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Watch Dogs torrent secretly installing a Bitcoin miner on thousands of computers

Gamecrastinate- A pirate's life for me? Well, certainly for somebody out there. If you’ve been around the world of piracy for more than about a day you’re probably already familiar with the fact that sometimes they come bundled with viruses. Well the latest trend in viruses is secret Bitcoin miners, and it seems that somebody jumped on the Watch Dogs hype train to make some quick coin. Seems almost fitting considering the theme of the game, though the irony is probably not as entertaining if you’ve fallen victim to the hack. (PC, Tech, Watch Dogs)

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majiebeast  +   464d ago
Get what you pay for.
3-4-5  +   464d ago
Bitcoin Miner's Slow your computer down.

Will NOT be buying this game for PC.
xtremexx  +   464d ago | Well said
huh? i dont think you understand what is going on here.
S-T-F-U  +   464d ago
Rainbowcookie  +   464d ago
Just buy a better graphics card and add more ram ...lolz or re-read the article
georgeenoob  +   464d ago
Ahh, Bitcoins. I remember when I used to buy them for 20 a piece a year ago. Now I need a tenth of that to get the same value!
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SilentCabose  +   464d ago
I hope your realize that the virus is installed with the pirated version of the game...
LordDhampire  +   464d ago
3-4-5, I hope that was sarcasm or you shouldn't be on the internet
mochachino  +   464d ago
Lol 3-4-5

My first thought after reading your comment was you sitting at your computer like:

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3-4-5  +   464d ago
Your correct, I completely misread that early and now much shame is upon me. lol

Not sure how I missed the Torrent part. o well.
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RedSky  +   464d ago
Stay in school kids.
frankiebeans  +   464d ago
with all due respect....you're stupid.
3-4-5  +   464d ago
Pretend the word torrent wasn't there and then look at my comment.

I simply overlooked the word. Random mistake.

The meme was the only decent comment.

I GET it. lol. it was stupid.
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Jonny5isalive  +   464d ago
then you should pirate it for sure......
system22  +   463d ago
umm what? this is what happens when you pirate the game, not buy it retail
Everlastingfate  +   463d ago
Hopefully 3-4-5 doesn't make all of his purchasing decisions based on how he misreads the titles of articles. He didn't even take one peak inside the article. Heck, he didn't even read the article description before making up his mind. He read only the title, and he did a lousy job of it.
Qrphe  +   464d ago
There isn't only one WD tprrent btw. Several are already playing this game without hiccups.
Gamecrastinate  +   464d ago
Absolutely, I took a look around various sites and there are a number of legit versions. There's also a number of tainted copies, I found at least one that wasn't pretending to be SKIDROW that was also reported as infected.
Sethry101  +   464d ago
So the one from SKIDROW's site is clean?

I ask for a friend. ;)
MRMagoo123  +   464d ago
proper skidrows are always clean, just dont let your "friend" get one that is a repack of skidrow, at least thats what my "friend" told me cos "his" pc version is infection free
frostypants  +   464d ago
Anyone who downloads a pirated game deserves far worse than this. You guys deserve to have your drive wiped.
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   464d ago
Anyone that is stupid enough for just shelling out 65 dollar on a ubi game before first finding out if it even runs and how exactly bad of a console port it is deserves to get there drive whiped. Can't trust ubisoft after assassins creed 4. Maybe if ubisoft didn't whore themselves out to every console ever made each game release and were more consistent with their games, gamers would feel confident in buying their product.
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Wizard_King  +   464d ago
Ubi soft hasn't even made a game worth buying in over 5 years.

Pirate away people just remember to check the comments and scan your shit first.

(Name one Ubi game that was worth buying, just 1, pro tip=you can't)

If you say Fry Cry 3 kill yourself.
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   464d ago
Wizard king I hear yah I really do, but as far as ubisoft standards go splinter cell black list was pretty decent. Wasn't completely optimized for pc, but for them it was good but yeah other than that bunch of garbage. All these gamers defending ubisoft are unreal, you obviously don't know what it's like to build 5000 dollar gaming pc than be told you can't play assassins creed 4. And far cry 3 has sli problems and I had to turn off hyper threading in the bios, But to be fair far cry 3 was definitely better than the assassins creed games. Can't believe watch dogs has 60 FPS cap for pc tho, that's such cock slap to the face...are ubisoft aware of 144hz monitors + sli we get it consoles are made for tvs with a 60fps cap but guess what pc has evolved to 120hz and up with gsync capabilitys so god dammit get with the times ubisoft. You add 4k res but you can't add support for 120hz/144hz computer monitors......60 FPS cap just proves when a p game was ported from a console version...pure laziness.
Myze  +   464d ago

Rayman Origins and Legends were two of the best games of last generation.

