'Watch Dogs' on PS4 vs. Xbox One comparison video

Curious which of the next-gen console versions of Watch Dogs looks better?

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GribbleGrunger1431d ago

Weird video ... Anyway, if you want to see the real differences in quality, look at this:

GarrusVakarian1431d ago

That GIF shows a lack of AO for the X1 version. There aren't any shadows where shadows should be, thus objects don't have a sense of depth and look flat.

On a slightly off-topic note, my copy just came through the post, 3 days early! I know what im going to be doing all day today. XD

GribbleGrunger1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Well lucky you. I've been reading that this game is better played stealthily and that's now got my interest.

I have no idea how Polygon have set their PS4 up, but they're doing something wrong.

NewMonday1431d ago

also AA is better on PS4

anyway it's safe to say PS4 is the console to play 3rd party games, for multi-console owners any 3rd party game is virtually an exclusive, unless one has a very powerful PC.

GarrusVakarian1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )


It looks to me like they have their RGB set to 'limited' instead of 'full' on the PS4. I'm playing the game right now and it doesn't look that washed out. They should make sure to set the game to the correct brightness/gamma in the main menu on both consoles too for fairness when comparing.

Kayant1431d ago

This comparison is interesting because it's the first of it's kind from polygon also for some reason the contrast levels are so different compared to that gif. Also I think it shows black crush on XB1 this time.

Show I wonder why they are starting comparisons now? And will this continue?

user14394141430d ago

Polygon are funded by Microsoft it is clear what they are doing setting the brightness down on the PS4 and not having the range set to full but limited. Remember this was the same guys who give the last of us the worst review to drop the metacritic scores down. I do not trust polygon one bit.

BallsEye1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

The AE Definately is there, it's just weaker than on ps4. ALso I've noticed in every single comparison that trees in ps4 version are only animated when very close to the player, look at 0:20. Tree animated in XO version, static in ps4 version. On other comparison videos same thing in different scenes. Weird.


Not really, also depends on multiplayer experience and controller preference, not just few more pixels on a shadow. That's the reason I go for XO versions most of time. I also have a very powerful pc (costed me over 4k euro, I work in computer graphics for a living) and yet I hardly game on it.

traumadisaster1430d ago

Rgb IS supposed to be set to limited. Google it for yourself. Rgb full is NOT for standers tv sets.

TheXgamerLive1430d ago

Isnt it funny what sony goggles due to your eyes.

snarfsnarf1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

PS4's is looking better for sure. What's up with the blocky shadows on the X1 version?

LonDonE1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Agreed, its so obvious that polygon have the rgb range set to limited on the PS4, while RGB range on the Xbox one is set to full!
Anyone who owns both consoles like me should easily spot it in this video.

Polygon have been known to be Microsoft supporters, since M$ did fund them back in the day.
Thing is its funny since last gen i remember allot of sites done this same thing, they would show PS3 footage with RGB limited and X360 footage at expanded which is the same as full rgb range.

Black levels are darker and this is clearly evident in the video.
Either way the game looks awesome on both consoles, i LOVE both my X1 and PS4 and even my WiiU! honestly i think allot of people would change their tune if they owned all 3 consoles!

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TheGrimReaper00111430d ago

PS4 looks slightly better, but that notification bar on the top left is what I noticed first

It's slightly shorter on the ps4

... okay?

Lulz_Boat1430d ago

it's shorter because of the higher resolution :)

marlinfan101430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

it really is such a small difference. if you were playing do you really think you'd notice any of this stuff? "omg theres not a shadow behind the paint can" lol just enjoy whichever version you get. i have both ps4 and x1 yet I'm still going with the x1 version. focusing too much on the little things will take away from the gameplay IMO. just have fun. after all that should be what gamings about

bestofthebest1430d ago

Same for me getting it on x1 mostly because all my friends are on there I know like 5 people on ps4 and I really don't care about whether a shadow looks better on the ps4. They look very similar anybody saying its a huge difference is full of crap.

marlinfan101430d ago


exactly, gamers have gotten so picky as of late its ridiculous.

i don't have a single friend on ps4 so yeah all my multiplayer games will be on xbox lol. also the fact that my internets a lot better on xbox for some reason.

Trindividual1430d ago

is that legit? boy what a little more power in ur console can do

Robearboy1430d ago

what makes your gif right and the comparison on this post wrong? oh wait silly question really.........

My_Outer_Heaven1430d ago

It looks like the PS4 version has Ambient Occlusion!

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THC CELL1430d ago

People put your ps4 on full range you will see a difference automatic is crap

snookiegamer1430d ago

@THC CELL "Helpful"

I just did, and the difference is astonishing playing Tombraider Definitive edition!!!

