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Watch Dogs Head To Head Comparison: Xbox One Has Vibrant Colors, PS4 Has Better AA

"Around two weeks back, Ubisoft confirmed that Watch Dogs will run at 900p resolution on the PS4, and 792p on the Xbox One. Both the versions run at 30fps." (PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   503d ago
Ps4 version also has better ambient occlusion, it's either not implemented on x1 or its not implemented very well
nicksetzer1  +   503d ago | Well said
Conidering the coat and mailbox has better/equal occlusion on xb1 (most likely just dif time of day in game) you must not know what ambient occlusion is. The shadowing on the coat on xb1 looks pretty much accurate. That said both look almost exactly the same,each have VERY minimal differences. Pretty sure the reason you are seeing differences is because you want to.
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TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   503d ago
I know exactly what ambient occlusion is, you must not of seen other comparison video's where it's noticeable that on x1 ambient occlusion is either missing or is implemented at a lower setting. I'm not seeing differences because I want to!!
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nicksetzer1  +   503d ago | Well said
So ambient occlusion suddenly just appeared in these XB1 GIF's... there's a reason you "couldn't see it" in prior videis/comparisons, it's called compression, not to mention recording methods differ in output, so you din't always get a 100% accurate recording. Regardless what BS you decide to claim the GIF's in this article not only has ambient occlusion but actually does it as well or better than the ps4 version. Also, again I will point out, most likely due to time of day or the fact they are compressed gif's.

Again, the fact you can't even see the AO in the XB1 GIF, I am positive you can't tell the extremely minimal difference. Seeing AO in a game is difficult, but seeing such small differences is 20x more difficult.
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marlinfan10  +   503d ago | Well said

"you must not have seen the other video"

lol that statement alone shows how similar the versions are. the fact that you can't use any video to show the differences kind of kills your point doesn't it? you're obviously looking for the ps4 version to be better since your siting one specific video to prove it
KNWS  +   503d ago
The xb1 does have ambient occlusion its just not overdone. Maybe it just more noticeable on the PS4, mutiplats tend to be more darker.

All in all, both games are the same, with slight differences.

I think the xb1 mutiplats are improving visually from launch. I put it down to the new SDK's the devs got in March from Microsoft.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   503d ago | Well said
PS4 has better AA, lighting, shadows, textures and now color representation. Xbone colors are over saturated.
tuglu_pati  +   503d ago | Funny
Oh look that tree on the right, it has three more leafs than the XBO version...
thunderbear  +   503d ago
Colors has _nothing_ to do with console hardware. I don't get why this argument persists. Only thing you could possibly refer to is the quality of the HDR but it would make zero sense for the XB1 to have a higher quality HDR implementation.
TI_21  +   503d ago
@nicksetzer1 Actually he seems to be right. Take a look at the letter box in the first few seconds of the GIFs.
It's missing AO on the Xone while the PS4 and PS3 versions have it. The 360 version wasn't done well so we can't compare it here.
Dee_91  +   503d ago
if i have to look at a video or picture for about 5 minutes to notice a difference... theres no difference. At least nothing to complain about..
You people making the most minuscule thing seem like its game breaking.. just to make your preferred console or platform superior.. like @sardaukarghola66 said ,GROW UP!
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GameNameFame  +   503d ago
LOL colors.

Do you mean just TV contrast settings would fix?
LordDhampire  +   503d ago
You guys need to stop, the PS4 clearly looks better, instead of watching a GIF, go watch the comparison videos in 1080p and you will clearly see the ambient occlusion MIA on the xbox one, also thats a different coat on the ps4, a exclusive coat.
Mr Pumblechook  +   503d ago
The headline of this article is so disappointing. I don't get why some writers on websites think that being unbiased means praising two formats equally - even if the praise is unjustified.

From the early leaked copies the praise for the graphics including the colours of one format has been universal. So I don't see any journalistic integrity in incorrectly praising another format's graphics just to appease the format owners. This shouldn't be Fox News aiming to keep the viewers happy. We just want honesty.