Far Cry 3 isn't bad, so not sure what you are going for with that, especially if you consider Blood Dragon. Maybe not a masterpiece, but it was worth buying for certain. That's just an opinion though.

...Although pushing the 5 year thing, Assassin's Creed 2 came out in 2009 as well, which I don't see how you could say wasn't worth buying unless you aren't a fan of that style of game.

Don't take this as me really defending them, however, as I'm not a huge fan of Ubisoft in general, but they have had some games in the not-too-distant past that I have enjoyed.

While I definitely don't condone piracy in any form, Uplay sucks. So I don't blame anyone for torrenting a cracked Ubi game, IF you own it already.
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ITPython  +   464d ago
And PC gamers wonder why anybody would play on a console. I think a few of the comments in this thread explain that nicely.

Kinda sad you guys pretty much only get the third-party multiplat handouts which are optimized for consoles. No surprise PC support isn't higher, as it seems most of you just go and pirate the games.
HollowedSoul14  +   464d ago
what do you expect us to waste our money on shit games that we cant even get to stop stuttering or crashing.i buy pc games just not ubi games after assassins creed 4. ubvi wants pc gamers money theyre going to have to earn it. if ubi stopped complaining about piracy and instead not making every one of their games highly saturated across 5 platforms with yearly releases with minimal improvements if any at all. not to mention the fact ubisoft has the worst rap for not giving a crap about games after they release. least amount of patches per game by far. piracy is not the problem, mediocre games and devs like ubisoft that think they can coast through the pc community and think we wouldn't notice.

if you dont believe me just wait and see when the witcher 3 comes out and sells like hotcakes without any drm whatsoever. drm is only there to protect lazy pc developers egos. how hard is it for ubi or ea to release a game at 49.99 dollars on the pc, can anyone tell my why cheaper pc games stopped. ? its not piracy so keep guessing. lol such black and white idiots on this thread, theres such a thing as a grey area you just have to be more open and expand your intellectual thought process.
KeeseToast  +   464d ago
Lol you have Cartman as your Avatar so what is with South Park Stich of Truth?

Haha, yeah just like Witcher 2 which sold 1Million copies but 5 Million were playing it.

And to every pirate here, if you don't think a game is worth buying then why do you want to fucking play it?!?!?!?
0ut1awed  +   464d ago
I guarantee 95% of the people openly bashing piracy on N4G are not actually PC gaming owners, there by pretty much crushing any option to partake in it.

"Oh look, I can't even start to try to pirate something. That means I'm an angel and should let everyone know I don't condone such things."

Good old N4G.
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I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   463d ago
@Keesetoast well all I can say to you're illogical comment is if developers were so worried about piracy they'd stop punishing people who buy the game with crippling annoying drm and they'd lower the price of the game to persuade the pirates to buy they're game. People pirate for several reasons, 1. They can't afford to pay full price 2. There is no demo and they want to try it to see if it plays on their pc before they buy it. 3. there just thieving bastards that never buy any games. Just saying if developers lowered the price added demos they'd minimize over half the piracy problem, but instead they decide to push pirates Aswell as loyal customers away with higher prices, drm, lazy pc ports. There is a vicious cycle going on and developers will never prevent piracy. the day they stop trying to prevent pirates and start persuading them piracy will go from being more prevalent to a minimal and manageable amount. And why are you even bringing up witcher 2, pretty sure hollowed said witcher 3.

