This Side Up: How Controversial is Far Cry 4?

"This week on This Side Up Steve Perry discusses a ton of subjects surrounding a couple of Ubisoft's upcoming games -- including Far Cry 4." Steve Perry, Stealthy Box

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yazter1460d ago

How controversial?

Not controversial at all.

(Except for people with anti-gay hangups)

gigoran1460d ago

How is this still a story?

Part of the story has been leaked from ubisoft and it has been revealed that the guy sitting down ISN'T EVEN WHITE! So the stupid people complaining about it don't have to any more. Case closed.

If you want to talk about an issue that this has raised, talk about how people were upset when they thought a white guy was sitting over a person of different race on the cover of FC4, but on the cover of FC3 when a latino guy was sitting over a white guy buried up to his neck in the sand... they DIDN'T CARE! So in their mind it's only racist when a white guy is oppressive, which makes them all hypocrites. THAT is a story.

uth111460d ago

Aren't they the real racists for noticing this in the first place, and the fact that they only get upset if the guy is white?

Omnisonne1460d ago

exactly, the problem is with the people that see everything in black/white, as in skin color.
They would probably even sue M&M's for not having enough brown M&M's in their bag compared to yellow ones

jollygoodchap81460d ago

RE5 all over again...A non-issue blown out of proportion by a handful of closet racists.

Lord_Sloth1460d ago

No more or less than any other title in the series. Everybody is too quick to be offended anymore.

bitboi1460d ago

well it looks like they changed the boxart,so there's that...

SoulMikeY1460d ago

The only "controversy" I've seen related to this game, are these articles that say the word "controversy".

There is none. I sometimes hate authors.

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The story is too old to be commented.