Crytek is Hopping on the MOBA Bandwagon with Arena of Fate and I Bet They Fail

Russell Troxel Says: "It’s not that I WANT Crytek and Arena of Fate to fail, it’s that the market is already flooded and adding another trend-following money grab isn’t helping. Unless, as more details come out about AoF that really set it apart, I see this as a big pit that Crytek is throwing their money and effort into. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this will be the best MOBA anyone has ever seen. That’d be pretty cool, but I don’t think that’s the case."

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Aussiebeachbabe1462d ago

Put your money where your mouth is then.

SuperBlur1462d ago

Arena Of Fail .. what a uninspiring game it is shaping to be ..

as the saying goes, Copy much?

WafflesID1462d ago

Do these people take journalism classes? Don't use an acronym without defining it. Especially if it is the center of the article. Wtf is a MOBA?

SLUG1462d ago

So what its one of 3 moba games that are coming out crytek will be the first moba game on consoles you donot see dota2 or leugue of legends on consoles do you so have moba games will make consoles more fun we want moba games to be on consoles i just hope that the other moba game is heroes of storm will be on consoles