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New GTA IV iCEnhancer Screenshot Shows Reflections Similar To Those Of Watch_Dogs

Hayssam Keilany, the creator of the iCEnhancer mod for GTA IV, has released a new screenshot from the latest version of this popular mod. This new screenshot shows reflections comparable to those found in Watch_Dogs, as well as bokeh DOF effects. (Grand Theft Auto IV, PC)

NatureOfLogic_  +   343d ago
Watch dogs reflections don't even come close to those reflections in that picture.
sungin  +   343d ago
sorry i downvote by mistake
OrangePowerz  +   343d ago
I only see one blury screenshot, that`s not much to go by.
user1439414  +   343d ago
GTA 4 is good GTA 5 is amazing :)
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brainfart  +   343d ago
lol i was thinking the same thing maybe I need to borrow ArgumentumAdPopulum coke bottles your right it doesn't come close cause WD reflection IS NOT blurry and distorted.
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F4sterTh4nFTL  +   343d ago
Too bad GTA IV as a game sucked. Red Dead Redemption and GTA V were much better.
Codewow  +   343d ago
I spent over 4,000 hours in GTA IV's multiplayer though. GTA V's multiplayer i've played a little over 30. >.> I need heists to bring me back.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   343d ago
I played 40 minutes of GTA IV Multiplayer.
ape007  +   343d ago
gta iv is one of the best games ever, gta v is even better
Codewow  +   343d ago
You should try the carmogeddon mod. ;D It's extremely fun with other people!
ATi_Elite  +   342d ago
I have like 300 hours in GTAIV Avenger MP mod as well as other GTAIV MP Modes.

I did enjoy Red Dead Redemption better than GTAIV but GTAIV MP and MOds kick major arse. RDR is really a quality game that made all those hours calibrating the PS3 Emulator worth it.

Looking forward to GTAV with Ice mod because GTAIV w/ Ice mod has SPOILED ME!

I can play GTAV on my PC but I'm gonna wait.
sungin  +   343d ago
the power of the community(mods) :)
Are_The_MaDNess  +   343d ago
wow, a secular map can do wonders. done the same with my Skyrim game here aswell with an ENB. looks sooo good with the right reflections on wet things and metal.
Kurylo3d  +   343d ago
You do realize a specular map does not give you reflections right? This is a whole different monster.
PainUzumaki  +   343d ago
LOL the downvotes is strong in here.
Neixus  +   342d ago
I would rather compare it to the reflections in Infamous:SS

I hope reflections and lighting will have a focus this gen, makes the game looks so much better. Would take good lighting over good textures any day.

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