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Submitted by DarkLordMalik 627d ago | news

The Order: 1886: Enemy AI Explained, Story Will Be A Strong Point Of The Game, HQ Videos And More

GearNuke: "More info shared about The Order: 1886 latest gameplay trailer." (PS4, The Order: 1886)

MysticStrummer  +   627d ago
I was more curious about the friendly AI at that spot. There were two friendlies covering the player as they dragged the wounded man off the street, and it looked like they ignored the enemies. The game does look visually amazing though, and there's lots of time to fix things like nearsighted AI. I look forward to more footage.
Agent2009   627d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
pandaboy  +   627d ago
I worry for this game actually. It looks great visually but if the gameplay consists of mainly these scripted shooting galleries broken up by constant cutscenes I don't think there is going to be very much to the game. The voice acting seemed a little off too. It is begging for a great coop/multiplayer to give it that spark that made Gears of War such a hit.
Shane Kim  +   627d ago
Why must the game be another gears? Why can't it have its own identity? I rather have it like this than having the game satisfy your personal needs.
DashArrival  +   627d ago | Well said
If this game even set one foot inside the Xbox One, the Bone would have a heart-attack and start coughing up blood. I can't imagine how good Uncharted 4 will look, since the rumour is it'll look a hell of a lot better. Can't wait for E3, this game looks better than anything I've ever seen.
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lifeisgamesok  +   627d ago
I wouldn't be too sure about that

Ryse 2
Quantum Break

We'll see
GameDev1  +   627d ago
Samaritan seems multiplat

can anyone confirm it??
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   627d ago
Samaritan was a unreal engine tech demo hahahaha
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   627d ago
Lmao Ryse 2 ? Bragging about games that don't exist or haven't been announced eh ?

OT: I like anything that takes place in the 1800's for some reason. The Order 1886is my most anticipated game.
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EasyOneTwoThree  +   627d ago
GTgamer  +   627d ago
We both know if those games were multiplatform which console they would look/Run better on :/ soooooo umm yeah.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   627d ago
Samaritan is real: to be honest, now it is made using UE4 and the character is called Owen he is around 48K triangles, pic from UE4 editor:

His trenchcoat uses Nvidia Cloth, but doesn't look or behave realistically and its parts clips into themselves and move like a jelly, nothing like the ground breaking The Order 1886 clothing tech.
MysticStrummer  +   627d ago
"I wouldn't be too sure about that"

Of course you wouldn't.

Ryse 2?

JMyers  +   627d ago
Ryse 2? Ok I'm going to pretend that wasn't a comparison. Something that exists vs something that doesn't as yet? Get real dude
Lawboy2  +   627d ago
Why just ppl have to say something like this...can we just let the console war die
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PsylentKiller  +   627d ago
No! The console war will always be ever present. It lives on in my own home!

My PS4 is spewing out chiding remarks at my Xbox One. My Xbox One is flaunting the 12 digital games I have downloaded. It is showing off it's soon to be occupied external 2TB HDD.

The PS4 responds with "So! I'm not fat like you XB1. I'm gorgeous on the inside and I'm much stronger than you, SQUARE! Plus, my gamer loves my touchpad."

XB1 retorts "Slut!" Then, the the Kinect is ordered to take out the Playstation Camera. But the Playstation Camera is already sitting on top of the Kinect. The Kinect can't move.
The giant fan of the XB1 begins spinning really fast, sucking in the PS4 closer to the vents.
Then, almost out of nowhere, my PC in its Haf X 942 case with its GTX 680 4GB FTW Graphics card slams down I between the quarreling consoles. PC yells "Shut Up! Calm down or I'll blow you away with my superior graphics and melt you with my exhaust heat!"
Both the XB1 and PS4 respond in unison "Butt out! Your an energy hog. Your gigantic. You breathe all over the place. Your ugly and nobody wants to see your insides. ewe, Gross!"
I can't stand the fighting. I've told them that I've had it up to here and they're this close to being put up for sale on Craigslist and at I'm going to buy Wii U or maybe set up the Atari 2600 that is sitting on top of my computer desk.
DashArrival   627d ago | Offensive
MelvinTheGreat  +   627d ago
Wow. If this game stepped foot on xbone, it probably wouldnt be as good as the ps4 but it would still look amazing.
xHeavYx  +   627d ago
I coughed up a little blood after reading your post, I wonder if it gave me cancer
DragonbornZ  +   627d ago
Well damn dude. lol
Quantum Break begs to differ anyways.
HeavenlySnipes  +   627d ago
I guess we'll see something special at E3

