The Order 1886: High Quality Version of Yesterday's Controversial Video Coming Tuesday - Rumor

Yesterday's footage of The Order: 1886 caused quite a stir. On one side itpleased those that could look beyond the fact that it was broadcasted in an extremely compressed and laggy livestream, while others were turned off by the low video quality.

Luckily it seems that Tuesday a high quality version of the video will be released to clear all doubts.

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SuperBlunt1280d ago

you got an agree on one of your comments. holy crap

KendrickLamar1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Damn....he's only got one bubble.

Anyways, back on topic:
I'm glad they're releasing an updated HQ video. The folks at neogaf went crazy! It was also very obvious that the video was not streamed properly. People just like to start controversy.

tuglu_pati1280d ago


wow that looks beyond good. Thanks for the find.

Prime1571280d ago

Maybe when people learn about the "compression controversy" then better ways to view this material (especially while streaming) will come along faster.

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LightDiego1280d ago

I'm a huge fan of Sasuke, he is a great guy.
The Order looks amazing.

ifistbrowni1280d ago

@wardestroyr, thanks for the video. That is the best looking game i have ever seen.

I do think that a game like this could have a little bit more brutality. I feel like limb dismemberments (like the Gears of War series) would be welcome. I'm not a brutal person, i just feel like it would fit this game since it's suppose to feature some monsters. Also, the guns they're using look bad-ass. But, whats the sense of having a laser gun if its no more brutal than a 9mm?

talocaca1280d ago

Shouldn't this hace been the case from the begining?

What the hell were they thinking?!?

"Let's distribute betamax tapes to show our amazing graphics".

thereapersson1280d ago

Well, it is a Sony IP so the Betamax analogy is valid... Lol

Kayant1280d ago

Yh it was dumb and a poor choice to use twitch to stream a three min video then loop it. Should have just put it on youtube.

Although this isn't a rumor at this point because it's confirmed . One like Shinobi said RAD don't know Sony where going to tease it as Andrea Pessino said here -->

Two CVG said this - "CVG recently played through the part of the game featured in the video and will deliver full hands-on impressions at 6am PT / 2 PM UK on May 27, along with an interview with game director Dana Jan."


Abriael1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

I agree. It was an extremely bad marketing move on Sony's part, and I really don't know who thought it was a good idea to show the video with that horribad quality.

But I guess marketing is always easy to screw up. Too many times someone comes up with a "cool idea" that backfires horribly.

Baccra171279d ago

You show an ok vid to set expectations low, than show the real version to blow people's minds.

It's the reverse of Ubi's strategy- show a really great looking game and than show people it was fake and give them a crappier looking version.

GameDev11280d ago


I wouldn't go as far as a bad marketing move, even with the low quality, many still saw the high graphics visual fidelity.

bad decision yes, as far as marketing, didn't affect many people's decision of how great it looked, only the people who purposely wanted to bring the game down.

Direct feed would have certainly been far much better though. Glad they might do it

morganfell1280d ago

It may have been marketing of the type to which we are not privy. We have no idea at all of the deal Sony has with Twitch and what impact Sony's ability to wrangle in viewers on Twitch means for the company. I am reminded of the recent gameplay by Naughty Dog showcasing TLOU MP additions.

It is really easy for us all to armchair quarterback this move but the truth is we are doing so while missing a large portion of the facts. Quite frankly it is speculative idiocy to attack Sony over their actions in this instance.

Besides, The Order is going to wow at E3 and 99% of potential buyers are not impacted whatsoever by that Twitch feed. The smart ones that watched it realize if the game looks this good through a highly compressed feed imagine how it looks in normal HD.

The ones that fear The Order have done all they can to decry the game because of that feed. They are inconsequential as are most of us.

Our egos lead us to believe as industry aware individuals we are the center of attention and representative of the majority of buyers. We are not. "I am somebody! We are the gaming public!" No I am not and no we are not.

They are releasing an HD vid not because we are that majority but because the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

jmac531280d ago

The only problem with Twitch is that they don't really support the consoles or mobile too well. I wanted to watch this on my 55' but I could not find the stream so I had to go to my computer. They should have just released the video to the web instead of streaming it.

Sitdown1280d ago

Or perhaps this was one big plan...bad feed to stir up conversation, then slap everybody down come Tuesday. Could have easily addressed this come E3... For the most part Sony has been doing everything right concerning the ps4, so I would put it past then for this to be a clever strategy.

BX811280d ago

Makes no sense since we already saw gameplay that looked great prior to this video.

waltyftm1279d ago

Eyes will melt when a real video is shown.

ThichQuangDuck1280d ago

It is a teaser for E3 and a test of how many people they can get excited through twitch. Maybe they thought gamers would be interested in the gameplay and not solely the graphics? The frame rate however was probably unexpected for them. I thought it was good enough appetizer.

user56695101280d ago

Hopefully they give a hq video so we can download. The game looks good so far.

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Yomiro1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

I was never turned off. The game looked good even at low quality video.

waltyftm1279d ago

Well said, i have watched that low quality vid a few times, always knowing the real game will look even better.

Hellsvacancy1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Controversial? seems too big of a word to use

Abriael1280d ago

Of course mate, 78 pages of fighting on Neogaf and who knows how many elsewhere is not controversial at all. /s

Hellsvacancy1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Just because a bunch of lamebrains are arguing over pixels on a nerd-forum doesn't mean the rest of the people on the internet (theirs millions more of us) think it's a controversial subject

78 pages of fighting makes them sound even more pathetic

USMC431280d ago

Which is where you get 90% of your headlines from.....

styferion1280d ago

it's controversial because it's weekend and people are looking for topic to spend their free time argumenting at, and this is one of the "hottest" topic available recently...
well, apart from Farcry 4 gay controversy, but that one isn't exactly safe to argue at, wouldn't want the internet thinks you're anti-gay just for the sake of argumenting..

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Visiblemarc1280d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Why is everything considered controversial these days? Because bored whiners complain about, literally, everything? It's just insane.

Debaitable1280d ago

We can't just be happy we got something all?