You Can Get an Xbox One with Kinect for $399 Right Now

CraveOnline: "Are you waiting for the Xbox One kinect-less $399 SKU to drop before you invest in Microsoft's latest console? Why do that if you can pay the same price and get a Kinect?"

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TheDevil15inallofus1462d ago

You hear that? It's the sound of death knell......

Clown_Syndr0me1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

If Xbox One failed that would be a terrible thing. Xbox and Playstation have evolved alot over the last few years as they are constantly pushing each other forward, competing for that top spot.

If new features, great sales etc come to one console the other is forced to act.

Imagine if there was only one good console on the market, why should they offer great deals? Why should they release constant updates and improvements?

Xbox and Playstation need each other.

@Konsoru I know they come and go, but I don't know of a time there was only one console on the market.

KonsoruMasuta1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Console makers have been coming and going since the start of this business. If Microsoft or Sony went out of business, the console market will still go on.

I'm sure people felt the same way about Atari and Sega.

InTheLab1462d ago

I don't believe that. Who pushed the PS2 and PS1? It certainly wasn't Xbox.

Someone will fill the void should Xbox fold but playstation only needs competition to show why it's better than the competition.

Pogmathoin1462d ago

Considering PS1 and 2 were out before xbox, your point is useless, PS4 is a direct result of 360.... Forced Sony to talk to developers and fanbase....... But no doubt you will deny deny deny........

RockmanII71462d ago

Yea because Nintendo 64 didn't push the PS1 and Gamecube+Xbox didn't push the PS2, right?

darx1462d ago

Sony will be out before MS if that day was to come.

Boody-Bandit1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

You know I keep hearing this
"Sony will be out before MS if that day was to come."

from some members of this site. Sony's gaming division is profitable. You don't hear anyone at Sony talking about selling off or getting out of the gaming industry. The same can't be said about MS. Their shareholders have been complaining for years they want out of the gaming industry.

Why is that? Because MS is still in the red (billions) from their gaming division. They have never recouped what they invested and they are still throwing money to the wind this generation.

Regardless of your companies financial situation. You can only throw money at a division not recouping the investment for so long until the plug is pulled. The only way Sony leaves the gaming industry is if Sony themselves go bankrupt. That's not going to happen any time soon. On the other hand if MS doesn't turn things around soon you will start seeing more and more articles about their shareholders unrest.

On topic:
This is the move, Xbox One with Kinect for $399, MS should've made instead of a SKU without Kinect. I think that might've made a significant impact. XBOX ONE without Kinect for $399 wont cause much of a dent. You could get an X1 with Kinect and TitanFall included for $449 and that didn't sell much. I think MS is missing a real option here yet again.

1 step forward 2 steps back is what appears they have been doing since the X1 was announced. They need to go for it 110% and not keep taken half measures.

kreate1462d ago

u know ...
in some ways, its better to deal with microsoft.

if microsoft decides to drop the xbox division.
i could picture apple coming in and competing.
and with companies like apple, they'll probably sue sony for patent infringment and take them out just so they can dominate the market with apple console.

something about rectangle shapes and rounded corners .... just saying.

lets just keep the PSx1-u for now.

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adorie1462d ago

Sounds like the clearance of existing bundles to me.

Bigpappy1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I don't think so. This is just one store. M$ has not said they will discontinue the Kinect bundle, they just said they will introduce a Kinect-less sku at a lower price to give buyers a choice.

They just show 5 in stock and are in-store only.

No_Limit1462d ago

Actually, only a small percentage of people can get this deal as the company that is running the sales is doing it in-store only and there are only around 25 stores available in a few select States.

HollywoodLA1462d ago

Can't.. I maxed out my credit card. Also, no games really worth spending that much on, considering I already have a PS4.

Maybe when gears comes out, maybe Halo.

HugoDrax1462d ago

Dead Rising 3?
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare?
Killer Instinct?
XBOX Fitness?
Peggle 2?

choose your poison :-)....