@tuglu_pati "Oh look that tree on the right, it has three more leafs than the XBO version..." LOL! I know you are having a joke about people being obsessed with the version of a multi-format game that is slightly better, but if you are a multi-console then you are going to want the best version of the game. If you own both consoles then darn it you want the version with three more leafs!
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DragonKnight  +   503d ago
All of you arguing over ambient occlusion, aa, etc.. sound worse than a fashionista.

I can take literally everything you've said and make you sound like you're critiquing a dress or a hat, or even the thread count on bed linen.

Do you enjoy sounding like that?
AliTheSnake1  +   502d ago
Colors is a TV thing. Just adjust the setting to your likings.
sardaukarghola66  +   503d ago
Oh god just grow up
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   503d ago
lol xD
AussieBadger  +   503d ago
Hey sarda it should be everybody got your magnifying glasses ready because your sure going to need it.lol. Not much difference at all.
sardaukarghola66  +   503d ago

Why would I need magnifying glasses when I don't care about this stupid ass resolution crap
3-4-5  +   503d ago
Lighting is more realistic on PS4. The shadows look more "true" on PS4 version.

XB1 is lighter, but almost the same.
MaxKruger  +   503d ago
Do we not have better things to do than bicker about such minor details? I get gaming is a hobby (as it is for me) but this is just obsessive and really grasping at straws to create "discussion" (pro tip: there is nothing worthwhile being discussed).
k3rn3ll  +   503d ago
Yea and when the game gets released we will see even more of these ridiculous arguments. I'd like to see a conversation about if the game is any good rather than listen to you all to on about who has the bigger phallus
AussieBadger  +   503d ago
Max maybe ps4 fanboys might be using a microscope.lol.
RAWSTA  +   503d ago
Yes because all of you work in this proffesion that makes you guys experts. You don't say!
Spotie  +   503d ago
... OR we could be heavy consumers of products generated by this profession, and thus have become well-versed on the subject.

You don't have to build cars to know how they work; if you like them enough, you'll study up on your own. It's really not a difficult concept.
FayZ_  +   503d ago
yeah i noticed ps4 looks better... i usually play using a microscope.
k3rn3ll  +   503d ago
Lol. I do the same but with both my ps4 and xbone running the same game at the same time on side by side 4k tvs. Plus I have 8 doctorates in armchair development and eagle vision. Omg his coat doesn't look the same on xbox? Absolute garbage. Game is therefore broken. Going to start a class action law suit and mmediately
XiSasukeUchiha  +   502d ago

Sigh fanboys grow up both game look amazing, with tiny difference
to Xbots PS4 is more powerful than 1 so the quality on it will certainly look better, so just grow up and accept your console for what it is!
TheXgamerLive  +   502d ago
Uhh the ps4 also has the ps4 also has the ps4 also has....seriously sony fanboys The Xbox One version always looks better and sony has better what...give its a rest ladies bc it is what is is.
sam_job  +   503d ago
either way.. both Xbox One and Playstation 4 looks good... minimal differences only...
tgunzz  +   503d ago
Just get me a complete review already.... I so want this game to be great!
k3rn3ll  +   503d ago
You didnt know 108p difference is gamebreaking? Man you must not have gone to game dev school like all these other specialists on this sight
Dynasty2021  +   502d ago
There is hardly any difference for sure.

This is just a pretty poor engine design. Look at the PC. Obviously it looks best on PC, but the differences between low and high can KIND of be listed on one hand.

Lighting and shadows seem to be the biggest change.

PC has more AA settings like 2xMSAA that reduces jaggies during movement etc.

Also the PC version has larger draw distances and a better FPS, twice that of consoles.

People need to stop using bad engines like this to see how close the consoles are to PC, when there's almost nothing between the settings.

If the consoles were so close, how come they only run Watch Dogs on high, at 900p, at 30 FPS?
No_Limit  +   503d ago
Minor differences. Enjoy the game whichever platform you are getting.

BTW, the Xbox one version is 792p confirmed by UBIsoft and not 729p on the description posted here.
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vulcanproject  +   503d ago
PS4 probably just edges the settings and sports 30 percent more resolution than Xbox One. Not loads in it but the resolution difference is pretty much as you would expect.

More importantly, we are yet to see the comparable framerate stability of the console versions/screen tearing in an analysis.