Full range really is better than Automatic. Bubz for you :)

Mega241430d ago

Well I didn't know that! Thanks.

incendy351430d ago

Yeah, same with X1. Not sure why it doesn't do full RGB by default.

KR1ST0F3R1430d ago

Full range is not for HDTV.
It will crush blacks and clip whites.
Google it

Baka-akaB1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Er no . Some do support full range . But yeah people should search beforehand their screens before deciding they need to go full range .

That's a silly mistake right there because people read label like "limited and full" and thing they are gimped if they go limited

Shakengandulf1430d ago

My tv supports full range and i do not get crushed blacks.
My ps3/4 have been fine with every game.
The xbox one's full range is broken so its worth people looking into that if you dont know.
I believe full on tv and limited on the xbox equals full range when i tested it.
Neogaf also have an article on this.

Aceman181430d ago

hey Cell what about the Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Range?

THC CELL1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

I leave everything on default apart from the range what is full oh and screen size

Aceman181430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

@ cell

ok thx, i have a 46' Panasonic plasma does the putting the range into full matter much as everything i play looks great on it right now?

Shakengandulf1430d ago

Thats used for Blurays/ movies and should be on full.
This setting wont effect games.

andreasx1430d ago

How do i put my ps4 to full range? Just curious :)

THC CELL1430d ago

Setting>sound and screen> video output setting > rgb range. Also I said I leave all on default wrong I also set Size of my tv

teedogg801430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Go to settings>sound and screen>video output settings

edit: oops I see someone has already answered you

Shakengandulf1430d ago

Just make sure that your tv is compatible, if every thing goes extremely black and raising your brightness has little effect than your tv isn't compatible.

Its worth googling a (full RGB 1080p) test image, theres a few you can use.

heisenberguk1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Depends if your tv can handle it, it can crush the blacks on some tv's and be way too dark!

ILive1430d ago

Yeah,setting it to full was the first thing I did when I got my ps4. The overall just looks better. Its also the same for the ps3. I thought this was common knowledge. There is a huge difference when this is done when it comes to picture output.

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hello121430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

I think these images are relevant as we are judging performance of consoles.

The xb1 turns out to be looking better than the PC and PS4. Look at the texturing around the eyes, nose, and skin.

Sorry ambient occlusion looks horrible on the PS4 version. Too much shadow and black. I don't like it. I like to see details of objects and low shadows is perfect, not overdone. And we not even sure, its not crushed blacks yet?

[email protected]

You guys have an opinion the xb1 is weaker, but the images i posted clearly show this not to be the case. I guess you guys will come up with any excuse to explain away the xb1 superior image. Its all relevant, i believe.

The xb1 has ambient occlusion, how do you explain the shadows on the white cap then? Its not overdone on the xb1 version (big difference) There in a shop in one scene, with, light, no excuse for it to be that dark and shadowy?

xb1 has better detailing you can see this with the baseball mitt and white cap. Both objects have too much black on the PS4 version. Sorry if you think that looks better Lucus and next gen, i don't!

marlinfan101430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

how can you really say one looks horrible? all 3 almost look identical. if you saw those while playing you wouldnt notice the difference so whats the point of this? I'm a xbox guy too but saying stuff like this just gives the other fanboys a reason to do what they do.

all 3 look great. youll enjoy whichever version you decide to go with

GarrusVakarian1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

"The xb1 turns out to be looking better than the PC and PS4"

What are you talking about....again?

That's not even the right game that you just linked to, are you really linking us to a game that you think looks better on X1 as a way to try and divert the attention from WD? Wow.

The ambient occlusion in WD isn't overdone, at all. It looks exactly how AO is supposed to look. I'm playing it right now (having a short break for food), and everything looks like it has just the right amount of shadow and depth. X1 has none, objects just look like they are floating in the world and flat.

Sorry, just accept that the PS4 version is the best console version. This is like the 2nd or 3rd article you've been in now trying to downplay Ambient Occlusion. Stop it. The X1 not having AO is not a good thing, stop acting like it looks better without it.

Anyway, back to WD. (The game is great, btw, the NPC's are really authentic and do lots of random things. The world feels really alive).

Mega241430d ago

Don't waste your breath on people like him, they are delusional, to even say better then PC... they are messed in the head.

hello121430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

[email protected] Maybe you should learn something from PC users, before you believe overdone ambient occlusion is better


Master? No the reason why i posted those images because it shows up the lies the PS4 is more powerful. I guess images and videos are lying too?

[email protected] posting screenshots from one and you can't compare doesn't prove anything, sorry.

Do post the image of the white cap and baseball mitt though, be interested to see what it looks like on your TV, compared to videos shown on the web!

I accepted long ago the PS4 has better GPU features. But you should look it up the xb1 GPU has a faster GPU clock speed. The GPU for the PS4 outputs better shading.

