CNN Reporter links World Of Warcraft to UC Santa Barbara Shooting

SegmentNext - "A news report linking the recent UC Santa Barbara shooting to the popular MMO World of Warcraft seems to have taken the gaming world by storm."

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aliengmr708d ago

I think the "shoot first and ask questions later" mentality of cops, is also a plague on our society.

IMO the police hardly have the moral high ground when it comes to what contributes to violence in our society.

But this is CNN, hardly an outlet to take seriously. They didn't even know what they were talking about.

chaos-lockheart708d ago

Hitler never played video games. Jeffrey Dahmer,John Wayne Gacy, and Dean Corll they never played video games, but they were all serial killers.

3-4-5708d ago

How many other people who played World of Warcraft DID NOT do this ?


AD705708d ago

Oh look media blaming video games again on something it had nothing to do with in the first place.

WeAreLegion708d ago

Stop acknowledging them. If anyone legitimately believes there's a connection, inform them otherwise.

snookiegamer708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

Mainstream Media Journalism DIED long, long ago....

I'd recommend these channels for anyone looking for anywhere near the truth or the REAL version of events.

TYT = The Young Turks, RT, Prison Planet, Drudge Report and Info Wars!


mkis007708d ago

It's Ron Burgundy's fault.

Pintheshadows708d ago

I can only laugh at this. Desperation. Did he kill people with high level magic?

No. He shot people with guns he owned legally.

Evil Rant Monkey708d ago

Well, he should've hearthed out of there while he had the chance.

At least he can just run back to his corpse from the nearest graveyard.

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