Final Fantasy Being Used to Market Thief in Japan

"The reboot of the classic stealth series Thief will debut in Japan this June. To prepare, Square Enix has started up its hype machine. Its marketing method, however, seems a little bit dishonest." -GR

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Wedge191431d ago

I'm all for cross-promotion where it's relevant, but this just feels... off.

dbjj120881431d ago

Weird crossover, but whatever works I guess.

ftwrthtx1431d ago

Is there no such thing as bad publicity?

KinjoTakemura1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

The game was lame when it was released in February and it'll be lame when it's released in Japan.

knifefight1431d ago

Plus, I think a lot of people will be kind of pissed of if they see this and think "Oh hey, Square Enix! And a Final Fantasy thief! I'll be I'll be interested in this!" And then then buy it. Yikes. I would be furious.