Microsoft is giving us choices, we should be happy

Robert Kingett, DarkZero: "The choices presented are pretty staggering, though they should have happened sooner and not just a few days ago, but still, people have many more options now. Developers will have a better understanding of the market because they will know that some people will have the Kinect bundled Xbox and the Kinect-less Xbox. "

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Ballsack1460d ago

Microsoft are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts

I'm happy that gamers have finally realised we can talk with our wallets and make billion dollar companies bow to our demands ..Microsoft have had their tail between their legs ever since they tried to screw us over..they are literally begging us to take notice of them again with the amount of 180s they have done ..

we now need to this with certain game publishers and their microtransactions etc

Mikelarry1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

"we now need to this with certain game publishers and their microtransactions etc"

ever since the MS fiasco i have hope that when push comes to shove majority of gamers will stand together for the better good of the industry. all those publishers that are milking dlc,season pass and what-like should enjoy it now because i know that type off business is not sustainable in the long run same goes for publishers and dev who are on a re-release agenda not willing to take risk on new ideas and IP's they will only have themselves to blame once the bubble bust.

OT: I am happy MS are now giving us more choices so happy that I am now a proud owner of an xbox one and I say bring on E3

ZodTheRipper1460d ago

Of course people on this site are happy that MS is going the gamers route again ...but it was certainly not because of goodwill or "to please the fans". Sales were simply below expectations and that said I don't even think that siding with the gamers again will save them. Especially WE know exactly how soon MS abandoned the X360 and how timed exclusives came to PS3 a few years later ...and we know exactly which console is more powerful and yet cheaper... and who has the better support from developers and the superior first party lineup. These are things that MS can't influence at all and that is the reason why gamers won't be happy with them anytime soon.

supes_241460d ago

Same here. I now have an x1 also. I wish I wouldn't have started wolfenstein on my PS4, or got it for my x1, because I want to get in to my new system so bad. But once I start something I have to finish it. I set up my x1 when I bought it and I love it and Ryse is sitting there waiting for me to play it.

amiga-man1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Correction MS are giving us choices now!! after trying and failing (thank goodness) to take our choices away and they deserve no credit for putting right something that should never have been done in the first place

user14394141460d ago

MS will only follow what Sony do, they cannot lead the way they just wait for someone to innovate and then copy them and try and exploit gamers with false hopes. Like all this talk of the power of the cloud and DX12, until I see it working and they show us it working on an XB1 its then I am not interested. Sony will continue to lead the way and Microsoft will continue to follow behind. Microsoft tried to lead the way and look what happened they wanted an always online console with no way to trade your games that is the future what Microsoft want.

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aceitman1460d ago

Well at 1st it seemed like they did do it to give gamers a choice(they said they did it cause the fans wanted it. :o ) but after the sales numbers came out it open the eyes of many(not all) that it was removed to lower cost and see if the sales would pick up. Which from the looks at things it's not changing things it's looking worst, the preorders for kinect less x1is at amazons 285 spot even for preorders that's not good at all. And the titanfall bundle is at 58 and dropping more in the past few weeks. It would have been something to be happy about if it where true that they did it for choices , but it left ms no choice at all but to disconnect something they said they will NEVER do . ( go kinect less) I don't care what anyone says they did it for lack of sales. They gave gamers a better choice when they had the kinect bundles with games for 399-449$. And at that time is when they did not sell to expectations , so how is a 399$ kinectless X1 without a game a better choice, now it's barebones . Which one do u think will sell better a kinect less 399$ or a bundle with kinect and a game for 399-449$ for some it's easy to pick for some it will be blinding to see. And will defend the one that is not the better choice because they feel ms did it for them.

Sloth-Eater1460d ago

I 100% agree. Having both the ps3 & 360 I knew from last E3 I wouldn't be touching Xbox this gen. Some people have too short a memory.

Mikelarry1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

But the same could be said about sony last gen as they were arrogant with statements like you will have to get another job to own a ps3 or leaving the UK in the cold for awhile before it was launched in our region or the premium price the ps3 originally launched at. They realised thier mistakes and gamers gave them another chance so why cant that same logic be applied to MS, they have realised thier faults due to aony kicking thier ass noone is saying they are making all theaw choices from the goodness of thier hearts so they ahould be giving another chance

Why o why1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Mike, although I agree with your sentiment, the 'two jobs' statement if you ever actually read it has ben misconstrued to the point there's no point explaining it again. Mud sticks, even if it shouldn't. The difference between the two in my opinion is that ms were doing dodgy arrogant sh%t from last gen too. The final 3rd took the piss, their fanboys were way too happy to wave the multiplat flag on top of the 'na only matters' flag because MS would make a point of each (greenberg)

Like many have mentioned, ms isn't doing this for the love. They have been forced to. Either way its benificial for gamers, forced or not but it still leaves a bitter taste in many gamers mouths.

Obviously, those who defended each crap policy that ms has now reversed didn't see any faults so speaking to them was pointless and ms already 'had' them. Enough of the world did see fault and ms had to respond to increase appeal to them or risk falling even further behind sony.

Pogmathoin1460d ago

Regardless, whether it is for out of kindness or desperation, there are more choices, that many here asked for, will have cheaper, kinect free X1.... Many games being announced, many exciting things happening. Now is the time to see those who have talked the talk non stop here, if they will walk the walk, and do what they have been saying non stop last 6 months..... I would buy an Xbox if MS did this..... Did that....... Does it matter how it was done?? Prove yourselves, or just stop the bitter complaining about a company and grow a pair.....

