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A TNE Forums Debate: Is Kirby Under-Appreciated?

Kirby, to me, is how a franchise should be. There is a core concept in place among all the titles, but each game isn’t afraid of expanding and experimenting with this concept. Each game takes Kirby into new territory and the franchise as a whole has so much variety that if you dislike one game, it’s entirely possible to love another; a feat not common in franchises. Of course, to any gamer that pays attention, this knowledge of Kirby isn’t newsworthy, so it’s all the more baffling to me why Kirby doesn’t get as much love as he deserves. (3DS, Culture, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Kirby’s Mass Attack, Nintendo DS, Wii)

RyanDJ  +   100d ago
Eeh, Kirby sucks.

Milesprowers  +   100d ago
I want a new Bonk game.
Sclavius  +   100d ago
No I don't think it is. It has a healthy number of fans, adult fans even. Which is something considering the games child friendly characters and story. And when you get right down to it the games are fun but really simple and easy. So I think it's as appreciated as it deserves.
choujij  +   100d ago
RosweeSon  +   100d ago
Very, but then the games are same or similar bubblegum stuff I love Kirby ever since I played nightmare in dreamland on GBA but don't think they've ever really close to that epic game, I hear amazing mirror is good, and I played power paintbrush/canvas curse? (Amazing) and the Kirby mass attack wasn't half bad either but seriously nightmare in dreamland make another epic like that, even if it was a remake.
Xof  +   100d ago
Kirby is definitely one of the more underlooked Nintendo IPs, but still better known than, say, Kid Icarus or Fire Emblem.

I'm not sure that's really an indictment of Kirby so much as an affirmation of just how enormous the Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid and Zelda IPs are--those are game series that literally DEFINE gaming.

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