Microsoft’s Big Park Studios will be showing something off at E3

E3 is fast approaching and Microsoft have been making big promises that their conference will be all about the games. Whilst most of their big studios are pretty much accounted for, a lot of their smaller studios haven’t shown their hands yet.

One of these smaller teams, Big Park Studios, have confirmed to us that they will be present at this year’s E3.

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incendy351634d ago

Very curious to see what it is. I wouldn't mind them making a Kart Racer based on the Rare Characters. Joyride's biggest issue was that it was kind of generic, everything was well done just not very inspired.

christocolus1634d ago

A kart game would be great or a party game similar to fuzion frenzy, powerstone and kung fu chaos.

Can't wait. 14days more

maniacmayhem1634d ago

MS needs a kart game, I say base it off of Conker. Conker's Cart Racing with Rare characters from Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie and of course Conker.

It really is a no brainer, now that MS is supposedly fully vested in making games for Xbox One hopefully we can see this soon.

lifeisgamesok1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

It's so good to hear Microsoft are beefing up their studios like Spencer said and all of them are making games for the One

I want to see who these new partners at E3 are

Platform Next should be showing a game too along with the newly named LXP

With the money Microsoft has and the development of their teams they can be unstoppable

christocolus1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Oh yes it is and I'm also eager to see what lxp and platform next have in the works.

Bundi1634d ago

I like games, I really really do. That's why im loving the xbox one and cannot wait to get one in September.

Just gimme games and you win E3 in my mind.

Lucreto1634d ago

I would not be surprised if it is a Kinect game.

True_Samurai1634d ago

If it's a good Kinect game then I don't mind at all

kanyewesting1634d ago

Didn't Phil say there will be studios revealed we didn't know about?

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