FYI 1920 x 1080 is 45 percent more resolution than 1600 x 900.
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No_Limit  +   503d ago
I am no tech expert and I have no idea how all that math adds up but I do know that Ryse looks great at 900p, infamous looks great at 1080, Mario Kart 8 looks great even at 720p, and I have played both versions on Assassin's Creed 4 on PS4 and Xbox one and they look very close.

At the end of the day, it is only a big deal to fanboys that is dedicated to a single brand, most neutral gamers just go on with their lives and enjoy the games on whichever platform they have.
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falviousuk  +   503d ago
Why is that the peope that talk sense on here have very few posting rights (bubbles) but those fanboys (usually SONY) have tons of posting rights (bubbles)
vulcanproject  +   503d ago
Falviousuk if you have a problem with my maths in my first post or anything else then feel free to point out the mistakes clearly and concisely.

If you can.

Otherwise why reply to my particular post with nothing but arguable commentary of the site and little or nothing to do with what I said on this topic here.

This may be behind the mystery why you have so few bubbles.

You don't get more bubbles for only pointing out other people have more bubbles.

Also FYI: I have less vested interest in the differences than most, because I am primarily a PC gamer. Who can do basic maths.
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Illusive_Man  +   503d ago
It's actually 22.6% check you math.
vulcanproject  +   503d ago
Wrong Illusive man. I said 'percent more'

Xbox one: 1408 x 792 = 1115136

1115136 / 100 x 30 = 334540.8

1115136 + 334540.8 = 1449676.8

PS4: 1600 x 900 = 1440000

Ergo 1600 x 900 is approx 30 percent more than 1408 x 792. Ever so slightly under that.

You can reverse the calculation or get it more accurate to inside 29 percent but....there you go.

You are of course confusing 'percentage more' with 'percentage less' which are two different values for a numerically identical gap....

I.e the difference between the numbers 100 and 50.

100 is 100 percent more than 50, but 50 is also 50 percent less than 100.

Percentages people, percentages. Basic stuff here.
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MarcGorgees  +   503d ago
like always M$ running from details by adding saturated colors with zero details
sardaukarghola66  +   503d ago
As usual a whiny ass troll
brainfart  +   503d ago
You mean all this time I thought ubisoft developed this game when in reality it was m$(SARCASM)
The_Infected  +   503d ago
I'll just wait on DF for their analysis. I don't see much difference myself.
Kayant  +   503d ago
Yh am with you here especially the part where "Xbox One Has Vibrant Colors" - The colour and contrast levels are the same in both. In the polygon's one yes XB1 has the better colour/contrast levels.
Fradric  +   503d ago
I don't wever it just me but the PS4 version looks more crisp and better lighting
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incendy35  +   503d ago
Also worth noting, that you can multitask on the Xbox One version while playing. For example if you wanted to Skype video chat with a friend that is also playing the game at the same time. Of course you can do this on the PC too, you can even do it between the PC and Xbox One.
DoesUs  +   503d ago
I can also take a sh!t while playing also, maybe that should of been in the article...
incendy35  +   503d ago
If you are one of the 5 people in the world that own an overpriced Vita, that is true.
WitWolfy  +   503d ago
The Vita is expensive??? Could've fooled me...
Master-H  +   503d ago
hardcorehippiez  +   503d ago
that's when the vita comes in handy :D
MasterCornholio  +   503d ago
What does multitasking and TV features have to do with how well the console plays the game?
Spotie  +   503d ago
Also worth noting is that your comment is utterly irrelevant, except if you're trolling.

Oh, look at that! You're trolling!
tee_bag242  +   503d ago
Wow - 2014 and you can run skype in the background. What a win.
dillhole  +   503d ago
Good job my TV allows me to adjust brightness and contrast.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   503d ago
By destroying you picture or calibration. Alot of Sony movies have that same soft color palette and hazy/foggy look to them, you can not calibrate that out. Guess the Japanese think pastel colors and less contrast look good? Not realistic but easy on the eyes?