JohnJ1462d ago

I don't know why Ryse got so much hate, I really enjoyed it.
- gripping story
- interesting characters
- amazing character models
- breathtaking locations/graphics
- solid fun gameplay
Bit in the short side campaign wise but would absolutely buy Ryse 2 if it came out.

Alex_Boro1462d ago

All the other games are cool but did he really just say Xbox Fitness? Lmfao wtf?

TheFallenAngel1462d ago

Except for forza, all those games are mediocre. Dead rising 3 is ok, I enjoyed it.
Titanfall is not great
Ryse lol
Killer instinct. Haven't played it but my brother says it's mediocre

HollywoodLA1462d ago

I disagree and very much dislike the timed exclusivity of games like PVZ. That game will go multiplat, just as Peggle2.

Forza? ...don't care. Drive Club and Gran Turismo.

Dead Rising 3? It might be fun, but not $500+ fun.

Killer Instinct? ..don't care, never played the nintnedo ones.

Titanfall? Sequel is going multiplat, I can wait.

Ryse? ...don't care.

XBOX Fitne... Dude... come on! ...come on! ..come on...

HugoDrax1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )


Forza5? Good sim....... Gran Turismo? We will be playing GT Prologue before we get a full PS4 Gran Turismo game unfortunately.

Dead Rising 3? It's fun, but there is the alternate Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition. That's definitely not $400+ fun. H1Z1? not enough info at the moment, it looks to be a DayZ knock off.

Killer Instinct? better than the alternate of INJUSTICE

Titanfall? Just like Titanfall 1 was multiplat? If MS pay, it will stay. If you enjoy shooters, then I would suggest giving Titanfall a try.

Ryse? What other gladiator games have been released? Don't say Spartacus and don't say GOD OF WAR. As of now, this is the only game to play in that genre.

Xbox Fitness? hahahahaha I know, I just had to say it lol.

Regardless, everyone has their preference. I play XB1 and PS4.

Example, I bought Trials Fusion yesterday on my XB1 because I have more friends who have that game on XB1 than I do PS4. Although, the PS4 version of Trials Fusion is sharper than the XB1 counterpart. I switched the input back and forth to compare the two. PS4 Trials Fusion wins that battle.

LordDhampire1462d ago

Yeah hugo, out of all the titles you juat atated dead rising and titanfall are the only ones worth anything, and since I own a gaming PC titanfall out, especially for how bored I get with it quick.

Kakashi Hatake1462d ago

TitanFall and PVZ is on 360... The only thing I would say interests me is Dead Rising 3.

xDHAV0K24x1462d ago

Max curse of the brotherhood (free next month)
super time force

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Lawboy21462d ago

@ alex boro

Xbox fitness is really intense seriously...I must have been really out of shape

DoubleM701462d ago

Yes the shit is dope and they give you basically $100 dollars worth of videos to use. People wouldn't know this because microsoft don't advertise like they should.

Lawboy21462d ago

@ double m70

I agree I was suprised

Clown_Syndr0me1462d ago

Xbox fitness is the bomb, never seen it advertised but its actually really good.

HugoDrax1462d ago

It definitely is really intense! I've done a few workouts from INSANITY and P90X. It's amazing how the Kinect 2.0 recognizes your vitals from your performance workout.

Maybe Microsoft will advertise Xbox Fitness more in the future, once they begin to market their console to the casual audience. As of now, their focus has to be on the hardcore audience.

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Software_Lover1462d ago

........ I actually live about 30 minutes from one of these stores plus I have the cash on hand :)

*now back to reality*

:( the wife will not go for it. All of my cash on hand is for our vacation next week. Hopefully this deal will still be on when I get back because I'm sure I will have more than $400 left.

No_Limit1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

LOL, do what I do, have a secret videogame fund set aside and when asked where you get your new toy, just say you won it in a contest or something.

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