Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Call of Duty/Battlefield

VRFocus - Big budget action titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield will go to extreme lengths to get your heart pumping, be it in terms of astounding production values or tightly refined gameplay mechanics. It’s true that fatigue has seeped its way into the genre in the past few years; EA’s Medal of Honour series managed just 2 attempts at a modern day reboot before fading back into the shadows, but maybe virtual reality (VR) can serve as a sufficient shot in the arm.

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user14394141461d ago

Make Uncharted in VR. XoXoXoX

annus1461d ago

It's the top selling game on both new consoles, obviously some people care enough to pay money for it.


Only 38,000 players on ps4 i have yet to see 100,000 online players since nov... Don't belive the hype

annus1461d ago

I don't believe the hype, I hate the game, but it still manages to sell a heap every year which is proof that some people clearly do care.

fr0sty1461d ago

A game as fast paced as COD, where you are constantly moving and looking around, would likely make you sick in VR. Your eyes will be telling your brain that you are moving around very quickly, and looking around quickly, but your body will be telling your brain you are standing still. When moving slowly, this lack of continuity won't matter much.. but moving fast enough to run a twitch shooter may be a different story.

Mini0510_131460d ago

LMAO tell that to yourself. You just commented on an article about it.

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Dustinf111461d ago

Games like Rage or fallout seem to make more sense or at least 've more fun in VR. But, maybe thats because I dont play COD. Improve skyrim's combat and make it VR.. and id die of starvation with a headset on.

Copen1461d ago

VR Could improve the games we currently have even if it is kinda stale in respect to COD. I believe the first company to get it right can run the table for awhile be it COD or BF.

bondsmx1461d ago

A slower paced, extremely tactical fps game would be awesome for VR. I mean, I would be down to try out cod or bf or whatever popular shooter. But as mentioned above, twitch shooters could make you sick. But it someone made a hardcore tactical slow paced shooter.. Could be excellent. Maybe the game get even. It already had a VR/ live action vibe

sander97021460d ago

"Now I can see shitty textures and bad writing like it was real!"