Better whites and blacks affect color and picture depth. Don't see why anybody would like a picture that looks like the GAMMA was turned up too high.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   503d ago
Stop spreading misinformation. Yes you can calibrate a washed out/foggy picture. I'll prove that to you right now-

http://u.cubeupload.com/Luk... (Pastel colours? Lol)
http://u.cubeupload.com/Luk... (Nice vibrant image with correct contrast)
http://u.cubeupload.com/Luk... (Not washed out, unlike the same scene from an earlier comparison video that showed the PS4 version to be washed out)
http://u.cubeupload.com/Luk... (Dark in the all right places due to correct gamma and correct use of ambient occlusion, something the X1 is lacking)

Those are MY screenshots, from the PS4 version. No fogginess, no blurriness, no gamma issues. You even just contradicted yourself-

"Alot of Sony movies have that same soft color palette and hazy/foggy look to them, ***you can not calibrate that out****. "

Then you say -

" Don't see why anybody would like a picture that ****looks like the GAMMA was TURNED UP too high****."

All modern TV's should have a gamma setting that can be altered by the user....i thought you can't calibrate it out? I have 1.9, 2.2 and 2.4 settings. If i set it to 2.4, i get black crush, if i set it to 1.9, i get a washed out image. I have mine set on 2.2 ...and as you can see above, it looks perfect. I also have my PS4 set to RGB 'full', not 'limited'. Limited causes a washed out image too.

So take your trolling "Japanese think pastel colors and less contrast look good?" elsewhere. You are so easy to prove wrong, and i'll keep on doing it. I know more about this stuff than you do, im not just some guy who repeats technical mumbo jumbo without knowing what it means, so don't even try and spread that misinformation around.

You're just a bogus, jealous, resentful troll that wakes up every morning sour that the PS4 is more successful and more powerful than the X1.

And i see you STILL haven't unblocked me. You're just like MisterXmedia, so quick to chat BS...but not so quick to give people a chance to prove you wrong (he chooses which comments make it onto his blog and which ones don't). LOL.
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KNWS  +   503d ago
I disagree power. I can see what your saying about the colours and lighting maybe.

The PS4 version is top notch really, no foggy bits, just a bit darker compared to the xb1 version.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   503d ago

DoesUs  +   503d ago
Hows that black crush working out for you?
iagainsti120  +   503d ago
If you have so much of an issue with color on your TV use this calibration suite to get your setup as close to industry standard as you can get with out a professional. http://www.avsforum.com/t/9...
Malphite  +   503d ago
Well I have different calibration modes so I don't have to destroy anything. I just use one calibration for gaming, one for movies, one for sports and so on. Pretty much every HDTV has the option to set up multiple calibrations.
Razjin  +   502d ago
@MorePowerOfGreen........when you said gamma was turn up to high isn't that exactly what the xbox one version is doing????
pyramidshead  +   502d ago
That grade A nonsense as usual. War never changes it seems.
AD705  +   503d ago
The xb1 version looks a bit too bright and the ps4 versions seems a little darker. Either way both look practically the same. I do say though the ps3/360 versions look very good and almost identical to the ps4/x1 versions but everything seems a bit faded out.
Drakesfortune  +   503d ago
I hate comparisons....just enjoy the frigging game....minor differences really shouldnt affect your ability to enjoy and play it.
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sardaukarghola66  +   503d ago
Heresy, fun factor is the least important part about having fun😜
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Julion0715  +   503d ago
All this jus to play a game? Are you guys gonna play side by side when the game release to see a difference? I mean this is getting ridiculous all versions look good once it release nobody will care they will be busy playing
Volkama  +   503d ago
Of course. I play all my games through twice simultaneously, and meticulously study each passing frame for differences. Games are too easy if you concentrate on playing them.
SpinalRemains138  +   503d ago
Good comparison. Both games look pretty sweet.
Subaruwrx  +   503d ago
Imo, the PS4 version looks a little better. It's darker than the Xbox One version which looks a little washed out. I don't agree that the Xbox One version has more vibrant colors - I don't see them but maybe that's just me. The biggest difference I noticed was in the level of detail in the foliage. The hedge that you pass by after smashing the bus stop, imo, has more detail in the PS4 version. But, the differences are minor and both the Xbox One and PS4 versions look great and if I had an Xbox One, I wouldn't feel like I was buying an inferior version of the game.
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AussieBadger  +   503d ago
Subaru both consoles have their positives and negatives. Both versions look good to me not much difference at all.
Edsword  +   503d ago
The XB1 obviously has different defaults for its video output characteristics. Games seem brighter and colors more vibrant. At first this may give an impression of better graphics, but the PS4 defaults look more realistic to me. Either way, you can likely get the same effect adjusting settings on your TV if you really want that result. 900p and better AA are true measures, which make the PS4 version slightly superior.
etownone  +   503d ago
A next gen game this early can't run 1080p/60fps...