Graphics drivers are important too. I firmly believe directx is better than Opengl. And how the game looks depends on this too.

GarrusVakarian1430d ago

@KNWS can keep on searching the deepest corners of the internet to find something against the PS4 version. Doesn't change the fact that im playing the game right now and i say otherwise.

Edit: I just checked out your link, that thread isn't even about this game! LMAO! Dude, just let it go! WD looks better on with it, jeeeeeez.

You aren't going to have a very enjoyable generation if all you insist on doing is downplaying effects that the X1 version doesn't have and doing your best to find things that don't exist. Just get the game on your X1 and enjoy it, it's a great game.

I'm out now, time to carry on playing. I'll leave you here with your 2012 Far Cry 3 links. Lmao.

GarrusVakarian1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


You are insane, seriously. Searching the internet for steam threads about over-use of AO on Far Cry 3 to try and use here? SERIOUSLY? Why do you care this much? Why does it upset you so much that the PS4 version is better? You really come across as crazy and unable to let it go.

It's really simple. The PS4 version looks slightly nicer. Shadows, res, and AO are all better on PS4. Sorry, but deal with it.

MorePowerOfGreen1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


You're trying too hard. It's funny that you're running around parroting the same technobabble as if PS4's rep depends on your defence. Hundreds of people think the XB1 version looks better. deal with it.

You may get comfort agrees when you spew your nonsense, it will not change folks opinions, that are not hardcore Sony fanboys.

I get it, Sony and media plus fanboys hyped PS4 to the point where you guys thought it would be a PS4 Watchdogs blowout and when it backfired you won't allow folks to think the XB1 version is better.

I've never seen you so upset posting the same crap over and over again.

I'm assuming you fanatical PS fans will start posting videos that are thrown or tampered with.

XB1 looks better it has an overall better picture that is sharper, has impact/pop and more depth without the foggy film over the screen. Of course pro Sony forces will use tech terms to spin what people are seeing(Eurogamer)

The 2nd game in the row seems to be too much for PS4 fans, Wolfenstein and now Watchdogs

Xb1 version of WD has a more realistic contrast ratio so dark is dark and bright is bright adding depth/punch, XB1 is sharper with no vaseline cover. What you're doing is nitpicking what you think the PS4 is doing better and then claiming the PS4 version is better over all. LOL

Why o why1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Some of you guys have the resilience of cockroaches. I could make a statement that the ps4 is more powerful than thex1 and you'll, despite the evidence, still deny it and label me a fanatic. I swear some of ya would downplay the sun if you found out sony had somethingto do with it Lol. Multi accounts are more of a sign of fanaticism btw.

Enjoy your watchdogs experience wherever you choose to play it but please..... cut this multiplat battle...that horse has bolted and only the fanatics don't realise this. Pc> Ps4> adam o said......

Polygon.....lmao. they have a lot of work to prove they're aren't influenced by thier funders funds. Up to the present day, everything has pointed to the contrary. Downplay, deflect, lie and mislead.

GarrusVakarian1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


Keep telling yourself that 792p looks sharper than 900p, lmao. I'm playing the game right now, looks great at 900p, not quite 1080p sharp, but pretty sharp. Funny that you are also here, seems you X1 fanboys just can't accept that PS4 has better versions of multiplats. Loooong generation indeed.

"I've never seen you so upset "

Hahaha, WHAT? Upset? I'm not sure you understand the meaning of the word. I'm happy as can be right now, im playing the best version of this game on consoles, remember? What would i have to be upset about? The only people upset are you guys who can't accept that your $500 machine can't run WD as good as the PS4. Downplaying AO, making things up about the image quality of the PS4 version...SAD.

What are you talking about "foggy film" and "Vaseline cover"?..seriously is this BS you are talking? IM PLAYING IT RIGHT THIS SECOND! It doesn't look blurry...or foggy...AT ALL! Unblock me in PM and i will prove it to you. I'll show you my own screenshots.

"The 2nd game in the row seems to be too much for PS4 fans, Wolfenstein and now Watchdogs "

I wanna know in what possible world 792p, with no AO and worse shadows can be considered the best looking version....DELUDED!

"Xb1 version of WD has a more realistic contrast ratio so dark is dark and bright is bright adding depth/punch,"

You are literally making things up. The AO on the PS4 version is there to add depth to objects through correct shadowing....that's literally its purpose. You are talking out of your rear end...plain and simple. Funny how you comment on the article that shows the PS4 version to look washed out. You know full well that's due to the RGB being set to 'limited'. But you ignore than and call it "foggy" ,lmao.

As i said, unblock me and i'll be more than happy to show you my screen captures. No foggy film, no washed out picture, no Vaseline filter. But something tells me you won't unblock And knowing would probably accuse me of tampering with them anyway, the conspiracy theorist that you are.

