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Top 5 Most Terrifying Non-Horror Games

Bloody Disgusting lists five non-horror video games that were absolutely terrifying. (Dark Souls 2, DayZ, Demon's Souls, Gone Home, Heavy Rain , PC, PS3, Spec Ops: The Line, Xbox 360)

JohnathanACE  +   128d ago
Yeah I was thinking the exact same thing. Lots of Nintendo games have some pretty creepy moments. Just look at the final boss from Earthbound.
LightDiego  +   128d ago
Majora's Mask!
SlapHappyJesus  +   128d ago
Can you argue that the constant awareness of impending, unavoidable doom can count as horror in itself, however?
dieger  +   128d ago
That moon is from hell! Seriously that is what the moon looks like in hell.
bondsmx  +   128d ago
I personally would have to say, at least from recent memory, the tomb raider reboot..
nix  +   128d ago
Dark/Demon Souls series. if i was a heart patient i would have died by now.

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