GameRevolution Radio: E3 2014 Predictions

GR - We're getting ready for E3 2014 with our crystal ball. Even better, some of our predictions have already come true!

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Talking Points: Read all of our E3 predictions:
Microsoft @ E3 2014
Electronic Arts @ E3 2014
Ubisoft @ E3 2014
Sony @ E3 2014
Nintendo @ E3 2014

Panel: Nick_Tan, Alex Osborn, Anthony_Severino, Daniel_Bischoff

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acharlez1430d ago

Just two more weeks!!!

I'm soooo excited. Give me more Halo!

Sev1430d ago

Yeah, E3 so close. yum.

ftwrthtx1430d ago

One of the days I'll make it to E3.

knifefight1430d ago

Hype alone will not do this year. I need substance, too. Tired of E3 promises only having, like, a 50% chance of coming true.

JMyers1430d ago

Working that day... But it starts at 5pm here in the UK. An all nighter, with the next day off! Can't wait :)