GarrusVakarian1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


Doesn't look like you're going to unblock me (wonder why), so here's my own screenshots of WD- (compare that one to the same scene in the video above, doesn't look washed out at all in my screenshot)

Dunno about you, but i see no "vaseline", or "fog". Lmao. Nor do i see a washed out image. Hmmm...wonder why? Correct gamma settings, correct brightness in main menu and correct implementation of Ambient Occlusion = perfect image. Sorry that i proved you wrong.

ILive1430d ago

@ Lukas

So how does the game look in general, graphically? Does it look better in person ?

JCOLE131951430d ago

Good lord man you sure do make us Xbox fans look bad. You're talking a mouthful. Seriously. As Lukas said, how could the version with the lesser resolution, worse shadows and lack of AO be the best looking? Come on man. Get real. You really need to stop going around spewing this crap because it makes you look insanely stupid. Just grow up and accept it, like I have. We may have to play the inferior multiplats but we are gonna have great exclusives to play on Xbox One. I'd much rather play the inferior version than not play it at all.

Why o why1429d ago


Well said... bubble +

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snookiegamer1430d ago

LOL I know right! Sooo off topic hehe ;/

MasterCornholio1430d ago

Meltdowns tend to do this to fanboys. He's confusing Watchdogs with Wolfenstein.


GarrusVakarian1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

"You guys have an opinion the xb1 is weaker,"

No, that's not an opinion, the hardware is literally weaker.....why are you still finding this hard to deal with 6 months after launch? Multiple multiplats have proved the power difference, Watch Dogs included.

I don't need to watch your PLAYING the actual game..right now. The ambient occlusion is perfect. Everything has just the right amount of detail whilst casting correction shadows and having correct AO. You are talking out of your butt, seriously.

Give me some time, i'll take some screenshots and send them to you via PM. Hopefully that will shut you up. My version doesn't look "too dark and shadowy" at all. It looks perfect.

kassler1430d ago

The textures just haven't loaded properly in that situation. You can clearly see there are textures missing on PS4 and that they have loaded on the Xone.

Robearboy1430d ago

are you trying to lose another bubble sir? dont you understand,your not allowed to suggest thing like xbox one versions can be better around these parts!

Kayant1430d ago

Mistermediax will be so proud of you am sure.

"The xb1 turns out to be looking better than the PC" - Only in your delusional world would you skip the part that the game has streaming issues on every platform but the textures are somewhat better than PC.

DoesUs1430d ago

LMAO! Blindness has once again struck the unfortunate KWNS and our resident nut job MPOG.

CLEARLY, better AO, higher screen rez and from what i'm hearing a much more consistent framerate.

XB1 has a higher clockspeed? You are right my good man. by around 5%. Just a pity it's down pretty much 50% across the board for everything else. OUCH!

Misterxmedia continues to weave his magic wand in your general direction. 8)

"but but the software...the tools"

I thought MS had some of the best software engineers on the planet?

See you on the face off.

DoesUs1430d ago

MPOG posts as XBOXHATESFUD on Misterxmedia btw, tells you everything you need to know. The guy is clinically ill in the head, and has been since 2006.

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Software_Lover1430d ago

Meh, they both look comparable, just as last gen, even with the resolution differences. Nothing OMG DRASTIC!!!! IMHO.

Unless you're running side by side it makes no difference. Like I said before, they shouldn't label which is which in these videos. Just let people guess.

DrJones1430d ago

You get disagrees, but the same people hoisting the "great" power gap between the consoles, will downplay the power gap between PS4 and PC.

Fradric1430d ago

For people who are playing watch dogs on PS4 are the graphics good in person, because I'm getting sick of people saying it looks crap from watching low resolution vidios

GarrusVakarian1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Imo, the graphics are great. Not Infamous SS great, but great.


Yup. I haven't noticed any drops at all. Even when driving high speed on a motorcycle. It feels just as smooth as AC4 was on PS4, and that was very stable indeed.

MasterCornholio1430d ago

What about performance?

Does it feel like an solid 30?

joeorc1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

yeah, it is pretty good the effct's of rain, and shadow on rooftops and narrow side streets feel like they need too with out taking away reflections that you may notice off of the surface of objects and other NPC's you pass by things kinda have the feel like a congested city quite a bit packed in like it should, GTA: feels not as overall congested as it should, that is one of the thing's this game does so well. i think its the over all tone of the environment.That makes this game really stand out.

and as you stated; yes set the [email protected] setting RGB like you said to full!..LMAO

do people not know that? I mean is that not what the setting's button is for..lmao

auto config is ok, but would people want to get the best experience that the TV they have can perform? because, if you want to really get the best use out of your TV, maybe learning a thing or two about the settings's will give you a better experience than just letting the TV decide for you..LOL