Piracy is a way of life now sooner devs smarten up like witcher 3 devs and give up on drm and complaining about lost sales the sooner the decline of piracy. If your game gets pirated by a large margin on pc here's a few tips quit trying to pull a fast one on pc gamers with your console games with a layer of clear coat and pc sticker slapped on the packaging, lower the price of you're games, build the game for pc in mind more diverse graphic settings lots of AA choices no FPS cap add optimization for hyper threading and sli/crossfire etc.
1Victor  +   464d ago
@345 that's what happens when you skip the 123 1 read article 2 think about it 3 post a comment . Now for a real comment on the article, whenever I download anything from the internet I scan it with my antivirus before I open/install it DON'T TRUST ANYTHING ON TORRENT always check it with your antivirus
allgamespc2012  +   464d ago
lol its al lbullshit...theres nothing installed, theyre just looking for excuses to justify the poor optimization
DLConspiracy  +   464d ago
Haha good one!

Serves those freeloaders right. You want an industry to thrive? Well, then you support it. Otherwise you can watch it slowly fall apart. Music has probably fallen victim to this even more. To be a musician is to accept you will probably only make a tiny percentage of money if any at all off CDs and digital... Can't thrive off ramen and passion forever.
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JEW_UNIT  +   464d ago
Maybe the games industry needs to crash and go at it again. You support over priced DLC and un-optimized games? I torrent games? Yes, if I like it I actually buy it (it's called a demo...A lost practice amongst the industry). If I don't, then I delete it and go about my day. It's called quality control.

Make a good game and people will buy it. Thanx to "piracy", I have almost 300 games on my steam account. You can't say its all bad. If there are quality games at the right price (hell even at full price), then it will be purchased. Its called competition.

I defend piracy if it teaches the developers/publishers to not half ass and completely milk their franchises (I can't justify that type of behavior. Unless you can?). Survival of the fittest. Good developers/publishers will survive and the weak will fall. It's that simple.
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LonDonE  +   464d ago
MY ASS YOU BUY IT! after torrenting it! pirates are a cancer in the games industry! so many times i hear that same remark, "i buy it after i torrent if its any good" LMAO

Seriously doesn't matter how u cut it, you are a thief! its no different then stealing from a granny after she has just withdrew her pension! lol drastic example i know, but regardless if your a pirate and a thief just say it, no point trying to justify it!
DLConspiracy  +   464d ago

I don't agree at all. You are using a few minor examples to justify your own personal means. Its stealing. Publishers charge too much. They make the most out of the whole group of people.

You do realize that there are great ideas in games an music that get overlooked because they don't have the backing of a publisher who rips them off anyway. Sure the big games or musicians can make some money because they have more of an audience. The little guys who work just as hard sometimes get screwed the most.

While you may be an honorable pirate it doesn't mean that everyone follows your code. In fact most don't and use what you say as an excuse to justify their actions. Meanwhile the people who struggle to live out their passions are broke, manipulated and told its OK for someone to steal their hard work.

The ones that tend to rip people off with overpriced this and that are generally the ones at the top anyway. Being an artist myself I have come to terms that this will happen and you can't fight it. You have to try an offer something that you couldn't get unless you actually bought it outright.

Not trying to sound short with you in particular but once you see how it is on the other side of the fence (as an artist) you start to appreciate why its not good to steal. As people go on a limb with their lives to create entertainment for people to enjoy and enrich their lives. Just because some things not popular doesn't mean the hard work people putting into something is not worth anything.
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Jonny5isalive  +   464d ago
haha is that an ironic troll account. Because a guy named jew unit justifying pirating games is great comedy.

Yeah sure. pirates steal games that are just crap and not worth their money, but they are worth their time and they spend hours and hours playing said CRAPPY garbage game that wasnt worth their precious money. After all when you are a little kid and only get 5$ a week allowance for not doing your chores, it takes a while to save for a game. Then they bitch about its performance that is actually due to viruses that came with their free stolen copy. Like the devs should give a shit if a bunch of thieves are having performance issues with their virus infested torrents.

My question to you scum pirates is: If that game being garbage is your justification for stealing it, then why do you play it at all and why do you get upset when it doesnt run perfect? surely the game sucks and now that youve had your "pirate rental trial Ill buy it if I like it stage" you should just uninstall it anyways right? no? your going to play it for 50 hours and still complain about it not being up to your standards? Ok cool, please find a new hobby.

NOt to mention, for a company that makes "nothing but shit games" like ubisoft, you sure all did rush out to get a free copy of their crap game right when available to steal online, before the game is even released.

