DriveClub dev accidentally leaked PS4 to a Scottish farmer 3 years ago

DriveClub developer Evolution Studios accidentally let slip that it was developing a PlayStation 4 game years before the console was announced – and was relieved when word of its mistake failed to make it onto the internet.

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Why o why1277d ago

Luckily for them, not everyone has that tmz mentality. Game is looking sweet can tell they put the work in. Good luck

frenchtoast1276d ago

Evolution: Yeah we're making a game called DriveClub for PS4.
Scottish Farmer: Don't give a shit...

T2X1276d ago

LOL! He probable Hoot Mon Get oooot of my farm.

pedrof931276d ago

If 3 years ago I've told people that Ps4 was coming, people would be like: "No shit Sherlock".

HammockGames1276d ago

Evolution: Yeah we're making a game called DriveClub for PS4.

Scottish Farmer: Interesting. I'm developing a game myself. Thinkin' of calling it Goat Simulator.

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Smitty20201277d ago

Who cares lol we all knew it was coming

Spotie1277d ago

What? No, we didn't. Especially not three years ago.

Smitty20201276d ago

I did! Because u didn't doesn't mean no1 else did

frostypants1276d ago

@Smitty2020: No you didn't.

Spotie1276d ago

For one, YOU are not "we all," unless you're possessed, or have a few personalities rattling around up there.

Second, regardless, you DID NOT know this was coming. At best, you would have thought that Evolution was working on a new MotorStorm. And I'd wager you weren't thinking of that, either.

Baka-akaB1276d ago

Yeah everyone expected either a new motorstorm , or that , like its the trend , after being tired of racers , they'd do something radically different like a fps/tps

DarkLordMalik1277d ago

If that farmer had a twitter account, he could have become an 'insider' with this info in no time.

isthe1276d ago

somewhere in the world thuway randomly bursts into tears

IWasHere1277d ago

Maybe we read tha guy's name in Credits lol

MasterCornholio1277d ago

For feeding the studio with his produce.


Relientk771277d ago

Farmer John
Produce Feeder

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The story is too old to be commented.