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MachineGames have done exceptionally well with their debut title, and with such a strong debut it’ll be interesting to see where the studio goes next.

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Aussiebeachbabe1279d ago

Aussies know a great game when they see it. I'm loving Wolfenstein.

Drakesfortune1279d ago

Just Completed It on Uber...very hard game ha but very fun and puts up a challenge. Great game

DefenderOfDoom21279d ago

I am playing on setting just below UBER, but when i play campaign second time i will play on UBER. This game is sooooooo fun to play!!!!!!!

Perjoss1279d ago

Very well deserved 9, great game.

JDW1279d ago

Really enjoying this game. Been a while since I enjoyed an FPS single player. It was probably Singularity that was the last game of this genre to capture my attention in single player.

Pintheshadows1279d ago

And both Wolfenstein and Singularity have the feel of single player campaigns from FPS games of the mid to late nineties.

Wolfenstein is fantastic. The 9 is deserved.

DefenderOfDoom21279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I so agree with you Pintheshadows and JDW! SINGULARITY (developed by RAVEN SOFTWARE)and WOLFENSTEIN NEW ORDER are my favorite FPS campaigns from the last 7 years! RAVEN made some great FPS CAMPAIGNS in the mid nineties like HEXEN and HERETIK and worked with original DOOM creator JOHN ROMERO. Also RAVEN SOFTWARE were the developers of the 2009 WOLFENSTEIN.

tkato1279d ago

It is a pleasant surprise this one, one of the best games I got to play this year.

Errefus1278d ago

I agree with you, i was holding back before and said ___ it and got it. Great game overall.

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