Same sucmbag pirates love to bitch about always online and policies like the ones MS was trying with xb1. Well its thanks to you scum that are never happy enough with games so they steal them that paying customers have to put up with this. Coincidentally it always the AAA well received game that are most pirated, while we hear how its not good enough for some losers milk money.
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JEW_UNIT  +   463d ago
@LonDonE and @Jonny5isalive: Here is my steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/p...

But if you guys believe that I'm a 100% pirate, that's on you. I do own almost 300 games and will grow in the future. I personally don't care.

You guys assume just because I'm a pirate, that I'm not a customer. I am...I am just sick and tired of getting shitty PC ports and this is a way to "try before you buy". You know, since there are no demos out. I can't see how my computer will preform.

Console pirates have no excuse. They are the ones that get demos. They are the ones that can judge games on performance. If they will just release demos, I wouldn't waste my time pirating games. Believe me a demo is faster (and more legal) to download than an entire game just to judge performance.
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TheMapleNerd  +   463d ago
Funny how people that don't pirate can say such things.
As a daily pirate, i can say that i buy and support more games than my none pirate friends.
jmc8888  +   463d ago
Umm the music industry is doing just fine...but if you mean us as listeners, it's absolute crap.

Where's the good rap?
Where's the good rock?

Some in the music industry are making tons of money promoting the latest Miley Spears: The Beiber Incident album.

For them, the money is flowing in One Direction, up.

For us whose voices don't crackle, the music industry sucks. So few and far between is anything decent.

You have Country, religious, old people new age crap music, and teeny-bop crap.

That's why for the past decade nightclubs have been forced to mix 60's-90's music with techno in an attempt to manufacture somethign new, because no one else is making music anymore.

You do realize that 'To be a musician is to accept you will probably only make a tiny percentage of money if any at all off CDs and digital' has been the norm and is actually far better now then anytime in the past. In the past, you were a slave signing a cheap, no rights, 7 album deal because that was the only deal a record company would offer you.

The people that made money, got control over the rights to their music and thus bypassed the 95-99 percent skim off their music.

The internet shook all that up, and now musicians have a way to make their money and bypass most of the skimmers.
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DLConspiracy  +   463d ago

While I see what you are saying you are also forgetting that now because anyone can put their album out everybody puts their album or music out. The only ones that we get to hear for the most part as a society are those that like top 40. Not everyone falls into that category and that is also a good thing. If you want to continue to hear top 40 all the time. Then pirating is the right path. In am all for people hearing music. I just think a lot of great musicians including some of the big ones don't make nearly as much as you think. Essentially people are living off fame. That doesn't pay the bills, that doesn't pay anything but an ego. I don't care about fame and at some point you have to work a regular job and NOt focus on music because you have to pay the bills. Meanwhile kids who are not working or not paying get to have both.

All I am saying is its not like you think it is. If you want different music then support the industry, because its not like these artists owe the world anything. Why should they pay because you would rather spend $12 on a couple cups of coffee rather than support support the music you are listening to while drinking it. These musicians spend months and years trying to make music. Sacrificing their family lives and food to do it.

