PlayStation Store Sneak Peek: May 27th 2014 - Watch Dogs, Wolf Among Us, Lemmings, Sly Collection

Here's a comprehensive sneak peek at next week's PlayStation Store update in North America. PS4 owners get Watch Dogs and a Thief demo. On PS3 a trio of fun drops as Watch Dogs, The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4, and Ace Combat Infinity launch. Vita wins the week with quantity thanks to Lemmings Touch, Mind≒0, Monster Monpiece and The Sly Cooper Collection.

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ScottyHoss1457d ago

Really hoping the PS+ game is Worms :D

wastedcells1457d ago

Lemmings touch for vita? Hmmmm.

XisThatKid1456d ago

If you didn't know and wanna scratch that lemmings itch Lemmings has Been free on PlayStation mobile section on Vita for a bit if I'm not mistaken check it out if you already haven't.