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The Star Wars Games EA Needs To Use As Inspiration

Cinelinx " We all know by now that EA is the official supplier of Star Wars games thanks to them buying the license, but what should they do with it? In my opinion, they should compliment the movies like books have done over the years. There is a new rule within the Star Wars universe that everything is now basically reset and everything will be “approved” and add to one big universe. So EA could easily do that as video games tell a story just as well, if not better, than movies do." (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Razjin  +   435d ago
This is the perfect time to revive the cancel Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 for the next gen consoles.
Milesprowers  +   435d ago
Star Wars Franchise does not belong to EA
greatcrusader44  +   435d ago
But they have the rights to all star wars games. (Excluding I think social media games and a few other types of games like that, which Disney still holds rights too.)
Milesprowers  +   435d ago
Star Wars is dead
Geekman  +   435d ago
@Milespowers Episode 7 announcement says hi.
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KNWS  +   435d ago
This is came from reddit supposedly. Two star wars games on the list.

Soldierone  +   435d ago
I thought 1313 was cancelled at one point?
AgentSmithPS4  +   435d ago
And here I thought that Jar Jar Binks was the worst thing that could've happened to Star Wars...
Gamer666  +   435d ago
Gaming media keeps asking for new and creative content then goes and makes an article asking a new game to model it off existing games...

Geekman  +   435d ago
I'm sure there are SOME pleasant people at EA, but sorry I close my eyes whenever the logo pops up st the start of a game.

Getting on topic, it high time we get a GOOD Star Wars game that isn't Legos, and wasn't cancelled in mid-development. So... good...... luck.... E..... A.....

Whew! That took alot outa me.
gigoran  +   434d ago
X-wing vs Tie Fighter
end of story

Get that going. Straight up combat and MP, or open world with combat and trading system within the star wars universe. The games evolved from the X Wing and Tie Fighter series were awesome.

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