Unless you enjoy rehashed unoriginal content. Then don't worry about it. The music will get worse and the only stuff we will hear is Beiber. BTW there are a lot more styles of music you have not heard than what you stated but how are you supposed to know in a sea of top 40 overwhelming the music waves? "The music industry is fine"? I beg to differ.
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badhomaks  +   464d ago
So they get nothing?
Gamer1982  +   464d ago
Devs should purposely add this to pirate versions so at least they get something back from pirates lol. I mean seriously though PC games are so damn cheap these days theres less reason to pirate than ever.. You can get watch dogs for £20 if you try hard enough compared to the PS4 version of £50 thats less than half price.. If you can afford a PC powerful enough to run watch dogs can you really not afford £20 to buy it?
GamerzElite  +   463d ago
News is bullsh*t, Spread by UBI Soft, Various torrents of Watch Dogs are on net and comment section is in favour of torrent. Last 2 big games Wolfenstein: The New Order and Watch Dogs torrent comes early on XBox360 and PS3.
Dustinf11  +   463d ago
Dont beat yourself up 3-4-5... we all make mistakes. Plus, we got a good laugh.
pwnsause_returns  +   464d ago
Everything is connected..for realz...
2pacalypsenow  +   464d ago
Well played
heisenberguk  +   464d ago
Serves em right!!
Donnywho  +   464d ago
The Irony
tee_bag242  +   464d ago
..play with fire..
Supporter  +   464d ago
In all honesty that only applies to stupid people. Anyone worth half their salt with a pc would not allow this to happen. So yes if stupid people play with fire they get burned :D
KwietStorm  +   464d ago
*Cheap people.
Kane22  +   464d ago
no sympathy from me. if anything, wait and buy the game cheap
KonsoruMasuta  +   464d ago
If only it was worse.....
ArbitorChief  +   464d ago
LMFAO!!! Anyone who torrented it for PC or console, you get what you deserve.
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Ninjatogo  +   464d ago
I don't think the console version has a miner, so for them, no they don't get what they deserve.
ArbitorChief  +   464d ago
Most likely did as well, why would it not have bit mining software?
inf3cted1  +   464d ago
Oh god, mining coins on consoles from a burned disk.

Please research before making yourself look dumb.
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Yukicore  +   464d ago

Ahhh... if you don't know, don't type sh*t you don't understand. Or at least use the information at your fingertips - the INTERNET, and do some research what you are about to say.

People nowadays, jeez. Just spilling unnecessary shit all over the internet. If only people would have gotten that the idea of Twitter is not writing about how they are taking a dump each day... But then again, it's probably not the only source of blabbering.
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Stapleface  +   464d ago | Funny
Who knew!? The pirated version even has it's own exclusive content!
Clover904  +   464d ago
Gamecrastinate  +   464d ago
Relientk77  +   464d ago
The best comment
TacoTaru  +   464d ago
Makes me smile with the happies.
SH1ELD  +   464d ago
If CDKeys don't work on my country then it's not my problem to be one of Steam victims. I don't wanna spend the full bucks on a downloadable version nor i accept seeing other countries getting special local prices and miss others.
KonsoruMasuta  +   464d ago
Well, "boo hoo hoo", poor you. Nobody cares what your reason is, piracy is piracy.
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DCfan  +   464d ago
I had the same xperience with the Hitman games from steam, the games would not work no matter what i try.
I ended up pirating the games off a torrent site, worked perfectly.
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specialguest  +   464d ago
Go ahead and pirate the game, but don't complain if you get a virus lol. And if it breaks your pc, I wish I was there to laugh my ass off.
SH1ELD  +   464d ago
I don't wanna take risks then getting abandoned .i still live with my discounted games
Psychotica  +   464d ago
Just as long as you are ok with someone stealing your stuff because they can't afford it..
memots  +   464d ago
Trust me if I could clone bread out of thin air, I'd let everyone "steal" my bread
Qrphe  +   464d ago
Every time you tprrent something somone else loses their games
ExitToExisT  +   464d ago
While i'm against piracy, one person saying something on a forum doesn't make it real.
Gamecrastinate  +   464d ago
It's real, I looked up a few Watch Dogs torrents and they are reporting it. Some are legit, some are infected.
esemce  +   464d ago
True, there are also pirated versions of WD that don't contain a virus so.....
hellzsupernova  +   464d ago
I am really unimpressed by the pc gaming community particuly with piracy, wolfeinstein day of release had a torrent up with over 40,000 leathers on it I was like damn support the devs!
In saying that this is rather funny and they deserve the worst
Sethry101  +   464d ago
While I will neither confirm nor deny if I use torrents.

If I were to use them it would be download they game, see what its like, and If I liked it pay for it.

Not all games have demos, that's the devs choice.
SirBradders  +   464d ago
It's not just the PC crowd i can get a PS3 or Xbox360 with every known game pre-installed and most games 2-3 weeks before release.

I am almost certain in a few months the same goes for current gen hardware.
esemce  +   464d ago
Why say the PC gamers when the console versions of WD and wolfenstein were leaked online also and before the PC versions.

