PS4: Handy Little Tip To Eliminate Tedious Switching Between Multiple HDMI Sources

Here is an amazing tip related to multiple HDMI source, Playstation 4 and eliminating the tedious procedure of switching between them just by a push of PS Button

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XiSasukeUchiha1462d ago

Pretty nice tip Thank you :)

gameseveryday1462d ago

Yes indeed. Solid tip sam_job.

UltimateMaster1462d ago

Here is the discovery of Earn1188: "if using HDMI-CEC enabled and you change your tv source to something else while the ps4 is on, you can hit the ps button to automatically switch back to the hdmi source your ps4 is on."

He further explained: "I have my laptop connected to my TV and switch back and forth a lot between it and my PS4, which results in tedious switching between hdmi source 1 and 2."

"If your TV has HDMI-CEC, and you enable it, you can control your ps4 with your tv remote and such, what I did not know, is that if you are say, like me, on another hdmi source, like a laptop, and want to immediately switch to your ps4, you just hit the ps button and it automatically changes it to the ps4 screen."

Alexander1Nevermind1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I've known this for quite a few yrs as the PS3 has a similar ability although I don't think you could go back to the games input with the press of the PS button - while the system was already on.

If I turn off my tv then the ps4 will turn off; and if I turn on my ps4 then it will in turn cut mytv on and switch to the PS4 input source. Samsung TV's have had this ability for 5/6 yrs I believe.

Still a good tip for those who did not know.

minimur121462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Knew about this ages ago. Found out by a fluke though, was pretty amazed lol

It feels good to be the one that knows something not many people know, lol

Something else what I read the other day was holding the PS button for 10 secs turns off the controller, this is fine and all but after 2 seconds the screen comes up, so you're staring at that screen for 8 seconds which is quite long if your sitting there just looking at the screen. I'd rather go into 'devices' and then turn the controller off like that

LonDonE1461d ago

Agreed i have known this for yonks too! with my Sony Bravia tv i can even use my tv remote control on my Playstation products! its AWESOME! like when watching a dvd or blue ray i dont need to use the dual shock and instead i can just use my tv remote! THIS IS OLD NEWS! cant believe some dont know basic stuff like this!

I suppose we all learn something new everyday!

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Baccra171462d ago

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SaffronCurse1462d ago

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XisThatKid1462d ago

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MegaRay1462d ago

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Baccra171462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )


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user14394141462d ago

This is not possible on XboX One. Sony really are pushing the boundaries on next gen consoleS.

memots1462d ago

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ITPython1461d ago

I have yet to use my TV's CEC functions, but this does sound interesting. Although using an HDMI receiver with HDMI switching and HDMI monitor-out is a much better option, as it switches the audio and video on a single click. Plus unlike through the TV, you don;t have the cycle through the inputs, you just click on DVD, or Blu ray (or whatever you have the HDMI connected to on the receiver) and it switches everything for you.

showtimefolks1461d ago

thank you awesome, also this worked with ps3 slim too

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incendy351462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Also, this works with every HDMI-CEC device, bluray players etc just how that tech works. Can be annoying too when it switches and you don't want it too haha. Wish it had a way to choose which input to use when you pressed the PS button.

Aceman181462d ago

i started using this about 2 months ago very useful.

isthe1462d ago

Woah that's really awesome! I hope my tv has that! Anyone know how you can tell if your tv has HDMICEC?

incendy351462d ago

If it was made in the past 5 years, it probably has it : ). Especially if it was made by Samsung. On a Sumsung TV it is usually under Applications/Anynet+

isthe1462d ago

thanks! sigh, I guess mine doesn't have it then.

ThatOneGuyThere1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

samsung... *shudders*

ITPython1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

It's been around longer than 5 years, my 7 year old Samsung has options for Anynet+ (though I've never used it).

@ThatOneGuyThere - Shudders? Samsung has some of the best HDTV's on the market. They are in the top-three.

MonsterChef1461d ago

I have a tv from 08 and this works like a charm , your also able to use the tv remove to navigate the ps4 menus just like your able to with the ps3 but unlike the ps3 you still can't scroll Netflix something I'm sure Sony will resolve in the next update

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T21461d ago

Av receivers have it too

isthe1460d ago

sorry if I sound dumb but what's an Av receiver?

T21460d ago

Ah sorry a surround sound receiver that you can also put all your hdmi in as well. My yamaha receiver controls all devices and switches to playstation when ps button is pushed


Wow u r late i'am doing this since nov 15

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