What is disappointment for xb1 & ps4
quenomamen  +   503d ago
Exactly, accept the hardware you have ( unless you got all three ) then buy the version you want.
Why o why  +   503d ago
I hear ya but grouping the two together doesn't quite paint a clear picture. One has underachieved worse than the other. It's also early days meaning things should only get better. I doubt there'll be parity but both will improve
etownone  +   503d ago

Bottom line..

Both consoles have failed to live up to expectations of many gamers that thought, 1080p/60fps for a every game
Why o why  +   503d ago
Well like I said, One is closer to that level than the other. These two consoles are not the same so quit grouping. The majority of games on the ps4 are 1080p where as it's the opposite for the x1. Now I'm not saying I'm not disappointed especially with the framerate, . . Just not as disappointed as the x1 camp should be if we use your feelings as the benchmark. Both will improve but your flavour console will always be behind in all fairness.
yezz  +   503d ago
This is not a proper next gen game since it's for the older consoles. There are a lot of people saying that they have a hard time achieving 60fps with PCs multiple times the price of the new consoles. So of course a 400$ console is not going to run this with 1080p/60fsp..
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gigoran  +   503d ago

It is fact that the xbone is unable to match or outperform the ps4 on any game. One console has failed to reach the potential of this console gaming generation, and that solely is the xbone. End of story. This isn't fanboy hate. This isn't Sony users gloating. This is stone cold fact. And your logic is to throw both current gen consoles in the same grave? Using your logic in the real world, shoplifters would be put on death row with the murderers.

I don't hate the xbone. What xbone fanboys say doesn't matter one bit to me. If I owned one I would probably be angry, but that would be directed at MS. No, I own a ps4. I may not get halo or gow, and nor do I care, but I will have the superior versions of all multiplatform games as well as superior performance on exclusive games.
stiggs  +   502d ago

You presented the following statements in your previous comment; "I don't hate the xbone. This isn't fanboy hate". You then immediately went on a derogatory rant against MS and the XBOX One which invalidated your original declaration.

Here are a few snippets:

- the xbone is unable to match or outperform the ps4
- (The Xbox One) has failed to reach the potential of this console gaming generation
- What xbone fanboys say doesn't matter...
- If I owned one I would probably be angry
- I may not get Halo or GOW, and nor do I care...

Yeah, this is definitely NOT the rhetoric of a hate filled fanboy /s.
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cyhm3112  +   503d ago
anyone who says both are identical needs to get their eyes checked. PS4 looks obviously and substantially better.
Subaruwrx  +   503d ago
While I agree that the PS4 version looks better, I don't agree that it looks substantially better. In fact, I can see why some may think the Xbox One looks better as they may prefer the brighter appearance seen in the Xbox One version.
breakpad  +   503d ago
why western companies like Ubicrap (EA, ACTIVISION) make the games equal in graphics on PS4 and XB1 while they have a clear advantage on PS4 to greatly push the quality ??? ( now they cannot use the justification that is more difficult to develop) .. why ??? ...i think MS pays smthing more. Sony turn your back to those crap multiplatform western games and make deals with your homeland devs
#17 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
quenomamen  +   503d ago
Its a scale kids, if you own a PC you get the best version.
If you got a PS4 you get a version thats worse than the PC version.
And if you got an X1 you get the a version thats worse than PC or PS4.

Thats just fact, if it was better than PC or PS4 then it wouldn't be 792p.
Resolution is directly related to hardware and how well it performs, like it or not.
If your car tops out at 100 mph then you can say its faster then one that goes 150 mph, sure you might have a nicer stereo but thats not gonna help you get there quicker.

