638d ago

uhh outside of RRoD, Xbox 360 is an AWESOME machine.

I still won't buy an XB1, until there is a game for it I HAVE to play.

But yea, let's not bash just to bash. Microsoft digs their own grave deep enough, that we don't need to dig for them.

rainslacker1638d ago

I think the "image problem" comes down to that Japan has two really strong local consoles makers which they have had experience with for decades. The Japanese people, in general, do have a lot of national pride, and there is a lot to be proud of when it comes to Japanese gaming heritage.

As an American, MS doesn't instill any kind of pride in me, as I feel they haven't brought to the gaming industry what the Japanese gaming industry has since the NES.

Otherwise, I don't really think that the Japanese people are not buying the XBox brand due to an image problem, or that it's because MS is an American company, it's more that MS hasn't done enough to earn the respect of Japanese gamers by showing strong support for them over the long term.

Bigpappy1636d ago

This is what I admire about American people, they would make excuses for other cultures that they would never make for their own.

This is what I am getting from what you are saying: Oh you just don't understand them. They are not like us - they have pride (we don't). M$ needs to find a way to earn their respect. Japan has good companies that their people are proud of so Americans should be happy to buy their products. M$ (one of the most successful companies on the planet) is bad, so I am not proud of what they have accomplished as a company.

That is what I get from what you just wrote. Don't feel like I am lashing out at you. I am not. There are many more like you that get on the internet and actually join people in other countries many of whom are actually envious, in batching and trash talking things American that you have every right to be proud of. Microsoft is a world class leading company. Their software is used and kept affordable around the world. They are a huge player in driving the U.S. and world economies so you and your family can make a decent living. There is plenty to be proud of in Microsoft, if you just take your fanboy hat of and think for yourself for a second.

rainslacker1636d ago

I think you may be reading a bit too much into what I'm saying.

From the looks of a lot of comments on here, it's pretty apparent that people don't really understand the Japanese culture. I can't claim to be an expert, but overall, the feelings of national pride is there in Japan.

America itself is a very proud country. Sometimes to the point of being obscenely ridiculous. But I've never met an American that identifies strongly with any American company. I can't think of a specific company that I would be proud of as an American, but can think of a generalized group of hard working Americans who risk much to make something out of nothing.

MS...I have no pride in them as an American. They swindled and threatened their way to the top, and have done much in the way of anti-consumer activities which were criminal. MS does have a lot of top notch products, many of which I use, but never would I use them as an example of an American business that is worthy of my admiration.

As a gamer, I feel they actually threaten what I think is good for gaming as a whole. So while I don't consider them the devil, I am definitely cautious of giving them my support.

Truth be told, people around the world are more alike than they are different. The average person just does what they have to do to live and have a little fun.

Anyhow, I'm not making excuses for anyone. The Japanese people don't need me or anyone defending them on this issue, and can buy whatever they like. They live in a free country. It would just be nice if a lot of people stopped belittling the culture because it's very apparent that their information is not right. It's bigoted and simply wrong.

MRMagoo1231639d ago

If i am being honest, for the xbone to not completely flop in japan, they would have to sell it for less than the PS4.

XabiDaChosenOne1639d ago

Did the with the Xbox 360, didn't work.

Silly gameAr1639d ago

Think they could give the X1 away in Japan and it wouldn't make much of a difference. :/

Bathyj1639d ago

Yeah Im not sure the price cut sends the message MS intended it to.

At least when it was more expensive one could argue (vainly) it was worth the price difference because of Kinect.

Now it just looks like a weaker console with no distinguishing features that Japanese developers arent going to make Japanese games for in Japan, for the same price.

I mean Sega supports Xbone, but not with a game like Yakuza thats made for Japanese gamers. MS will have to buy these games if they want them and I'm not sure they care that much anymore as they know theyre just pissing in the wind after going so hard early last gen and not really making a dent. I think they only launch there to show the Japanese companies they havent abandoned the region and appear weak.

But, as I've said many times before, I admire their tenacity with regards to Japan, its hard to keep fighting a battle you know youre going to lose.

Chevalier1638d ago

Won't help much they had Tales of Vesparia, Ninja Gaiden, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and a whole slew of 5PB games and 360 still got destroyed in sales.

pwnsause_returns1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

...and no one is going to buy it...

For microsoft to succeed over there, they need a big price cut and Massive amounts of exclusive RPGs overthere...

2pacalypsenow1639d ago

they better get those 20 consoles they are gonna sell ready!

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