Mikelarry1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

@ why

Trust me i understand that ms is not doing it from the goodness of thier hearts and only made theae changes to save face what i am trying to get across is all these companies have sometimes in the past shot themselves in the foot even nintendo back in the day with the way they treated developers putting games on thier console but they realised thier faults for whatever reason and should be giving a fair chance if they have backed tracked on the policies gamers / developers were upset about

Yetter1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Funny, I feel the exact same feelings towards Sony.

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gamer78041460d ago

Its a business for MS and Sony. It would be terrible if they made decisions based on the goodness of their hearts

Darkstares1460d ago

I buy products based on what it offers. Not on what was said in the past. After all, are we not paying for experiences? Seems like a complete waste of time going on and on about what Microsoft was proposing in the past. The vocal minority either need to just come out and say they will never buy the XB1, move on, and stop talking about it. Or explain what's stopping them from buying one right now which would only include software, price, or hardware related matters.

rainslacker1459d ago

What's kept me from buying one day one, and right now is their initial policies with the system.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy that they reversed them, and I do like all the moves they're making now to make the console better, but I've watched MS business moves since I was old enough to understand them.

The initial X1 reveal only reaffirmed to me that MS is still the same company they have always been. Anti-consumer, and only interested in pushing their own agenda regardless of the benefit to their customers. This same sentiment is what made me hold off on the 360 until it got to a point where I didn't need one because the PS3 was more than delivering content.

There are games I want to play on the X1. I was ready to buy one day one. But MS has to do a lot more than just put on a good show to make me think that I should support their overall hostile mentality towards customers. When a company goes decades doing the same thing over and over again, and then "fixing" their products after they realize people won't buy it is not a company that listens to customers. It's a company that constantly backpedals on it's policies to remain relevant and line their own coffers. A company that listens to consumers fixes these issues early, and not after sales numbers come out.

There is absolutely no way that MS didn't know what kind of backlash they would have gotten. They are too big and too smart to not do focus research. Even if they didn't do all that, their potential customers were extremely vocal about what they though before the reveal. They didn't care, because they thought they were important enough for people to just accept it like most people do with their windows OS. I have no doubt that many higher ups in MS put their OS mentality into the X1 reveal and release.

I'll probably get an X1 by the end of the year but only to play those few games that I feel I absolutely want to play. The only other thing that would make me get one sooner is them opening up dev kit access to the system.

GundalfDeGrej1460d ago

Happy customers are paying customers. Them trying to make us happy is a good thing for everyone.

marlinfan101460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

when sony dropped the ps3 price last gen do you think it was out of the goodness of their heart? companies do what they can to get sales. after all, thats the point of the company, to earn money. you fanboys think these companies are here purely to make the customer happy and do whatever they can for us. in reality, none of the big companies are. thats just the real world.

No_Limit1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

"Microsoft are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts "

LOL, give me one company that is doing anything out of the kindness of their heart other than either trying to compete or gain more customer's support? Even non-profit organizations like Salvation army are known to scam customers.

On the videogame front, do you think:

-Nintendo is giving an extra download game voucher with the purchase of Mario Kart 8 is due to the kindness of their heart or it is due to the fact that they want to gain more console sales?

-Sony providing "playstation Now" over Gaikai is because they are doing it just for fan service or because they can charge an extra monthly fee out of it?

-MS is no different with dropping the Kinect because they are not doing it compete and gain more marketshare. Simple as that.

But all that really doesn't matter to us gamers because it all benefit us due to healthy competition so fans of XB1, including myself, will just pretend it is out of the kindness of their heart. Speaking of which, I was at the MS store yesterday and got a great deal on 3 XB1 games for $60 for the memorial day sale. I think MS might be loosing money on that end, so who knows, maybe that is out of the kindness of their heart. :)

3-4-51460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

" Staggering" choices ?


Stagger - walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall.

^ Anyone else pick up on that?

Joey_Leone1459d ago

The damage has been done, Xbox is trash/a scam to me.

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akaFullMetal1460d ago

It's good that Microsoft is giving us options because options are always good. But to look at this as if Microsoft is doing this out of the goodness of there heart, no, they are doing this because they are way below sale expectations compared to there competitor. In order to become competitive they are 180ing everything that people have been complaining about since the reveal a year ago, it just took a sales beating for them to finally give us (quotation marks) choices.

DLConspiracy1460d ago

People feel the same way about Sony. I heard a guy say they wanted to raise donations for Sony because of the sales they lost in other divisions. Nobody should think a corporation cares.

Darkstares1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Well of course they are doing these things because they want to remain competitive.You think Sony is now charging to play online for the PS4 because it's thew goodness of their hearts? You think they dropped PS2 functionality on the PS3 because of the goodness of our hearts?

All companies will either have to make changes or face low sales. Nintendo is learning that with the Wii U as well, it's why they reduced the price. How long before the Wii dropped in price compared o the PS3? You think Sony dropping servers for many games is all goodwill?

snookiegamer1460d ago

Askin' gamers to be happy is like askin' the sun not to shine in California ;/

Whitey2k1460d ago

Hardware design is at its worst aswell even the 360 is a better design the the x1

christocolus1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Errm, how is that even related to the article?

dream21001460d ago

Man or girl take your ass to sleep

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