Top 5 Games That Used The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

This week, we said goodbye to Nintendo's first online service. Here are the top five games that used the service to the best of it's abilities.

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Geobros1458d ago

a yeah!!! Mario Kart DS online was amazing. And generally, I love that game!

IanVanCheese1458d ago

Nintendo really need to catch up on the whole online thing. They have such potential with their ip for some proper massively multiplayer shizzle.

admiralvic1458d ago

For my Jump Ultimate Stars will always be my favorite game that used Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

tweet751458d ago

its so sad the time was so short on online connections they should leave it up for at least a decade makes me think twice about buying games with lots of online features knowing i may not be able to play them for years to come.

Skate-AK1458d ago

I spent a lot of time spectating in Super Smash Bros Brawl. There were some really good players to watch and you could bet coins on the winner.