And what about Films and Music. Do only PC gamers also steal that too?
hellzsupernova  +   464d ago
Because the pc version had that many leeches that's why i call them out on it.
I'm a pc only gamer at the moment dodo not think for a second I'm throwing pc gamers under the bus, just the assholes that torrent their games
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   464d ago
To be fair Wolfenstein has no online. Graphics on pc are a disgrace if you compare it to top notch pc games. Barely any anti aliasing max 60 FPS. Tbh a person would have to be stupid to pay 65 dollars for Wolfenstein devs need to realize not every game is worth 65 dollars add online/or coop AAA pc graphic settings and realistic gun sounds or lower you're game price. Not all of us are rich and can waste money on games that are over priced.
gatormatt80  +   464d ago
So because Wolfenstein has no online it's ok to steal it... And since Ubisoft can't be trusted it's ok to steal from them as well? What will be your reason for when you pirate GTA V on PC...
HollowedSoul14  +   464d ago
dude i bought assassins creed 4 for pc i still cant play it without stutters, sli is broken gsync doesnt work d3d trick didnt work game is an un optimized mess. 4770k @4.7ghz + 2x 780ti classifieds + 16gb of gskill memory at 2400mhz at i cant play it so sorry if people above and myself are chapped at ubisoft. quit being such girl scout if it wasnt for piracy everything would cost more.competition from piracy prevent price gouging in the industry, look at the big picture. how come dark souls 2 is 49.99 yet wolfenstein is 59.99. just goes to show theres no set price for pc games yet so many 39.99 to 49.99 dollar pc games come out at 59.99 solely because of greed and the fact they can rely on idiot sheep like you that are willing to pay any price for any game...dont want people to pirate well make a demo than....ubisoft would lose more sales by making a demo than they would from piracy lol, so what does that say....pc gamers need piracy in age where the pc game industry is plagued by unoptimized console ports. i will never let ubisoft steal my money for a game that is broken ever again. all i can say is if that many pc gamers pirated wolfenstein new order obviously they believed the game wasnt worth the price. not everyone just pays the price for a game because a dev says so. If wolfenstein devs want more sales on pc its simple lower the price. remember when games on pc used to be 10 dollars cheaper than console games, do you remember the time when devs realized because of girl scouts like you that will pay any price that they tell you and take it dry with a smile. yeah i do its called now and thanks because now games cost more we can only hope that pirating brings it back down again to where it should be. ill admit some top notch AAA pc games deserve their price tag but sadly majority of pc games these days dont, and if you disagree im so glad piracy exist to make sure you dont get you're way.
#14.3.4 (Edited 464d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report
gatormatt80  +   463d ago
You're really f**cking clueless aren't you HollowedSoul. Do you really think that piracy helps keeps game prices down by preventing price gouging, seriously?!? Lol... YOU are exactly what is wrong with the game industry. YOU just take, take, take and NEVER give anything back. When are you gonna grow the f**k up. If you get your way you're gonna destroy PC gaming. Devs won't see any reason to make PC games since no one will pay for them. Luckily I don't play games on PC.

Lastly, I must say that it sounds like you don't have very much money, and for that I feel sorry for you.
annus  +   464d ago
And most 360/PS3 games for the past few years has been leaked on torrents well before release, this isn't just a PC thing.
Th3o  +   464d ago
Why are you on a torrent site? You don't like your own medicine?
SHAMEonNINJAS  +   464d ago
Ubisoft released a bit coin miner in the leaked torrent. You pirates are screwed, they are getting their money regardless. Like the IRS...
esemce  +   464d ago
What are you serious ? Ubi leaked an infected torrent of WD, you are taking the piss I hope.
S-T-F-U  +   464d ago
There are no words to explane this idiocy ^^^
Psychotica  +   464d ago
he's taking a piss??
SHAMEonNINJAS  +   464d ago
Yes, this clearly an inside job. Read between the lines mate. Bit to Swiss in 60 seconds using a "leaked" torrent. Siphon 60 dollars from any scumbag that illegally installs it. It's perfect and was probably inspired by the game itself.
Th3o  +   464d ago
A multi million dollar company...risking infecting other people's computers...using the same method they are against...for bit coins...

I'm not sure there is enough oxygen where your from...or maybe too much..

