The Order: 1886 Dev Responds To Graphical Changes In New Build; Comparison Shows Improvements

GearNuke: "Ready At Dawn's Founder Andrea Pessino quickly squashed all the fanboy rumors of The Order: 1886 being "downgraded" when people started to compare the newly released highly compressed footage to the old build."

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IRetrouk1246d ago

Thats good news, cant wait to see a direct feed version of that video, I bet a hell of a lot of detail was missed because of it.

DarkLordMalik1246d ago

Prepare to be blown away at E3. I am sure The Order: 1886 is going to be one of the best looking game this year.

Cindy-rella1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

i can't believe how beautiful the order 1886 is and will definitely get a ps4. i really like the style of the game and the story seems very much interesting along with the gameplay. the funny thing is I'm not much a fan of this sort of game but i can't wait to have it.

there isn't anything available on these new gaming consoles today that looks as good as the order 1886 and i can't believe insiders are saying uncharted 4 looks better. i really can't wait for the ps4 to be in my hands and to have this game later on. i definitely hope there is a the last of us bundle on ps4 because that game is ace

Sloth-Eater1246d ago

I wasn't too taken with it at the first reveal, but I'm actually really looking forward to this. May not have the hype of Watch_Dogs, but that's a good thing. Can't wait for more footage.

FATAL1TY1246d ago

True Next gen graphics. Only on PS4

ZodTheRipper1246d ago

At this point I'm completely convinced that this will be a crazy good game only hope is that it doesn't get delayed.

MelvinTheGreat1246d ago


lol, "next gen graphics" that pc has been able to produce for about 3-4 years now. And all at 1080p!

Evilsnuggle1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I'm amazed at the graphics on the The Order 1886. I was amazed at the first trailer this one destroyed the first trailer. I find it so hard to believe that Uncharted 4 can look better than The Order. My jaw hit the floor when I saw this new trailer amazing. Best looking game on consoles or pc so far.

[email protected]

Pc fanBoys sound so butt hurt pathetic and with hurt feelings because of their jealous of The Order graphics. There more to graphics than higher resolutions. Lightning, particle effects, texture qualities and shadow. The Order looks incredible better than any thing on pc . xbone can't do these graphics it's to weak. We all know high end PC have a lot of horsepower . But few people own high end PC and their so many different types of pc graphics card that developers don't use all their function and power. The Order looks incredible best graphics on any platform . The Order will be PS4 first real system seller.

[email protected]
You make your self look foolish when you don't give credit were credit is due. I will say that ryse has great graphics it may play like crap put it looks great. No ryse is not the best graphics on game consoles but the best on xbone.

SniperControl1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )


My main gaming machine is a PC, with a PS4 chucked in for exclusives.

I must say, The Order looks totally amazing, i was actually god smacked at how this game looked and ran.

We all know that console games are optimised to the hilt due to same hardware, while PC games are not, due to the myriad of different components. There is only one game on PC that really pushes the graphical boundries and that is Crysis 3 and it is crap to play.

Guarantee this, The Order and Uncharted will steal E3.

Hercules1891246d ago

@EvilSnuggle, You sound like a huge Sony fanboy. Its okay to have a preference to a certain console and its okay to only buy one console because maybe you might not like the games on the xbox, but do you really think that the xbox one cant produce a game that has the visuals of the order. Ryse has most certainly not maxed out the console yet and i'm sure the sequel will squash it, and I'm sure Halo 5 and Gears 4 will probably have the visual fidelity of the infiltrator demo, even tho Halo 5 uses a different engine, im sure they can pull off those same effects.

strifeblade1246d ago

Looks worse in my opinion. Can't believe ppl are buying this spin, looks far less detailedthan it's debut

Mr Pumblechook1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Sony and Ready at Dawn should have given more thought to revealing new game footage via Twitch! It is compressed and has just added some negativity discussion to their product. Hopefully they release a high quality video of the same footage. I can't wait to see more on the E3 stage.

palaeomerus1246d ago

"lol, "next gen graphics" that pc has been able to produce for about 3-4 years now. And all at 1080p!"

Yeah letter boxed 1080P that only renders 75% of the pixels at 30 FPS with some frame drops. So graphically amazing. Cough.

" i was actually god smacked at how this game looked and ran. "

It's 'gob smacked'. Gob is UK slang for your mouth area.

ShinMaster1246d ago

@ MelvinTheGreat

Just because you can run a game in higher resolution doesn't make it "next-gen". Sorry, but old game is old. Doesn't matter what resolution you're running it on. It means little.

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GarrusVakarian1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

It's getting annoying that we are still using such low quality video players in the next generation. Last gen it wasn't so much of a problem, because games were only 720p (and many were under that). But now, we have higher resolutions, high res textures, more detail...and it's all going to waste on crappy YouTube videos.

I mean, look at that comparison gif, the newer build looks like a damn PS3 game because of the crappy quality (mixed with the darker tone). I bet devs are equally annoyed that their hard work is getting shown off in such an unflattering way.

