Watch_Dogs Hands On Preview

Jay from 3KB and Shane from Rerez get to play Watch Dogs early at a Ubisoft launch party. Here are their impressions on the game!

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markyboy21811460d ago

what version r they showing ??? ps4?

Kingthrash3601460d ago

i'm broadcasting ps4 version as we speak on twitch

optimus1460d ago

I have the 360 version and played it about 3 hrs last night... So far, i'm not that impressed with it... I'm hesitant to play it while online thinking i could get banned for playing it early. One thing i'm waiting to try is that apparently other people can join (or hack) your game and you won't know who's a real person and who's an npc unless you pay close attention...i'm intrigued about that.

Meltic1460d ago

playing it now and i love it. Ive just done some missions 4-5. There is so much side missions to do lol