Watch Dogs PS4 Screen Captures Show Improved Graphics, High Numbers of NPCs and More

OnlySP: A user on Twitter going by the name of Hurricane has been posting screen shots from Watch Dogs all afternoon.


Fixing the link real quick, it'll be right back.

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MorePowerOfGreen861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

Nice try, people have been playing the retail versions.


I know that. We've been looking at retail video for days. This article comes out making claims like they're revealing something we have not already seen. Building false hype as if what we've been looking is even better now, just from a few days ago.


"Nice try, people have been playing the retail versions."

"That is the retail version"


*Key* "nice try" meaning been there and done that.



"Have a day off man!!"

Are you implying I'm on here 24/7?

Perhaps look at my history. Now looks at Lukas_Japonicus's history(like a bot) LOL

PockyKing861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

That is the retail version.

Edit: Uh, no. The article talks about the screenshots compared to the recent beta footage that was posted online. You're only building hype for yourself. The screenshots show everything that's detailed in the title.

UltimateMaster861d ago

Can't wait too play this game on PS4.

Septic861d ago

Not impressed by the visuals at all to be fair. Sad to say it but there has been a definite downgrade from when it was fiest shown off. Im playing on PS4 btw.

And the game world feels so hollow. I expected a much deeper experience. Ah well.

DoesUs861d ago

Yep, it appears you haven't

"but but the software"

Love those MS software engineers.

GarrusVakarian861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

What now, you gonna accuse these screenshots of being tampered with just because they don't look washed out or blurry like you said the PS4 version does?

These screenshots look exactly the same as my PS4 version, so i doubt very much that these are fake. I've already proved your accusations of the PS4 version looking washed-out/blurry wrong today by posting my very own screenshots, yet here you are still trolling.

"This article comes out making claims like they're revealing something we have not already seen"

READ THE DAMN ARTICLE! It says: "The screenshots show some much better looking visuals than what we’ve been seeing from the leaked BETA FOOTAGE of the game". You didn't read the article, and carried on spewing your "building false hype" conspiracy BS and made yourself look foolish. Yet again.

PockyKing861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

They're straight from PS4Share if you check the guy's Twitter account. Definitely not fake at all.

Edit: Oh I know you're agreeing, sorry didn't mean to come off like that haha.

GarrusVakarian861d ago


I know that. Im agreeing with you based on how my version looks (the same).

Just seems that others, like MPOG, can't accept that the PS4 retail version looks great.

XiSasukeUchiha860d ago


Dude haters going to hate SMH


You are a Classic Xbot sometimes you know that and this why I sometimes make my Naruto reference because I won't get as annoy to Amaterasu you so bad but please don't flamebait on this article!

turkish41860d ago

since you playing the game here comes to most important question :) how is the game any good?

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GarrusVakarian861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

"Perhaps look at my history. Now looks at Lukas_Japonicus's history. LOL"

Hahaha, that's it, keep on displaying your resentment towards me. It tells me im doing something right!

He's right though, you should have a day off and just accept that WD looks better on PS4. It must get tiring going into every WD PS4 article and downplaying it/ making false accusations about the image quality on the PS4 version. Desperation methinks.


It's great so far. I think the thing im most impressed with are the NPC's. The city feels really alive and believable because of how varied and authentic the NPC's are. Just walking down the street and seeing them doing random stuff is great. There are a ton of them too, it's a much denser city than Infamous SS.

Lawboy2861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

Yo Lukas how are u liking the game so far...I was going to ask u in the msg but it's hard typing on the ps4

Patrick_pk44861d ago

"WD looks better on PS4", I hope you mean on the console side. I've been playing on PC and the graphics are far better, but on console PS4>Xbone.

GarrusVakarian861d ago (Edited 861d ago )


Of course i mean on the console side. I'm not stupid enough to believe it looks better on PS4 than it does on PC, lol.


You really need to chill bro...and smoke a sweet for a second.

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OWWO861d ago

wow meth is heluva drug

avengers1978861d ago

Are you really telling people to look at your history compared to Lukas' history, cause if people actually do they will see your history of being a huge Xbox troll, and Lukas history will show a far more fair balanced perspective as a true gamer that owns multiple systems.
As the old saying goes be careful what you wish for

heisenberguk861d ago

After looking at your history you can add me to the other 54 people ignoring you!!

GarrusVakarian861d ago

"(like a bot)"

A bot that continuously proves you wrong and calls you out. Lmao.

Still waiting on that PM unblock so i can post my WD screens to you.......

I_am_Batman861d ago

I agree. You prove him wrong a lot. I just don't understand why you even make that effort at all to be honest. For all we know he could just be a troll that doesn't really believes what he says.

AussieBadger861d ago

Lukas are you really a site bot? Good to meet ya.

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realdeal861d ago

So is anybody going to get this game or wait for the reviews?

The_Infected861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

I've got it pre ordered but I may cancel it and wait for reviews.

uth11861d ago

Plan on getting it Tuesday. Super excited!

I'll only cancel if I start seeing really disastrous reviews

TRD4L1fe861d ago

getting it regardless of what reviews says, the game looks fun to play to me and thats what matters

Lawboy2861d ago

That's what I'm waiting on....hopefully they come out on Monday morning...I asked at gamestop where I preordered and they said u don't have to pick the game up when it comes out so I'll cancel depending on how ppl feel the game is..because the footage I've seen has not convinced me

Patrick_pk44861d ago

I have the game on PC, it is quite fun, however it doesn't live up to the E3 hype. Hacking is a cool aspect, but some of the animations and the driving/physics/damage is quite bad.

cee773861d ago

I'm going to get this game for the simple fact its in my Hometown :)

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MasterCornholio861d ago

Looks better than what we saw before.


Shakengandulf861d ago

Hah was literally just watching him on twich.

iRocket861d ago

So wait... has the leaked PC version where all the footage has come from actually been a beta version? Because that explains a lot! I have high hopes for the actual retail game!

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