I think more devs should do what Evolution studios has done with DriveClub and set up a dedicated page for high quality, 1080p captures. But maybe that's asking too much......

Gamersyde, SAVE US!

IRetrouk1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I agree, we need access to higher quality videos, I think the low quality ones do more harm than good, a good clear video helps the image of a game, especially if its a highly anticipated one.

ZodTheRipper1246d ago

Yes, it's about time developers & publishers look for better ways to show off their games. I could imagine that Sony's marketing department tried Twitch to see peoples interest and response but they probably didn't expect such a bad quality. I can imagine them being pretty disappointed as well, it would've been much smarter to just send the footage to Gamersyde.

ProSid1246d ago

I like how evolution has native 1080p videos on their site.

Magicite1246d ago

I think we can safely call this game a system seller.
Greatness truly awaits.

IRetrouk1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Well we wont really know that untill its out and people get their hands on it, I can tell you one thing though, games like the order are the reason I invested in a ps4, quality first party titles from sony have constantly been the highlight of each gen for me and I look forward to getting my hands on them, really cant wait for this.

Legacy2121246d ago

Lets slow down before we call it a system seller. We dont really know much about the game except that it has beautiful graphics. Gameplay and story is what matters. It can be the most beautiful game in the world but if its a 4 hour campaign with repititive corridor to corridor shooting its gonna get nailed. Fingers crossed thats not the case

shadyiswin1246d ago

every media outlet who played it say'd it look great but played shitty. Not exact words but yeah.

Silly gameAr1246d ago


Have any articles that are more up to date or are you just here on the account of being kinda salty?

DigitalRaptor1246d ago

@ shadyiswin

Wow. So you're using a non-contextual alpha build from February?

Insane. And two outlets is not "every" outlet.

It's a shame... you were using old impressions of DriveClub to downplay it in the present too, even though there are more recent impressions and it's been super positive. The rumblings from judges week is that The Order impresses and impresses largely, in terms of gameplay as well as graphics.

Sevir1246d ago


2 outlets that out of 30 press doesn't equal everyone. Secondly, that preview from Feb was also very much hands off, so those two outlets only stated that the build they saw was early. Exactly what Colin Moriarty of IGN said. Not that it played like shit. Those are your words. Run along XBO troll.

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XiSasukeUchiha1246d ago

Damn this games look so flawless with model improvements :)

3-4-51246d ago

1886 was one of a handful of games that ACTUALLY "wowed" me when I first saw it.

Worst case scenario = it still sells a million.

BallsEye1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Looks like a downgrade

90% of clothes details were removed. All the moving parts etc. Guy to the left with a beard now just looks plastic. I just don't believe in ceremonial/combat gear excuse. Next they'll say characters also had a skin treatment to make it smooth. It's not just clothes detail but also character detail and weapon detail. Many 3d elements turned into a texture. Game still looks fantastic, one of best one there (atleast until release) but I hate when they lie.

If you can't see the downgrade then there's no hope for you. Press disagree as much as you wan't, it doesn't mean you're right.

seedaripper19731246d ago

The new screens were captured from Twitch, you bloody ballsack.

DigitalRaptor1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

You were saying the same thing about inFamous: Second Son before it came out, downplaying its graphical elements. And after it came out looking absolutely pristine, you were lying about it having been downgraded even though there was conclusive proof it received an upgrade rather than a downgrade.

This is damaged image quality captured from a Twitch stream, you buffoon. You can "see a downgrade" because it's a poor quality source.

People will disagree with you because you are known for downplaying graphics of Sony exclusives and then when it's proven to be bullsh*t you stick to your broken guns.

Have fun being proven wrong again, when the game comes out.

ziggurcat1246d ago


Again, just stop. You're an embarrassment.

All you need to do is look at the bloody image used to promote this article to see that there's clearly been an upgrade. So do yourself a favour, and think before you post.

Acadius1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Sounds like you're in denial. So sad, too bad. @Ballseye

rottencheese1245d ago

They changes the clothing but the assets are the same. The other ceremonial clothing still exist but were not suited for combat for the particular scene so they changed it to movement friendly uniform.

MasterCornholio1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Look I know that several exclusives received downgrades on the Xbox One (Like Ryse, Forza 5) but that doesn't mean that the same will happen to Playstation exclusives. Like Sucker punch said since the Playstation 4 is more powerful than the Xbox One developers so have no reason to downgrade their games on it. Because the games even without a downgrade will still look better than the Xbox One version.

This was their response to people claiming that they downgraded Infamous.

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showtimefolks1246d ago

can't wait to play it, people will overreact to just about everything

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jhoward5851246d ago

The character models in the new build looks better to me because its looks natural/more realistic while the older build looks a bit more like the musketeer.

The art direction in the new build looks better.

Stapleface1246d ago

IDK how they look more realistic. In the old build the woman had an actual flesh color to her skin. Now her skin looks like she came back from the dead. Is she a vampire? I thought they were the enemy. If she isn't a vampire, she is very sick. Or Irish.

