Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Demo May 23 to May 27

There will be another Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Demo running from may 23 to may 27.

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windblowsagain1371d ago


Not selling well enough.

mr2331371d ago

They finally got the price right.

SolidDuck1371d ago

Not really, even free it's not worth your time.

ScottyHoss1371d ago

Agreed, it's ghosts ahahahaha if anything it will discourage players to buy XBL

younglj011371d ago

This is great for gamers but how many times did this happen last-gen? This is a legit question because I can't remember them doing it 2 times.

sourav931371d ago

Well, they did do a lot of these free mp weekends for CoD games on Steam over the past few years. But I don't remember them doing many for consoles, if any. They really need to start doing these more; more people might end up buying the games then (although plenty by it already).


Nobody is buying this crap so stop the demo play every other week

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