Im not mad the PC version is better than the PS4 version, and if they made this game for the
WiiU ( are they ? ) Then should the WiiU owners be mad the X1 version is better than their version ?

I'll be happy playing the version that's not the best I can afford, why cant you ?
TheUberAsian  +   503d ago
Lol... Can't I get vibrant colors on my TV, if I messed with some settings?
MRMagoo123  +   503d ago
Yes but the xbone users cant adjust their tv to give them better AA and AO lol , so the PS4 wins even before adding in the rez diff, but what they will do is bulk them both together as they always do, its always "both are sh!tty" or "both look good" they seem to have a very hard time accepting the ps4 runs games better and thats all there is to it.
MegaDan  +   503d ago
Its obvious the PS4 version will come out on top, any article downplaying it is full of sh*t.
#20 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Nelson M  +   503d ago
Xbox One Has Vibrant Colors

So does my PS4
Whats ur point
Bladesfist  +   503d ago
Both consoles are just black though
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   503d ago
If Aiden pierce had 1 less eye lash on the xbox one version you guys would still shit on it or if any article hints on any inferiority on the ps4 version.
#22 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Illusive_Man  +   503d ago
Proof 22.6% more pixels does not create any significant difference. The Xbox One visuals are improving. Although, it may lag behind it will be slight and once the major hitters come out the resolution differences will be a moot argument just as it is in this game.

Everything will come down to games, games, games.

PS4 as stated by devs is the more powerful hardware, but it's only slightly, there are no massive power differences.
#23 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Julion0715  +   503d ago
Ppl are ganna say the ps4 looks better bcuz better hardware nothing jumps out that ps4 version looks better only lightning differences I see. I wish they would not label which is which and edit it in later and watch how many ppl look stupid. We buy games to play them this is clickbait garbage
Sm00thNinja  +   503d ago
Omg give it a REST THEY LOOK nigh IDENTICAL minus the resolution if that's important to you. No ones missing out
hemmo1986  +   503d ago
While i'm a self confessed playstation fanboy i have to say all versions look pretty solid.

Even last gen holds up pretty well.

You guys are arguing about a game that looks near identical to each other.

Really, Really?, just think about that.
cityboy100  +   503d ago
It amazes me how people can argue about which one looks better and they don't even have a copy yet. I have both watch dogs since Wednesday for ps 4 and xbox one and they both look and play very well. It will be just like last gen where as you'll see things on ps 4 that u won't see on xbox one and vice versa.
metalgod88  +   503d ago
Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. It's just the slightest differences. Who cares man, seriously. If the game is good and runs smooth on both systems, then why does anything else matter..
PsylentKiller  +   503d ago
Which one do you prefer more? Are the framerates equal?

I'm in the tough situation of deciding which version to get? Most of my friends are on Xbox One and I like the Xbox One controller especially for driving games. However, I like third person games better with the DS4 and I like the functionality of the touchpad. The PS4 version also has the edge on the graphics side ever so slightly.
MRMagoo123  +   503d ago
The ps4 besides having better effects such as AA and AO also has more content, so that would be a good reason to get it, I dont think friends factor much into this game really if i am being honest, I myself would prefer not to hear from anyone whilst playing this game including my kids lol.

I do also find it odd most people say that most of their friends have xbones yet sales of the console would average more people you know that game having ps4, statistically speaking that is, im not suggesting you are lying at all, just find it odd
#27.2.1 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
metalgod88  +   503d ago
I always found it odd that even the 360 had brighter colors than the same game on the ps3. Anyone know why that is?

It looks like that trend may be continuing to next gen as well. Interesting...
LightDiego  +   503d ago
I like vibrant colors, i will go with the Xbox One version.
MRMagoo123  +   503d ago
Like you have a choice lol you only have an xbone

@metalgod88 and lightdiego

Yeh if only TVs had some kind of settings for contrast and colour saturation hmmmm............../s
horndog  +   503d ago
I'm getting the better version which is on ps4. Silky 60fps and 1080p. The ps4 is just so powerful. Teh tech is da superior. Lol! Yeah right.
#30 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Funky Town_TX  +   503d ago
The was nothing Silky about that.
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