If "The Last Of Us" Met "The Walking Dead" This Is What It Would Look Like

"Clem, Lee, Joel and Ellie all together at once."

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Delsin_Rowe707d ago

This is a lied, it only show H1Z1 new screenshot so report this now.

DoomeDx706d ago

This is the lamest article ive seen this year.

I should photoshop batman in front of aiden pearce and make an article out of it! Brb

Delsin_Rowe706d ago

Wow few days ago it only show H1Z1 article but now they change it to the article that connect with this. I wasn't playing around, I not lying because what I saw was real.

randomass171707d ago

The art styles clash a bit, but holy crap I would love for this encounter to happen.

PeaSFor707d ago

Joel would murder lee and Ellie stab Clem.

not cool.

randomass171706d ago

Joel isn't THAT ruthless. His morals are questionable but he's not evil, and Ellie would certainly not immediately attack a child much younger than she is.

DoomeDx706d ago

Joel would win. He has years of experience. Lee just a few months

randomass171706d ago

What makes you think they'd fight each other? :P

theDivision706d ago

It looks terrible. It looks like he cut out Ellie pasted her in the photo and then just applied a filter to hide the shoddy work.

WeAreLegion707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

I feel like Greg Nicotero and the producers have played The Last of Us. The later half of season four felt a lot like it.

goldwyncq707d ago

You mean that episode when Rick was trying to escape the house? Yeah, that felt a lot like TLOU's stealth sections.

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