This is either the best sarcasm ever, or probably the dumbest human being on N4G...and that's bad.
SHAMEonNINJAS  +   463d ago
We'll the first part is clearly a joke. I thought the comparison to the IRS solidified that. My 2nd response post is clearly the best sarcasm ever judging by the unsure nature of the responders. People must get trolled a lot here.. Are there any other organisms other than human beings on N4G?
elhebbo16  +   463d ago
It wasn't ubi it was skidrow.
Nuk  +   464d ago
So much irony.
LightDiego  +   464d ago
Bunch of pirates, take that.
That's what you get for stealing.
memots  +   464d ago
naomyi_kyle   464d ago | Spam
ritsuka666  +   464d ago
After install scan Anitvirus and deleted the virus. Plain and simple...
#18 (Edited 464d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Patrick_pk44  +   464d ago
I downloaded the official torrent, the one reported on 4chan was by a non trusted user (idiot for downloading it). Mine is virus clear, and I can get to play it early. Hate me all you want for piracy, but the game is a huge disappointment that is not worth $50-60.
Qrphe  +   464d ago
Did you promptly delete it after you found out it sucks?
Psychotica  +   464d ago
Of course he did, don't be silly. He sounds like he is really honest.
Patrick_pk44  +   464d ago
I'll finish the game, since it was around 13GB, but I don't like the driving, physics, vehicle damage, some of the animations, and the poor optimization and stutter the PC version has.

If you don't believe I have it I can easily provide proof.
#19.1.2 (Edited 464d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report
greenlantern2814  +   464d ago
By your logic a company that employees you should be able to have you work there for awhile and decided if they want to pay you or not.
Piracy is theft and no your opinion that it is ok doesn't make it ok.
Th3o  +   464d ago
Most companies have what's called as "probationary" period...which cant be compared to software....to see how u work then fire you.

Also your logic is dumb when it comes to consumer products...I mean everyone returns things that are either broken or don't work properly...but for games, it's like they have a license to elude this rule. They are a risk.

When you go to a restaurant you pay at the end. When you buy fast food you pay on the spot.

There are things that you dont compare.

Maybe if they released 1 hour trials or games or 2 or even a proper Demo, I'd see your argument work.

Until then I know several users that pirate the games, then buy them immediately if they are enjoying them.

I dont condone piracy but you can see why people are frustrated.
avengers1978  +   463d ago
@th30 a company may have a probationary period, they still have to pay you for your time... Not the same thing. Piracy is theft, the same as walking into a bestbuy and putting a game in your pocket and walking out.
mochachino  +   464d ago
Let the pirates rot.
greenlantern2814  +   464d ago
Getting what they deserve IMO, they claim to be gamers but choose to steal from the companies that make the games. Instead of supporting them. I wonder if they would care if some one broke into their house and stole from them. You know cAuse they had stuff that person wanted by why should they pay for it.
MRMagoo123  +   464d ago
not a very good point because that is entirely different, nothing is being lost because most of the ppl that pirate games would not have bought them in the first place, if you think its the same thing you must also hate selling used games because the company sees no money from the game either way.
Jonny5isalive  +   464d ago
god that might be the most retarded comment ever. Why not try that reasoning after you get caught stealing in a actual store. "ohh well mr police man, its OK that I stole this TV because its not like I would have actually bought it with MY OWN money. THey didnt loose any money, just the 1000$ tv.

pireates rush out to steal a game as soon as it hits the net. Clearly they want the game more they you say. Not to mention playing said crappy game for hours upon hours, all while saying its not worth money and its a horrible letdown.

and you really expect anyone to believe that many of these stealing pirates wouldnt go out and buy the game if they couldnt steal it? I dont know they sure talk about how bad it sucks and how bad ubisoft is. Yet are the first waiting in line to DL it as soon as it comes available. Seems like pirates are some of the most eager to play the most recent AAA games. Yet they will be the first to justify their theft by telling you that the game they stole and played for 30 hours is crap and not worth their money.

