5 Ways to Die Horribly in Battlefield 4

If you have played the lag ridden madness that is Battlefield 4 lately, you have died in a way that makes you both angry and pining for revenge at the same time. This has happened to me multiple times, some gave me a laugh as they were amazing, others got me so frustrated, I squeezed my controller, sat up and searched out that person for the rest of the match.

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Detoxx1460d ago

The worst way to die IMO: Getting squashed by the supply crate YOU requested to your commander.

greenyboi1460d ago

Getting killed by someone you have shot up and they put two bullets in you and you die when they have 0 health

AgentSmithPS41460d ago

I've been killed by a few 0 healthers.... More often by people with 2, 3, etc health. If they're under 5-10% health I think they should have to find a medic or they'll die soon.

I often get put on awful teams so even if I kill 4 out of 5 people a medic will just come, shoot me, and revive everyone and my team isn't in sight :P. It's best to find a lot of people to play with so there's a chance they'll help you.

AgentSmithPS41460d ago

I hope that karma gives the bastards at ea/dice a taste of their own medicine, I'm not sure how many bosses etc are involved but they disgust me.

1. I don't play rush because stupid dice didn't give us a PTFO mode OPTION which somehow forces players to play the objective. Rush could be fun with enough friends since you're on your own most of the time since barely anyone uses a mic on PS4 (or 360 when I played bf3).
2. Stingers are OP considering how many people have them in CQ, they're weak and they disable you..., they can be fired so quickly, helis have no 'below radar' vs air vehicles. Jets of course are still easy mode though for the right cowardly exploiter that think's he's good because of his artificial KD, so much for their 'rock,paper,scissor' bs.
3. Claymores aren't much of a problem for me, maybe because I enjoy running snipers over with cars/helis/etc.
4. I enjoy C4ing jihad jeeping ;) mostly if my team is very unbalanced (as shown in my hundreds of screenshots), I don't get killed by them very often when I'm in tanks though, but I am good so I can shoot them 1st. It can be challenging against a good enemy team since they spot so much.
5. Jet ramming might be the worst offense of all especially if your team is pathetic in the sky (much easier than C4 since you can approach so quickly from the great big sky). Maybe they should temp-ban players from air vehicles for X minutes if they do it.

I wish some company out there was man enough to create a game like "Battlefield", but one done right. These scum have no real competition so they can get away with all kinds of things.

Matt6661459d ago

I disagree with you about number 2, especially if the telecommuter is full of people repairing the damn thing all the time.

Also with vehicles you should only be allowed to spawn into them so many times in one match, this would stop half the team wasting there time waiting for one when they could be helping the team attack / defend an objective.

AgentSmithPS41459d ago

Good point I forgot about those annoying little birds with repair PLUS stinger guys inside, and some transports. It might be nice if stingers did some damage to the repair guys.

I was talking about the poor abused attack heli that can be killed by most things in the game maybe something a bit different could happen to them from stinger attacks.

Yeah a lot of bad people get into vehicles and are dead in less than a minute, that can make for some funny video captures though.
BALANCING of some vehicles and team balancing is something they fail at.

I have so many screenshots of horribly unbalanced 64 player CQ games, what site would be the best for me to put them all so I can show others how awful it is?

Starbucks_Fan1460d ago

When your teammate gets out of their vehicle and it runs you over.

AgentSmithPS41459d ago

That can be annoying but fun too.
I enjoy running over support guys that refuse to drop ammo :).

Starbucks_Fan1459d ago

Lol I sometimes do it if my team has too many people sniping.

muttsurini1460d ago

do anyone still play this xhity game, bought this game a few weeks ago and i can only see few servers and having lag issues with a server that's close to our country.

GhettoBlasStarr1459d ago

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that, because I'm been having great time with this game since they've upgraded the severs. So much so that I have over 30 Share Videos that I need to edit to make my greatest hits vid. I wonder what country you playing from.