X-Play: Age of Conan Review

You'll find everyone from inspired role-players to hardcore number crunchers, transplants from both WoW and LOTRO, in this game. How long they'll stay is anyone's guess, but it seems like Age of Conan has plenty of room to grow.

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n00bPwner3850d ago

Hefty hardware requirements, my ass. This game's graphics are an embarrassment. EQ2 from like 5 years ago destroys this. Sad.

Tmac3850d ago

Wow, you are so terribly stupid.

n00bPwner3850d ago

Try watching the video, dumbass. You think that looks...GOOD? You must be a PS3rd owner.

Lethal_Venom3850d ago

I just saw this on TV 10 mins ago.

RebornSpy3850d ago

Since when did Xplay use an "out of 10" grading score?
Shouldn't it be 4/5?

KidMakeshift3849d ago

Does anyone remember when this game use to look amazing?

What happened?

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