not to mention used games all have been sold as new at one time. A pirate copy does not come from a sale of a new copy. for every 100 used copies of a game sold, it had to sell 100 new copies first. A torrent of a stolen game can be DL millions of time with 0 original sales. Also used games help to sell new games, especially with places that give credit like gamestop. Go ahead and look up the members they released a year or two ago. I dont remember them but I think GS said that something like 60-70 something % of their used credit goes toward new games. all for games that will largely just sit on their shelf, they wont give you much but you can buy more games with the money they give you for last years entry in milk fest 8.
#21.1.1 (Edited 464d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report
greenlantern2814  +   463d ago
Not true if these people who pirate games are truly gamers they would buy them if they couldn't pirate them. Also if you know anything about how theft effects companies you would know that honest people are the ones that suffer. And I buy all my games first hand.
avengers1978  +   463d ago
@mrmagoo, so it is okay with you if someone steals your car, cause it's not like they were gonna give you money for it anyway, so it's not like you lost any money.
MRMagoo123  +   463d ago

Thats not the same thing either, for it to be the same it would mean someone would have to clone my car not steal my car, So yes if someone came around to my house and made a clone of my car and drove away I would not care, why would you care?

All the replies are implying something was taken when it wasnt, it was cloned, nothing is missing its still there, If someone cloned my house I wouldnt care, If someone cloned my clothes I wouldnt care.

"Why not try that reasoning after you get caught stealing in a actual store. "ohh well mr police man, its OK that I stole this TV because its not like I would have actually bought it with MY OWN money. THey didnt loose any money, just the 1000$ tv." See what i mean, this example , the TV would be taken and there would be no tv anymore, thats not what is happening with pirated games, If i went into a shop and cloned a TV with some cloning gun it wouldnt steal the TV I would just have a copy of that TV, no money was lost or gained and the company lost nothing.

If you cant see that you are just blinded by your opinion and not willing to see it how it is.
avengers1978  +   463d ago
So if you spent 2-3 years putting your time, effort, and energy into making a game, and 5 million people pirated it, and no one paid for it, you'd be okay with that. You'd be fine fore going millions of dollars in potential revenue... Somehow I don't think so
greenlantern2814  +   463d ago
The only people blinded by their opinion here are you thieves that refuse to accept that your nothing more than common thieves. Your criminals that's all you just don't want to admit it. Privacy is a crime and when you steal a game digitally it hurts the company that made it, and if everybody was like you we would have no games to play because all the gaming companies would go out of business
windblowsagain  +   464d ago
Bit miner is a waste of time,lol

Don't listen to ppl who claim otherwise.

You'll be mining for years before you get fkall.

As for watchdogs, buy the original.
T1125P  +   464d ago
Just wait for a proper release no need to download the game as soon as it's up on a torrent site. Give it another 2 weeks, I don't like SKIDROW I trust RELOADED releases.
memots  +   464d ago
I like steam release or uplay release, I pay for my stuff
sonicsidewinder  +   464d ago
mogwaii  +   464d ago
its amazing how some pc gamers pirate stuff yet bitch and complain about games.
Skate-AK  +   464d ago
The irony is pretty funny though.
rluttrell  +   464d ago
Am I the only one surprised that people care about their PCs so little that they are willing to risk getting malware just to get free games?
MegaRay  +   464d ago
Yes, you're the only one lol
If you pirated every game you were bought, you can use you're "saved" money to buy a new PC lol xP

Before anyone get hurts, it was a joke that why I add lol xP got it :P
aLiEnViSiToR  +   464d ago
Meanwhile in Watch Dogs...

renerak  +   464d ago
So many fuckin pirating bastards. If u want to escape drm then i can understand buying the game and then installing a crack, or also having a pirated copy along with the original for preservation. But stating because ubisoft makes bad games, bad pc ports, drm and then pirating away. If its a bad game then don't buy it, u have no right to take it for free. If its a bad port then thats probably because they neglect the pc because of bastards like you. If its about drm, u can always buy the game and then crack, its piracy that forced this extensive but easily crackable drm. You pieces of shit are the reason pc gaming is in this state. Atleast owning a legit copy along with the pirated copy is somewhat excusable. But the people who have money for hardware and internet have no excuse for simply pirating, you trashes.
Arturo84  +   464d ago
Glad to see so many Pirates here finally admitting they are stealing plain as simple they casually admit to downloading the game with no intent of purchase because they have already "know" how shitty a game is or worse because the game is not up to their standards so it justifies downloading and finishing and THEN deleting it or better "yet I cant afford it's justified that I download it"
seriously no surprise companies keep nickel and diming the paying consumer
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