Naughty Dog Thanks Famitsu for “Especially Cool” Awards for The Last of Us

Naughty Dog received a truckload of awards for The Last of Us, and the latest were the Special Rookie Award and the Outstanding Performance Award given by the prominent Japanese magazine Famitsu, and today they released a video thanking for the honor.

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IRetrouk1394d ago

Well deserved in my opinion

user14394141394d ago

The Last of US is one of the best stories in video games ever. I loved every single minute of it.

snookiegamer1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

@IRetrouk >Agree 1000%<

It would be a total crime if TLOU didn't receive a PS4 sequel. This game IS the best game of the last generation IMO.

I can't wait for the remaster :)

IRetrouk1394d ago

I agree, it was my personal game of the gen, amazing setting, story, characters and visuals, the game just pulled me in and didnt let me go untill the end, loved it.

Chaos_Raiden1394d ago

Naughty Dog totally deserve this award.

Inception1394d ago

Well deserved. For a western games, it sold good in japan (like 200k, cmiiw). I also meet a lot of japanese players in TloU MP. I think TloU remaster and UC4 will give some boost for PS4 in japan.

medman1394d ago

Naughty Dog keeps raking in the awards, the rewards, and the money. Hopefully that means us gamers will keep benefiting because ND will keep pumping out goty quality titles.

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