Sony's Kaz Hirai Details Strategy for PS4 and PlayStation: Promises Mindset Changes and Investment

Sony recently held its corporate strategy meeting in Tokyo, explaining the future moves planned by the publisher to exploit the PlayStation brand and make it as profitable as possible. The company’s CEO Kaz Hirai talked at length about PlayStation 4, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now and more.

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pedrof931460d ago

Sony needs Playstation more than ever, PlayStation will be better than ever.

user14394141460d ago

Playstation is LIFE. Playstation is EVERYTHING. #SonyMakeBelieve

ScottyHoss1459d ago

I'm a Sony fanboy and all but dude its just a gaming console D:

DLConspiracy1459d ago

I already took down my Jesus on a cross and replaced it with a PS4 logo. Also when I visit hotels I replace the bible with the ps4 instructional manual. Trying to spread the good word. We can do this together for humanity and the world. Praise corporations. Lol

Bobby Kotex1459d ago

Let's travel the world on bicycles, knock on doors and spread the gospel of PS4.

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oof461459d ago

Kaz, don't give up on the Vita, please.

k3rn3ll1459d ago

I think u need to worry more about consumers giving up vita

oof461458d ago

@k3rn3ll: yes, but that's like saying consumers have given up on the Wii U so Nintendo should give up.

k3rn3ll1458d ago

No I mean he wont... too stubborn. Which is good. I just dont think that they will ever get to a point where when a majority of consumer wants to buy a handheld, they will think vita. Nintendo has that on lock. That os why I think the consuners will give up on it first

miyamoto1459d ago

PlayStation is Kazuo's baby. He grew old with PlayStation like his adopted baby. PlayStation made Kazuo what he is now: Sony Corp's leader.

It's ironic how PlayStation stood the test of time when at first it & Crazy Ken was ridiculed by everyone at Sony Corp and now its Sony's remaining pillar of business- from PSOne to PS4.

Nothing can touch PlayStation in terms of quality and quantity.

ashcroft1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Wow, you really need to go out and get laid.

snookiegamer1460d ago

It's nice to read encouraging stuff. Especially since the financial news for Sony as a company has been on the tail end of positive lately.

Makes me feel that extra bit secure about my decision to purchase PS4. That and the awesome high quality games that are being developed.

Happy customer right here :)

Copen1459d ago

Thing is even IF Sony were to go bankrupt the Playstation brand and all its moving parts will still survive one way or another. Every Playstation they've ever made has been profitable for Sony with the exception of the Ps3. In contrast MS has lost millions on every Xbox they've ever made its a giant money pit which is why investors and even recently Bill Gates himself have given some thought to spinning the Xbox division off or doing away with it all together. Years of bad decisions and millions in losses have definitely got everyone's attention at Redmond. Quite honestly if it came down to it we would see the Xbox leave the market before the Playstation would.

lifeisgamesok1459d ago

It's more than likely the opposite of what you just typed

MS sees Sony's layoffs, selling of shares and buildings and they get even more confidence

Microsoft is investing heavily in exclusives and if Sony can't match their output with money to take these big budget titles they will get left behind

Drasill1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )


You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. PS1 and PS2 were very profitable for Sony, but PS3 lost them money for most of it's life. The original Xbox lost MS money, but the 360 turned out to be very profitable and made up all they had lost with the original Xbox.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1459d ago

PS3 became profitable in early 2010

pyramidshead1459d ago


People need to buy the console first to be bothered about playing these implied third party exclusives. MS need to get their console sold first. They already have a lot of 2nd party games and Titanfall and that hasn't done them any favours.

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incendy351460d ago

Good and bad news for us gamers. Good news, because we need Sony to survive, but bad news in that they are looking at more ways to capitalize off of our gaming addiction :D.

Mr Pumblechook1460d ago

Kaz sees streaming games as the future and wants to invest in building a network infrastructure that can support it.

I see the potential of PlayStation Now, but now more and more people are carrying powerful smart devices that are capable games machines I'm not sure I see game streaming as dominating gaming. But I'm really glad Kaz has so much faith in PlayStation.

RAWSTA1460d ago

He said give them your money!

URNightmare1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

That would sure be Microsoft.


mrpsychoticstalker1460d ago

Sony is finally accepting they need to do this more than ever (capitalize)

Microsoft is in a much better financial position. They don't really need it. SONY does.

Your 'That would be Microsoft' is not relevant and doesn't really apply anymore.


BitbyDeath1459d ago


MS is still in debt by billions of dollars on Xbox. This is why their investors had wanted it gone.

If your looking to make money in gaming then MS is the last company you would want to try imitate.

Drasill1459d ago


Resorting to flat out lies I see.

Spotie1460d ago

Oh, please. I don't see you claiming anything Microsoft has done to be bad.

GameDev11460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

@Mr Pumblechock

I don't think you read the article well, investing in the network infrastructure will help to PS+ and expand their gaming content through streaming on different devices.

Kaz did not refer to game streaming as a domination of gaming on ps consoles but an infrastructure to expand playstation games and content across not only playstation devices but other devices, PS4 games will be the same in digital and physical format

With the ps+ subscriber increasing, its good to see they will be investing in network infrastructure, will allow for great online gaming, sweet

tgunzz1460d ago

This had to come at some point. Quality infrastructures cost money to support. Last gen sony leveraged free online vs ms pay for service, but now we are on the door of the full digital gaming age, and If sony wants to fully compete they have to get their network in order. Paying for xbox live wasn't just to play games online, it was to help fund their full network infrastructure which is one of the biggest available.

Copen1459d ago

You didn't think that out before you posted it did you? Perplexing....

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