I just want to see a live 10-15 minute demo to be able to gauge my feelings on this
XiSasukeUchiha  +   627d ago
Damn, The order 1886 is goning to be so awesome, it's basically the second coming of Je*us!
hellzsupernova  +   627d ago
Wait why can't you say Jesus?
ArbitorChief  +   627d ago
Can't wait for another generic third person shooter... *Yawn*
SuperBlunt  +   627d ago
Okay halo fanboy
metatronx  +   627d ago
If you arent interested in the game, why come to this article? Just to troll heh, you sure have alot of free time on hand.
URNightmare  +   627d ago
Says the guy with a Halo avatar and username.

jmac53  +   627d ago
Gears of war! I bet your excited for that.
JMyers  +   627d ago

Like TitanFall... Bought by MS? Like Gears... Bought by MS? And the biggest game coming to the X1, which MS are hyping being an FPS?

For your "yawn" MS sure is doing a lot to get shooters on their system. The biggest IP being one. What is generic about the Order? Certainly not the art style and premise, or the weapons so far.

Clearly this is just hate without any ounce of logic on your part.
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mrpsychoticstalker  +   627d ago
I concur...

*falls asleep*
ArbitorChief  +   627d ago
Sorry for being a fan of the game that revolutionized the FPS genre and online MP gaming ;)
guyman  +   627d ago
How childish and petty can u get? Enjoy not enjoying awesome exclusives on the ps4 while true gamers enjoy the best of both worlds. You're a disgrace to gaming.

Cheers xboy!
#4.2.8 (Edited 627d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
chrissx  +   627d ago
I'm sensing a GOTY contender in this game. Looking fantastic so far
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Brazz  +   627d ago
to this day, the best game of the year is Dark souls II, the only games that have a possibility to match dark souls this year are Destiny, Dragon age, watch dogs and The Order... the other games like Titanfall and infamous are good, but they are not in the same level as dark souls II.
GetSomeLoGiK  +   627d ago
I can't tell if you're being serious or not but.....Dark Souls 2 was terrible. Every boss in that game was a joke and the pvp is shit as well. Trust me, DaS2 won't even be close to GOTY. It was a downgrade from DaS1.
zeuanimals  +   627d ago
I have to agree with GetSomeLoGiK about the bad PVP.
DashArrival  +   627d ago
@ GetSomeLoGik, oh be quiet. DS2 was not "terrible". What a joke. The game was a solid 9/10. I bought and played Demon's Souls in the days after it launched. I've loved every game in the souls series, DS2 is not as good as Dark Souls or Demons Souls, but to say it's terrible is a bloody INSULT.
#5.1.3 (Edited 627d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
goldwyncq  +   627d ago
Arkham Knight might give it some serious competition if it releases this year.
colonel179  +   627d ago
I believe this game is going to be just like Uncharted in that the first game is going to impress for the graphics, but the second (of course there will be a sequel) will be a major upgrade that is going to surprise everyone.
Ultr  +   627d ago
I'll be more than happy to see that!
Brazz  +   627d ago
First uncharted is a bit disappointing (at this time a used to play xbox, and gears/halo are better than uncharted at this time...), the second is fantastic, a fu!@#! masterpiece that deserve all praise ( got on a level above gears, very close to Halo in gameplay, but much better graphics), the 3º is very good (almost as good as the 2º) but is you compare the 3º uncharted to the last gears/halo you will see that the 3º uncharted is much better, miles better!
Kurisu  +   627d ago
Bet the only reason you were disappointed in the first Uncharted was because it didn't have multi player!
GameDev1  +   627d ago
First Uncharted won over 200 awards, Halo and Gears combined won what exactly??
alb1899  +   627d ago
Halo and gears won more sells and much more moths of replayability.
I know sells maybe won't make a game good but what about you and all you're friends playing it again and again?
Not any uncharted game can compare in value of time played with Gears of War.
I know.....the last gears was a mess....but still.
DoctorJones  +   627d ago

I'm no fan of Gears but it won a ton of awards as well including many GOTY awards. Halo's won a ton of awards as well, and just like Gears that includes many GOTY awards.
Kurisu  +   627d ago
Definitely. I'm already amazed at what they've achieved with PS4 so far. And this is their first attempt at a AAA console game after working on God of War on PSP! This is only the beginning.

