Xbox One June Update Beta Rolling Out Now; Patch Notes and External Storage FAQ Released

The preview beta for the Xbox One June software is now being rolled out to those that have applied for testing, and Microsoft released the patch notes and an extensive FAQ about external storage on the private preview forums.

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XiSasukeUchiha1180d ago

Xbox 1 just keeping better with ever little step!

The_Infected1180d ago

Well I'd hope it wouldn't get worse. Lol

MorePowerOfGreen1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Agreed. It's making progress at an unheard of speed though.

Just finished the update. I'm getting that xbox 360 feeling, finally.

tokugawa1180d ago

god i hate giving dualshockers hits

user14394141180d ago

I have to give credit to Microsoft here, I know its only a very very small thing they are doing but in the end at least its something. XoXoXo

JasonKCK1180d ago

How is pretty much unlimited storage a small thing?

Oh wait! clicked on your name, that explains everything. This is your attempt at downplay and damage control. I get it.

LexHazard791180d ago

Whats up with the hugs and kisses? Thats some girly shit right there.

If your a female disregard and apologies.

FanboyKilla1180d ago

A small thing? I have both systems, and in terms of software, online, and amongst other things, xone is years ahead of ps4. I mean with every update xone is seperating itself further and further away from ps4. While ps4 waits to see what xone does so they can tack it on. Lol meanwhile sony (firmware 2.08976543214.4579 is coming) still waiting. Oh thanks for giving me a video edit like xone had since launch. Even though i see no where to watch them, i mean other players vids. Why would i go to facebook to watch game videos? Years behind my friend.

BX811180d ago

Someone is playing nice now to build them bubbles up.

BX811180d ago

@ psyxon
It was a jk directed toward xisasuke, because he has one bubble.

No_Limit1180d ago


Agreed, glad you have finally jump in!

colonel1791180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Now I completely agree with you Sasuke! (See, you do write good comments!)

I have been a PlayStation supporter for a long time, but I am loving how Xbox One is getting constant updates to make it better every time. For I can see, is that the updates are monthly and full of features.

Sony needs to improve the PS4 ASAP. They take their time, and I said it time and time again, that they like to be secretive and don't listen to fans when it comes to features. That was the only thing I hated about the PS3, and I suppose it's going to be one thing to hate about the PS4.

I really wish Sony was doing the same as Microsoft. They have done like 5 updates since release, while PS fans keep waiting for requested and MISSING features.

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I love my X1!!! Idgf what a hater got to say! Going all digital from this point on!

tgunzz1180d ago

Haha! Kudos to you....

zeuanimals1180d ago

Lucky. Data caps for me so I can only download so much before I get charged.

ylwzx31180d ago

This is exactly why caps is a negative thing. In the end it is going to hurt companies selling products.

DJustinUNCHAIND1180d ago

Way to do your part in helping the developers and the environment!

Volkama1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I'm all digital myself, but at the same time I can't stomach the digital prices so I end up just not buying anything :(

I'll probably pick up both freebies next month though, and I'll pay up the stupid prices when some good games come out (that I can't get cheaper on PC).

shinrock1180d ago

This what i've been waiting for. I haven't brought a disk sence i got myX1.

Infamazdre1180d ago

I'm half and half I still like the physical media but at the same time it's so nice not having to put a disc in and just switch between games..I thinking about going all digital but idk man

Harmy6661180d ago

I bought all he launch games on disc, but after that, I'm digital all the way! Even though I do love my physical copies!

BallsEye1180d ago

Another update?? Damn!!! I just can't keep up with the updates! Awesome! What's best is that it's not just bug fixes but new features all the time :)

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1180d ago

Just got my XB1 y'all ! I'm glad I'm a multi plat gamer. PS4 and XB1 FTW. The only negatives I have about the XB1 so far is the controller isn't as comfty as the Dualshock 4 and the install times for games. Other than that its a really cool console. Kinect is really really impressive so far. Can't wait for E3 !

tuglu_pati1180d ago

I prefer the Xbox One controller better than the PS4. Although i like the PS4 controller very much, I just think the XBO controller feels better in my hands.

BX811180d ago

Yeah I like the xb1 controller better but the dualshock 4 is way better than the ps3 controller imo.

towelie12881180d ago

I agree I prefer the X1 controller aswell
But the DS4 is way letter than the DS3

Tempest3171180d ago

I really dont like the x1 controller tbh...the triggers and thumbsticks dont have enough resistance, too easy to push/pull too far. The haptic feedback is nice for some peoplim sure, but the triggers almost never vibrate by themselves, theyre vibrating when the entire controller is vibrating, which means the triggers tiny little motors are totally overshadowed by the primary motors. The DS4 honestly is the best controller design ever. The triggers are perfect, thumbsticks are nice and tight. Feels amazing imo. X1 is a good controller, ds4 is great.

IVanSpinal1180d ago

You need to play like 20 hours,
best controller

Volkama1180d ago

But the best controllers feel good immediately...

I'd say both next-gen consoles have great controllers. The 360 controller is still very good as well, I have no issues at all going back to it (for PC games).

LexHazard791180d ago

Congrats Sayain, XB1 is my next purchase to put next to PS4 aswell. Glad your your enjoying it.

ITPython1180d ago

Why would you buy an XB1 now? You could have waited a few weeks and gotten it $100 cheaper.

marlinfan101180d ago

the xbox with kienct is a better choice

ITPython1179d ago

Why? Are voice commands really worth $100? And can't the XB1 use a headset for voice commands like the PS4 can?