BluEx6101246d ago

I'm liking the new skin tone, seems to go well with the setting. The lighting in the new build looks insanely better. It kind of tricks your eyes thinking you're watching a really good CG movie.

Stapleface1246d ago

No it doesn't trick your eyes into thinking your watching a CG film. LOL I watched the same feed. The graphics were good, but not mind blowing. How does having the skin of a dead person fit into the setting? Even if I go into a dark, damp ally way in an old city, my skin is still going to be the same color. It's not going to look like I just crawled out of a morgue.

KeeseToast1246d ago

She looks way more realistic. Have you ever seen humans?

disKinected1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Graphics and lighting are mind blowing, best graphics so far I have seen...looks like CGI.
Cant wait for UC4 *drools*

I have been playing games for more than a decade and never have seen such a beautiful game.
Stop trolling this article, if you don't have any intention to play this game, you can leave this article asap.
Let the people who are excited for this game alone.

Stapleface1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Yes I've seen humans. Not a single one of them that I know looks like they just had every drop of blood drained from their body. Look into the mirror. If your that white (if your white) come back and let me know. After that, head to the hospital, there is something very wrong.

@disKinected Best graphics you have ever seen? Haven't played many games in the past few years have you?

guyman1246d ago

Stapleface: the epitomy of butthurt. "you obviously haven't played many games in the past few years"

Usually, just saying, usually when new and improved hardware/consoles are released, then graphical quality improves. It is clear the graphics are mindblowing, but you clearly can't see that due to the fangirl glasses you're wearing.

EDIT: I have a question for anyone to answer: was this the footage that was shown to the press at an event last week? Or will we see more footage/details on the 27th according to what shinobi guy says?

Salooh1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I like the older color too but it will definitely look better in the newer version in term of texture and stuff like that.

They are aiming for that white color , it's not a graphical limitation. And yes , there are people that have really white skin.

hellzsupernova1246d ago

They are in London, English are not known for having great tans

beebap1246d ago

Im from uk and yes im that pale..and still alive!

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imt5581246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

This game got visual improvement :

And this comparison, despite the muddy picture, you can notice fog, lightning, post processing etc, better alpha effects...

jhoward5851246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Agreed, the only complaint i have is 1886 need a bit more colors. Too gray for my taste.

GarrusVakarian1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Who knows, maybe the sequel will be set in Barbados. Luscious blues and greens everywhere!

In all seriousness, i can understand someone being put off with the dull colour palette of the new build. But i personally think it captures the era perfectly. I think that will help tons with the atmosphere of the game.

jhoward5851246d ago


You're right man. but most people can't stare at a great wall for long period of time.

Hopefully RAD would add a tad bit more color in 1886 to give variety throughout the game.

RytGear1246d ago

Trust me, that colour palette is as true to the era as can be, hell even today with the reduced emissions england is nearly always grey.

ZodTheRipper1246d ago

The colors will come from fire, lightning and all these kinds of effects. I for one don't worry about the environment since I trust RAD to know it better than me. I know that it will look glorious on my own TV and that videos can't do it justice anyway.

imt5581246d ago


Look the Thief game.

CryofSilence1246d ago

It's set in industrial England, so it will be pretty grey/copper, but I think there will be plenty of variety in other environments.

Fez1246d ago

New build is far too monotone for my liking too.
So much damage control going on in here.

For those saying it is more realistic for the time and setting... facepalm. Foliage was still green, red brick was still clearly distinguishable from brown wood or grey walls, shop fronts were still full of colour. Clothing could have colour too.

I don't like the new colour filter and change of costume. I thought reviewers had played an early build of the game looking brilliant and colourful? Is this just a style choice (strange one imo) or are they downgrading to meet spec/release date?

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SniperControl1246d ago

Good comparison. in the June pic, she looks like a bloke in drag, the March pic, she definitely looks more feminine.

boya3gob941246d ago

But wait Iwata said that Next gen wont offfer a big difference and the Wii u will be able to catch up with PS4 and Xone. Sorry Wii u owners who thought that they were getting a next gen console

KeeseToast1246d ago

LMAO and we haven't even seen Uncharted yet!

snookiegamer1246d ago

Why bring Wii U into this?

That's trolling...pure n simple!

user56695101246d ago

PS fanboy logic# 11
when ps fans get good news, belittle other consoles.

MRMagoo1231246d ago

fanboy logic#12

Have a user name like "Consoleslateagain" so really you cant say sh!t without looking like a complete hypocrite.

rottencheese1245d ago

Any fanboy* logic: support and downplay rivals.
Any fan* logic: support and blow cool wind

Qrphe1245d ago

Sad part is that Iwata said the same thing around the Wii's release.

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Naughty__Boy1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

The graphics look stunning even on the poor twitch stream, Just think how they will look when we are playing the game on our tv`s.

Oh yer did anyone notice how tiny some of the text was? It was barely readable hopefully that was because of the poor stream though.

KeeseToast1246d ago

Didn't notice it, but if true it could be a placeholder until they make something better.