Man, I need to get me a PS4!
Brazz  +   627d ago
this is one of the reasons, hell multiplayer is something fun and i realy appreciate this in a game.
The other thing is the gameplay... i don't like Uncharted I controls and the animation is just "good" (uncharted I, on my book, is a game for 8.0), uncharted II controlls are a massive improviment, way better than uncharted I, multiplayer is very fun and gameplay is fantastic (Uncharted II is a 10 on my book, uncharted 3 is a 9,3.)
Gibberish  +   627d ago
I agree, this game seems to have the potential for a great franchise. It seems ripe for expansions into other time periods, i.e. German unification. Sequels could definitely include a solid multiplayer as well.
Aces17  +   627d ago
If there is no multiplayer than its obvious that its the most important.
Eonjay  +   627d ago
The game is very promising.
GameDev1  +   627d ago
During like my 10th watch of the new gameplay,I noticed the demonstrator didn't just shoot the AI enemies in the building hole like any third person shooter that would wait for enemies to pop out. At once he couldn't get those enemies easily, the explosion part of the thermal rifle was used to bring down the ceiling structure to collapse on the enemies.

This might mean that depending on your weapon choice or approach during a mission, you have different choices of how to take down enemies

nice addition I felt, got me more excited for the game
Ripsta7th  +   627d ago
I love how Sony fans like to hype up every Sony exclusive but none of them live up to it . ex.Knack.Kill zone SF
#10 (Edited 627d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
metatronx  +   627d ago
So have you played those games by yourself? Or you just look at those metacritic scores and reviews.
Mega24  +   627d ago
Bet you haven't done a full playthrough of those games, Killzone was a nice combination of action/stealth (have finished it 4 times) and Knack is fun as fuck, pls don't talk out of your ass like every fanboy.
SuperBlunt  +   627d ago
edit your comment, youre gonna get a stupid 5 day restriction
DigitalRaptor  +   627d ago
"None of them live up to it"

There are too many established GOTY winners on Sony platforms for there to be none of them. Just because Sony has a track record of having better, and GOTY/award-winning, unique and risky exclusive games on their platforms, doesn't mean that people should expect the same quality from all of them.

FYI, you're gonna have to expect the same from all the Xbox fanboys this generation, as they've already been doing exactly what you've claimed from Sony fans, and it's going to be funny to watch.

FYI, Killzone is a fun game - not the best in the series but it's a solid FPS.

FYI, Knack is a fun game that is more aimed at kids/teenagers to be honest, but has the difficulty level that makes it challenging to master for adults.

I'm curious to know if you've played those games, but I think I already know the answer.
#10.3 (Edited 627d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Skate-AK  +   627d ago
Can't wait to play the game.
xx4xx  +   627d ago
Wow. A campaign only game that has a lot of focus on story/plot. Amazing revelation.
AussieBadger  +   627d ago
I hope this game turns out good. Looks good so far.
jmac53  +   627d ago
What I don't understand is why did they go with a low quality stream in the first place. It's not doing the game any favors. They should of just released a high quality video and they would have to deal with the trolls saying it was downgraded.
SuperBlunt  +   627d ago
its all part of the idk
mattgdrums  +   627d ago
cant wait to play this on my ps4, finally get away from my pc for a bit
JMyers  +   627d ago
If games are looking like this now... Imagine in a few years? I cannot wait to see what NG and Santa Monica does with this!
Predaking77  +   627d ago
Judging by the green people reaction (fear, hate, jelousy) looks like this game is going to be bigger than I thought.
rezzah  +   626d ago
Focus on story? This is good news.

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